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Nerdist Podcast: Tom Cruise
Episode 531: Nerdist Podcast
Tom Cruise
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Tom Cruise

The incredible Tom Cruise is on the Nerdist! He sits downs with Chris, Jonah and Matt to talk about flying in jets while filming Top Gun, how he prepares for his roles, landing helicopters in foreign cities, and his new movie Edge of Tomorrow!

Read about Tom and Chris’ talk about the new movie at Monday’s Nerdist special Hollywood screening here and see the talk here!

See Edge of Tomorrow in theaters today, June 6th!

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  1. thecowardmccall says:

    Tom Cruise movies consistently sound like they will suck huge balls… but the more often than not end up being totally awesome. For example when you hear a pitch like: “Tom Cruise plays a washed up soldier in the 1800s who goes to Japan and becomes a Samurai.” OR “Tom Cruise is a future cop who stops murders before they happen by monitoring the dreams of 3 people that sleep in goo.” OR :Tom Cruise is a future soldier that keeps living the same day over and over.”they SOUND horrible… but all three of those ^ are great.  He has somehow got into a weird zone when the dumber the movie sounds the better it ends up being.   Usually gets a ticket sale from me though :)

  2. let down says:

    One hour, eight minutes, forty five seconds, no mention of Kubrick……

  3. Edward says:

    I like Tom Cruise. This wasnt a good interview in my opinion. They barely talked about his new movie and Tom dominated the direction of the interview. I just think Hardwick was star struck. 

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    Love the podcast (on any other day), dig Tom Cruise in the movies, but this was, perhaps, the lamest thing I’ve ever wasted an hour on. It was non-answer after non-answer, on and on. No original thought, whatsoever. He sounded way out of his depth in a long form interview. He watches a lot of movies, but couldn’t name one? Reminded me of Sarah Palin and how she reads all of the news magazines. Which ones? All of them. I immediately re-listened to the first Tom Hanks interview, just so that I could know what it’s like to listen to a real person give real answers to questions, to not be afraid to be himself. I think that’s the problem, though. The Tom Cruise we heard on the podcast is the real Tom Cruise, boring and living in his own, weird bubble. He’s a bubble boy.

  5. Z2L says:

    who else felt 5 years old when tom cruise was talking? lol say what you want about him but the guys a legend

  6. Za1e1 says:

    This is the lamest…even Chris can’t rescue this interview.  Every answer Cruise gives is “I just go for it, I love movies.”

  7. “My little podcast is growing up” aww Chris :) Congrats!! It just gets better & better :)

  8. Jeff Kanew says:

    Hey…I really enjoyed your Cruisecast, Thanks for Including Revenge Of the Nerds and Ordinary People. Two things I was involved with, one of which was quite Nerdist. 

  9. Rick says:

    Never heard somebody interviewed for an hour and learned nothing about him. Talking to Cruise is more high-level than a presidential debate. All surface, no depth. Despite Chris’ best attempts to make him human (even with that last question)… nothing. All his proudest achievements tied to his Hollywood power of riding aircraft and scheduling premieres. He’s a spinning empty shell. Lost. Very sad, actually. And it was painfully obvious Scientology was off the table. NIce job, Chris, you. You certainly gave him every opportunity to not come off as a robot.

    • Mike says:

      Agreed.  A whole lot of talking without really saying anything at all.  Glad I wasn’t the only one this wasn’t lost on.

  10. Carlos Perez says:


  11. tyone says:

    Just came back from watching Edge of Tomorrow, that movie was crazy dope. That dark comedy… so good. But yeah, back on topic: this interview was really insightful, made me a fan Tom Cruise

    • Johnny Utah says:

      Really insightful? What, exactly, did you learn about Tom Cruise? Wait, don’t answer that. I’ll tell you. Nothing. You learned nothing.

  12. Lance says:

    Why? Were you hoping that he would’ve said Muppets from Space was one of his favorite movies?

  13. Cal Hawks says:

    That was a lot of fun. My only complaint is I wish Legend had gotten more than a one sentence mention. Bring him back so you can talk more abut that and Magnolia.

  14. lummyness says:

    Also… Is there any possibility in an unjust world that you might help me get a “walker” part? I know, its pathetic but, I had to ask. Thanks anyway :)

  15. lummyness says:

    Just wrote an overly long comment only to find that it was entirely erased due to twitter sign in. I love technology.

  16. David says:

    Sweet interview. Nice to hear him talk normally outside that scripted, tired, plastic couch format. I think weird stories will always follow someone like this around and we’ll never know if there’s any truth to any of them. Either way he’s a hell of a movie star and his positive attitude seems to be working out pretty damned well for him.

  17. BryceNTonic says:

    LOVED Edge of Tomorrow. The changed ending made for a better story. The Tom Cruise interview was fantastic. I’m not sure what I expected… but it was fucking great. I don’t agree with Mr Cruise on everything, but that man’s work is beyond impressive. He puts so much into his craft and it shows.

  18. TezaHud says:

    Well color me surprized!  That was a great podcast and who knew Tom Cruise was more than a couch jumping, wife controlling, scientologist…and I mean that in a positive way.  Not really sarcastic…much.  I was dying for one of you to ask about the whole Scientology, but I guess you’ve got restrictions etc.  Still good work, me lads!