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Episode 216: Nerdist Podcast
Sklar Brothers
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Sklar Brothers

The hilarious twins Randy and Jason Sklar come on to talk sports (yes, sports!) with Matt, they come up with cat based web video and discuss their new show United Stats of America, now on The History Channel!

Check out the Sklars’ show United Stats of America on The History Channel!


  • If Charlotte got the 1st draft pick what did Miranda get? Ramsey got Oxygen but not Lifetime or Bravo? I know a pair of redheaded twins. How rare would is that?

  • @alex, yes, Janet Varney is the main voice on Legend of Korra.

    That’s a little personal to him so I can’t really answer your second question.

    p.s. she also has a podcast on this nerdist site called the J.V. Club.

  • Fucking Hardwick interrupted a really great sports conversation.

    JK (not JK)


    RE: Tiger Woods, the issue (as far as I’m concerned) wasn’t him cheating on his wife, it was him being so ridiculously sloppy despite all of his holier than thou endorsements that he made millions off of and trying to prove himself to be a role model. He is without question one of the greatest athletes of all time and to be sullied by affairs is pathetic. But he ultimately allowed that to happen. He got cocky. I have zero sympathy.

    His best move in life isn’t his talent, it’s that his ex-wife/mother of his children is a very classy lady and settled peacefully.

    Anyway, loved this episode!

  • Regarding ‘garbage bagging’ — “Let’s be honest, a lot of things have to happen for that to work out.” Good lord. Almost died on that one. Oh man, what a hilarious episode! Also, siamese twins conjoined at the chest hair sounds amazing. Anyone feel like drawing that?

    @Katie I’m with you on the TIger Woods stuff. Sex addiction? Puleeze.

    @Matt Oh yeah? Well, YOUR maternal figure’s ratio of adipose tissue is so disproportionate, she’s exactly 13.64% more likely to become diabetic in the next ten years and three months. And five days. And two hours. And twenty-seven minutes. And thirty-five seconds. Thirty-four. Thirty-three. Thirty-tw—- uh, You might want to talk to a doctor. Here’s five numbers. Sorry.

  • (@Matt: Maybe that’s why I’m so unique? (c:)

    Oh yeah? Well — Well YOUR mom is so stolidly insensate, she thinks “positronium” is the name of a happy disco dance craze from the 70s. “Now wiggle your hips, y’all — it’s POSITRONIUM!”

  • @Matt and Josh
    Both of your X chromosome contributors are so unabashedly promiscuous that the time-lapse Venn diagrams of the entire male population and the portions of the male population that have copulated with them are beginning to resemble a total solar eclipse.