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Episode 170: Nerdist Podcast
Seth Meyers
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Seth Meyers

Chris sits down with Seth Meyers in the Saturday Night Live green room to talk about what it means to be famous, Seth’s speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner and, of course, SNL! Accidental musical guest Sleigh Bells!

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  • Big C,

    Ego check time buddy. If you remember me, I am a Pod-fiend and listen to everything. I am very disappointed that you posted this podcast and not last weeks hostful one where your mic was cut. EVEN THOUGH, you and the fellas admitted that it was probably the funniest Mira Booey and Vajonah have been, yet you posted this band practice with interruptions from you and Mr Meyers.

  • Great episode, love Seth Myers and his Jack Nicholson joker smile. Also unlike the guy above I didn’t mind the sound check noise at all. The whole podcast felt like a down to earth conversation you have with a someone at a shitty party.

  • I really enjoyed this episode. Seth was funny, insightful and Chris had a really nice, easy approach with his questions that made it feel less like an interview and more like a good, casual conversation. I was digging the background music, too. I don’t know Sleigh Bells’ music all that well. Can anyone tell me the two songs they were rehearsing? I’d like to hear the clear, full versions. I have a strong feeling I would like them. :)

  • That was so great! Weekend Update is my favorite segment on SNL so I’m glad you got to talk about it and get some insight on the process.

    Any chance of a Bill Hader one too? Perhaps a short Bill Hader-as-Stefon one as a bonus? Pretty please?

  • @BrianMMXII

    How can a hostful episode be posted when 1 of the 3 commentators microphone can’t be heard? Probably more than 1/3 of the comments (since Hardwick is mostly the one who talks the most) would be unlistanable and all the answers would make no sense. The fact you claim it’s an ego check is insane. How is it ego to not post a show that would make no sense because you can’t understand a conversation between 3 people when you can’t hear one of them. It’s the only logical thing to do.

  • [sarcasm] Clearly, Chris’s ego is out of control. I mean, the man won more than $15,000 playing Celebrity Jeopardy! to donate to a hospice in Florida, and we hear about it EVERY DAMN DAY. [/sarcasm] Oh, wait — he mentioned it once in this podcast. Here’s a general tip: Being a longtime fan/listener does NOT entitle us to be jerks to people.

  • And this is the post that stops the flaming.

    Chill pills. Take ‘em.

    And chris, I really like the music in the background. The podcast is suddenly starting to sound like the “radiolba” of comedy :)

  • Yeah, @BrianMMXII, I’m with everyone else. I don’t think I understand “ego check time buddy” either. In any case, they’re correct. Losing that hostful wasn’t a question of me being quieter than everyone, you LITERALLY couldn’t hear a word I was saying. Our studio is such that the mics are spread out VERY far away from each other around a radio station control panel and big round table. If you’re not right up on a mic, you don’t get picked up. My mic was COMPLETELY dead, and because I’m so far away from Matt & Jonah theirs didn’t pick me up. It would have been the strangest and most puzzling podcast to post. It wasn’t even 2/3 of a conversation because I do indeed talk the most. It would have made ZERO sense and enraged people who would have been frustrated that they couldn’t hear what was going on. I’m not sure why my ego needs to be “checked” for that.

    With this ep, NBC reserved a room for us to do the show, which happened to be the SNL green room. They didn’t know that the band would be rehearsing, but Seth only had so much time so we didn’t hunt for another room, but the way the studio is set up pretty much any room would have gotten the sound bleed. Personally, I think it’s cool. It totally contextualizes the environment of the podcast. For a listener, it’s exactly what it feels like to be in the green room at SNL during a show week. Yes, there was music playing, but you could still hear every word we were saying. Also, I thought Sleigh Bells sounded great.

    We do this show the best we can, and because of the nature of how we have to record some of them to get amazing people on, the conditions are not always perfect. But I happen to really enjoy the imperfections because I think they make the show human. Sorry you didn’t feel that way! Try to remember, you get this show for free and I am more than happy to provide that, but please just go easy on the chastising and the demanding. When you start paying for the show (which you will never have to do), then by all means turn the comment thread into a complaint desk. Until then, just know that we are always doing our best and we are not against you here!

    Thank you for listening! We do appreciate your passion for the show!

  • John: I haven’t listened to the episode yet so it’s possible they were soundchecking with something else, but Comeback Kid and End of the Line were the songs they played on SNL.

  • BIG C, Id check time, buddy… I can’t believe you had sex with your mother demon in your father angel’s bird’s nest calculator watch while speedballing heroin, coffee grounds and female ejaculate. Seriously, guy, who do you think you

  • Great episode and great interview. I thought the background music added a nice touch to the podcast. Maybe something to be added in the future on a regular basis? EscapePod uses the rock/surf band Daikaiju for their intros/outros and it sounds great. Aaand, like a couple of other commenters, I will be going to check out Sleigh Bells myself.
    Anyways, you guys are awesome!

  • I have no idea what BrianMMXII is talking about. I come on here to listen to the rapport the podcast can get going with the guests, not necessarily Chris or Matt or Jonah. Its not about ego, its about the vibe, and what gets discussed. That being said: I LOVE SETH MEYERS!!!

  • This is just unlistenable. seriously a no show would have been better than this. This is worse than that techno crap that plays as background on all those entertainment shows.

  • At first i was a little annoyed at the band music in the background but about half way through they got really good. Much better than on the live aired version on SNL. Maybe better than I’ve ever heard them. If you can get them that good, please feel free to have them in the back of more podcasts. ;)

    As to Seth himself, he’s a nice guy and a good interview. He joins that Australian comic who you interviewed in England late last year as the two recent ones I’d like to see return again soon.

  • @tekatomon: ok ok. I hear what you’re saying but the real question is, if you took that unnecessarily venomous negativity and fucked yourself in the face with it, would you:

    a) melt out your eye tissue
    b) melt off your dick tissue
    c) shit your pants because you’re tensing up really hard in the process

    Now, I like “b” a lot, but I also could see it as being kind of a combination of “a” and “c”. Using your best guess-timate, which one do you think it would be??

  • was I negative yes sir, venomous I don’t think so.

    A and C do sound intriguing. I think they’d make a great/sick animation clip.

    sorry if your feelings got hurt but it does not change the fact that I could not get past the 21:44 minute mark.

    but seriously, I love the show. just not this episode.

  • Hey Chris, the ego thing was partly sarcasm, and part serious, I had a hard time staying in the conversation in this ep, most likely because the base on my PC speakers is so strong that the rehearsal was very dominate with every base and drum note.

    I am very interested to hear the ‘lost’ hostful as I really enjoy Matt and Jonah when they are in a good rhythm, I guess you sold it as being very funny and I got stuck on it. Even if I had to play “guess the Hardwick line” every few seconds :P

    The ego thing may be my misunderstanding of your intentions as being that you dont think someone would want to hear it if they cant hear you. BUT I can see your point that some would find it frustrating only have 2/3 of the convo.

    I have nothing but love the you guys, and am excited @ the temporary bump to 3 shows a week. I just wish I lived in LA, with all the free shows every week, Vancouver is WAY expensive :(

  • @BrianMMXII

    Jonah and Matt could have been hilarious but if you are a fan of the nerdist show, you must now it’s all because the part of the conversation of all 3. If one voice is cut out, it will not work. It wouldn’t be guess what he said every few seconds but guess what he said every single time and that would be impossible. It might have been great but it was ruined and to release it would be worse than not doing so. Shit happens.

  • I definitely agree with whoever said that Sleigh Bells sounded better warming up on the podcast than on the show itself. I liked what I heard in the background on the podcast so I went and checked out the set they did and quickly came to the conclusion that the best way to listen to them is through a few walls through podcast mics.

  • I am kind of amazed at how everyone on this thread is so incredibly nice to each other. Even “haters” turn out to be just concerned listeners who really care about the show and want to provide constructive criticism! This is one reason why I really love the Nerdist community, it’s such a breath of fresh air.