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Nerdist Podcast: Sam Raimi
Episode 618: Nerdist Podcast
Sam Raimi
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Sam Raimi

Filmmaker Sam Raimi talks to Chris, Matt and Jonah about his love for gardening and the weird things that happened while filming The Evil Dead and the numerous TV shows he produces. He also talks about the new movie on VOD now, Murder of a Cat, produced by Sam and directed by his wife, Gillian Greene!

Watch the trailer for Murder of a Cat!


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  1. Carlos Perez says:

    It says 127 comments but I only see like 30. WTF?

  2. Reen says:

    I cannot believe you know of the film Time after Time.  I LOVED that movie and no one knows of it!!

  3. James says:

    There actually was a commercial, maybe for the Superbowl, a couple years ago that showed people looking annoyed trying to clean up after Spirderman. I think it may have been a promotional ad for Spiderman 3

  4. Maria @LaughtAndLived says:

    This was a really enjoyable and a very interesting pod. 

  5. Gabe Horn says:

    I gave up at 6:40.  Poor sound quality and the subject of movie making not being addressed.

  6. Malpaso99 says:

    So down to earth…refreshing.

  7. W. Wilson says:

    Just logged onto  Says Nerdist content is no longer available.  What’s up with that?

  8. Damon says:

    I bet if the guy had a huge collection of vinyl, Jonah wouldn’t consider it “taking up space”.  Hipster doofus.

  9. ron cheney says:

    haha it just me or this dude voice sound like Pete Holmes.

  10. kerrell says:

    Thanks Chris really enjoyed this episode. Army of Darkness is one of my all time favorite movies.

  11. Riley says:

    I really appreciate how Sam doesn’t shy away from the criticism that has been placed on him and that he placed on himself. It’s extremely humbling of him and makes me appreciate him as a director even more. After working in the industry for as long as he has and on the kinds of movies he’s made, it’s so good to hear that he hasn’t been clouded by the success of it all. I would love to have seen his redo of Spider-Man 3.

  12. Matt C says:

    Chris, you should get Christopher Meloni on the podcast one of these days.

  13. dannny says:

    Shame they didn’t ask him about spider-man 4 and what he thought of the reboot.

  14. KevinCV says:

    Kinda spooky that you’ve got this podcast this week, as I was recently re-watching “Darkman” the other day. Really holds up well for an early 90s superhero film. Plus, it was the first time Liam Neeson played the violent and vengeful anti-hero type that he’s become more known for nowadays.

  15. English Dave says:

    Terrific episode. Sam just seems like a lovely, unpretentious kinda guy.

  16. Brad says:

    Does anyone know the tumblr Jonah mentioned about 80s horror movie special effects?

  17. ericmci says:

    Whoa- whoa whoa.  Do Not cite the first Batman as example of a ‘bad’ super hero movie.It still holds up- Sure some elements are dated but look at the movie as a whole.- performances- design- Still the best batmobile in film.  Nolan allows Bale to talk like he has a mouth full of rocks- and Bane? Come on- Bane-  Nolan fans look the other way like an uncle who makes a racist joke at thanksgiving. But we all know it’s bad.  Newest isn’t always best.  I echo the Robocop sentiment below as an example.

    • Blappity says:

      Performaces?  Yes.  Design?  Yes.  Batmobile?  Very yes.  Story?  Plot?  Theme?  No, no, and definitely no.  Dialogue?  Good god, no. Performances, design, and an awesome Batmobile do not a good movie make, sir, and that is what makes Nolan’s Batman movies superior in my opinion.  They’re actually movies and not 90 minutes of style.

      • English Dave says:

        Nolan’s a great film-maker, but I’d take Burton’s Batman any day, despite its flaws. I enjoyed Nolan’s stuff but found it a little dull. One of my problems was with Gotham City itself, it just lacked character for me, whereas with Burton the city was a character in itself. Maybe I’m biased because I first saw it when I was twelve but I still get chills in my late thirties when I hear those first few notes of Danny Elfman’s theme. It still seems so wonderfully exciting and fresh. Nolan’s trilogy was good, but just lacked the WOW factor for me.

  18. Pearch says:

    CH tweet about the Robocop movie-“The Killing! ROBOCOP! I talked to Joel Kinnaman on today’s podcast. I really dug Robocop, btw”
    He dug it but- “they took all the humor out of it”Lately I find it a bit tough to totally believe Chris’ recommendations vs his obligation to satisfy studio expectations.

    • Pedantobot says:

      Right. Because it’s completely impossible to totally dig a movie and still point out that there aspects of it that you found less than perfect. When you think about it we really live in a two-tone world where you can only completely love something or utterly hate it. And Hardwick probably built his media mini-empire by saying yes to everybody, kissing a lot of ass, and interviewing people he had no interest in interviewing because the studio said he had to do it.
      No. Just no. Don’t be a nitpicking, cynical, chump.

  19. I was hoping Sam would of been chosen to direct Star Trek 3. I bet he would of nailed it. Instead they hired a the usual twitcher.