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Episode 351: Nerdist Podcast
Rooster Teeth
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Rooster Teeth

Joel Heyman, Gus Sorola and Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth sit down with Chris in Austin! They talk about how they got started creating internet videos, how loud computers used to be, and the extreme popularity of online videos!

Check out Rooster Teeth’s website!

Watch Rooster Teeth on Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling!


  • @k – Not sure if you are 13 or a 25 year old with the mentality of a 13 year old but you could just wait til it has loaded to the point that you can skip that part if you are so upset that a free podcast is doing promotions. The guy has to make money somehow and this is one of the ways. Here’s a spoiler alert for you, most popular free podcasts do this so get used to it.

  • @K…. Or you could fast forward through…. Its literally one click….

    at “Capn Hardwick”.. in the words of JJ Wentworth… “It’s your podcast, use it how you need it… 877-POD-CAST.”

  • Is it sad I know the exact picture Chloe showed Chris… there’s a sub-reddit devoted to that type of image… don’t ask me how I found it.

    I’m not sure how global it is, but I think Conan is doing the right thing with his web presence. The day after a show airs, it goes up on his website. That way, if you want it when it airs, you have to watch TV, but if you can’t, then you go to his website. Also, it allows people without cable to see his show. More networks need to go this route.

  • Please do do one of these every time you’re in Austin! I would love to hear more (especially if Matt, Jonah, Gavin, and Barbara are added to the mix)!

  • I know what they mean when it comes to online distribution of content. CTV owns the rights to the Daily Show in Canada, and they *do* show it online, but their flash player is GARBAGE compared to the Comedy Central one. The resolution is lower, it’s more compressed, the seeking is flaky and they don’t have the various clips tagged and sorted for easy searching like CC does.

  • So excited they were able to redo this podcast! It was a great show! I love Roosterteeth and Chris…hope they’ll have another one of these in the future!

  • GOD!! Daft Punk didn’t put out an album yet!!! They released a SINGLE!!!!!! THEIR ALBUM DOESN’T EVEN DROP UNTIL LATER THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great episode guys!!

  • The “Do it Anyway” video was fucking earth-shattering to me. I loved it.

    I think that the reason it didn’t explode the way you expected it to is because the Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles have been around for so long that they have entrenched fanbases and communities that are already established around them. They’re not new, in other words. People outside the community have no interest in either of those two things, OR feel like they’ve already seen a Ben Folds Five video and an episode of Fraggle Rock so those two entities have already been quantified and digested. There’s no urgency to watch/share it because they feel like it’s a rerun. People inside the community don’t feel the need to share it with anyone outside since they’ve already gotten their “wow, this is cool” moment with other people in the community who’ve already seen it and don’t want to risk that awkward moment that comes from sharing with someone who may not like it. The sharing wave, therefore, hits the beach fairly quickly.

    On some level everyone wants to be an explorer and a messenger; they like to look like a discoverer of something entirely new which will make them look like they’re cool and in the know. The Lewis and Clarks of the internet, if you will. “I found something awesome that nobody’s ever seen! Bow down and worship me! Free blowjobs for life!”

    Every video that blows up, from Rebecca Black t to Gangnam Style to Screaming Goats, seems to have some entirely original element. They didn’t have to be particularly good. They just had to have that shiny new feeling that made people go “Hey have you seen this brand new thing that I discovered before you did? Check this out.”

    And when you combine the new with the good you get longevity, e.g. Red vs. Blue, e.g. Epic Meal Time, e.g. My Drunk Kitchen, etc. That’s my theory anyway.

    Emphasize original ideas and then nail the execution and you’ll get big numbers every time. But, (he said selfishly) please don’t stop making videos with Muppets in them because I love them so very fucking much. :D

  • @Verbose: It’s like being a reverse Hipster, isn’t it?

    “I found something awesome that nobody’s ever seen! And I want to share it with everyone I know!”

    And usually there’s no response, or “meh”, or “quit spamming me with this crap” until it catches on and you find it being sent back by the same people who checked out to start with, but seemingly have no memory.

    Then you sound like an asshole when you say, “Oh, yea, I liked that 6 months ago when you didn’t want to hear about it.”

    Or is that just me?

  • Amazing podcast!!! As a person who consumes probably 10x as much YouTube than TV, I am always fascinated to peer behind the computer screen and hear about the process and experience of being a “YouTuber”. I think doing a Nerdist Google Hangout should be something to arrange. I love watching live streams and even though the numbers may not be huge the fan connectivity is amazing. (Grace and Hannah are both doing it often and I try and catch them whenever they happen.) I hope you can get more YouTubers on soon… Rhett and Link would be cool. ;)

  • This was amazing, really great stuff. I do wonder how Chris would have handled Gavin, though. Comedy gold? Or DOA, maybe… Either way, they should have played Google or Gavin, even though this was a Nerdist podcast.

  • Rob Zombie was talking about the hit, and misses with music that you guys were talking about with Youtube. He put it something like, “You can put a song out, and think it’s the best thing you’ve ever done, but the fans think its shit. You then put a song out you think is shit, the worst thing you’ve ever done, and fans think it’s the best thing you’ve ever done.”

  • First off I want to say thank you for this podcast. Huge fan of Nerdist and RT. You should definitely make them a regular guest. Now if only you could have other podcasts on as guests like Pointless or TAS ,that would be great. Any idea when the live podcast at the Grove is going up?

  • @Mr. Bad Wolf oh man I can’t wait ’til that show goes up…Haven’t had such a great time like that in a while. can’t wait for nostalgia to hit me right in the feels :’)

    Love this episode…Chris sounded out of his element in this show being on Rooster Teeth turf, but the conersations were great. The guys from RT are pretty knowledgeable about stuff, especially internet related, so their conversations can always go anywhere you want them to. This burrito was enjoyed :)

  • Special place in my heart for Rooster Teeth. 13 years ago Red Vs. Blue was the thing that introduced me to the internet and forced me to learn how to navigate it just to find the episodes. Thanks for this interview, Nerdist!

  • Nerdist and Rooster Teeth together is podcasting nirvana. Thanks for another insightful and hilarious episode. It was a master class in youtube seo mixed with brilliant humor. Kudos!

  • So, I was having lunch while listening to this episode, and when I got to the “murder tits” section, I laughed, then said “Murder Tits” OUT LOUD. I had several people turn and look at me.

    Don’t care… still funny =D

  • If they’re making Daft Punk’d, Can we get C. Hardwick to host a show following it called The Walking Deadmau5 ?

    (if it was done before, I could give a fuck less)