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Episode 378: Nerdist Podcast
Randy Pitchford
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Randy Pitchford

CEO and president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford comes on the show to talk about the process of making video games, how they come up with ideas for games, and how they think the future of video games will unfold!

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  1. Jaer says:

    Yeah Pitchford is a tool and a scam artist at best. Now his PoS company got Homeworld, I wonder how they’re going to screw that one up and then blame it on something else.

  2. El Cas says:

    Matt Mira,
    Here’s your Modded Nintendo toaster

  3. empireinrecline says:

    Either Randy is a fuckin’ liar or this reporter is:

    As far as ticking clocks and rushing development goes, that’s a total bullshit argument. Games go into dev hell or turn into vaporware and disappear on a regular basis. We all understand dev cycles are multi-year affairs, we’re listening to the Nerdist after all so don’t insult my intelligence. Has anyone ever heard of Duke Nuke’em? Exactly.

    His comments on what happened with the Aliens game is a complete whitewash and doesn’t match the account in the above article which paints Gearbox as completely negligent.

    Concerning the Borderlands development, he paints himself as some sort of prescient visionary for taking Borderlands away from a realistic style of graphics to a more cartoon style. Yeah, that’s actually the exact same development story as Team Fortress 2 from Valve.

    When talking about the shift away from realistic to stylized graphics, they settled on a cel shaded. Randy says when he saw it for the first time he’d never seen anything like it. Here’s a list of cel shaded games, plenty of which predate Borderlands:

    I don’t trust anything this guy says. It also disappoints me a bit that Chris just fanbois all over him and never challenges a single thing he says. The TOTAL LACK OF WOMEN characters in Aliens was a media splash that is worth talking about. I also want to hear a dev rationalize the $10 console tax on games, it’s unfair, it’s bullshit and it shouldn’t exist.

    Yeah I get it, Chris is a nice guy and he’s not going to be a dick and attack a guest on the podcast but sometimes I want more than fluff, which is on me so relax, I get it.

    Just needed to vent a little in service to truth.

  4. Eucrow says:

    I would really like to see that picture of Chloe cosplaying Gauge. Just sayin’.

  5. Andrew says:

    Skynet doesn’t start as a video game, but Joshua does. Global Thermo Nuclear war anyone?

  6. Spencer says:

    MC Frontalot needs to be on at some point, he’s a really awesome rapper and a real nerd he sampled Dr. Who in a song in 2005, so I think he’s the real deal.

  7. will parris says:

    YES! Anthony & Ash on the podcast!!! They’d be freakin’ hilarious! Love HAWP!!!

  8. StuartB says:

    True story: I asked Chloe about Borderlands 2 and she made a Cool Story Chlo about it!

    Chloe, are you coming to Chris’ September shows in Minneapolis? Love to talk about the game and stuff with you!

  9. Scully says:

    Awwww the two who got engaged via Borderlands are friends of mine. It is so cute to hear him talking about it. Gearbox will be forever a ledgend in our circle of friends for making that proposal become a reality.

  10. Ignius Pontoon says:


    You did the Noodle Stories voice for just a moment. It’s so obvious that the Noodle Stories are bubbling up inside you, just waiting to burst free. Let them out, Chris! Let the Noodle Stories live!

  11. I love this podcast. Randy is great, great guest to have and as a developer myself I like to hear real interviews like this.

    I would only take issue with one of his statements Re: the sales ceiling on unrealistic games (10 million for Borderlands 2). I would argue that games such as Tetris, Mario, Donkey Kong, Angry Birds would fall into the category of an ‘unrealistic’ game that has sold more than 10million units. Granted it’s been a loooong time since those games met unit sales like 10million, but it’s worth noting that it has happened before.

    Consoles and the AAA titles they support definitely have pushed the realism bar higher and higher with every generation but the mobile market is really bringing some of the thinking about games back to its roots – quick, easy, fun, and necessarily unrealistic (time/money/etc).

  12. Jack Coffison says:

    Really, great! This is one of those podcasts I downloaded despite not knowing who it was- very cool! I’m very glad I did. Everybody was great.

  13. Rickane58 says:

    Oh man, Matt getting a little catty with the “I always call it ‘DEE-ah-blo'”
    I like a man who corrects his pronunciation.

  14. Aeshir says:

    I second getting Anthony Burch on the show, he’s super smart and easygoing and HILARIOUS. He’d be great.

  15. Pete says:

    What no Shift Codes? #epicfail. I kid I kid.

  16. Scott S says:

    Randy sounds like Jonah. A few times I thought Jonah had said something, when it ended up being Randy, which I think proves that he was pretty cool, and not an uptight head of a big company.

  17. Johnny Mckerney says:

    Chris, you should get Anthony Burch on the podcast sometime. As Randy mentioned, Anthony’s (and Ashley’s) videos are awesome I would be interested in hearing you pick his brain about his writing process and producing video content. Think about it!

  18. GuanoLad says:

    Hmm. I’m getting “File Not Found.”

  19. ron says:

    going to listen as it’s surely going to be interesting, but I expect they will completely ignore all the Sega/Aliens BS that recently went down and that is a shame :( Go for the jugular, Hardwick!

  20. Kyle S. says:

    Any talk of the Aliens: Colonial Marines debacle? He still trying to pass that off as not total bullshit?

  21. Mccrackelz says:

    AAAH! the inside track of the borderlands origin!

    thank you so much for that. Sincerely.

  22. Matt Schultz says:

    I used to love everything that came out of his mouth, until i realized half of it was straight up lies and that he is shifty and dishonest person

  23. Geoff says:

    I love everything that comes out of Randy’s mouth

  24. Spencer says:

    Randy was great!