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Nerdist Podcast: Oliver Stone
Episode 441: Nerdist Podcast
Oliver Stone
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Oliver Stone

The legendary Oliver Stone sits down with Chris to discuss turning true stories into dramatic movies, his views on the JFK assassination, and his documentary mini series The Untold History of the United States!

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  • I guess this is a “get” but I don’t have interest in listening to a crazy person ramble about conspiracies for an hour. Stone went from “crazy guy who made good art” to “insane guy who makes bad movies” about a decade ago.

  • I thought it was hilarious during the introduction when Chris said “I’m just asking questions”. i immediately thought of James Adomians impersonation of The Mind, The Body and The Soul Governor Jesse Ventura.

  • Great interview! Now can we have Penn Jillette come on and tell us all why Stone is so full of crap with his JFK conspiracies? The government can’t even create a functioning website, let alone kill a president.

  • Yeah, not really interested in him.
    Enjoyed the intro, though, and you gave a good interview.

    Out on a limb here, but Max Bemis just put out his first Marvel Comic. I think he would be interesting on the podcast.

  • The whole time, Chris is like…yep…yep…(ok never heard of that date/situation)…yep…(I’m so intimidated) ….

    hehe no – Chris, you did great holding your own! Oliver Stone seems like he can talk/rant for hours about history and politics – he’d make a great professor.
    He’s certainly not afraid about speaking his mind – love that!

    “Bin Zero” “Zero Bin 30″ lol

    “Do you have a men’s room here?”
    I also don’t think Oliver Stone has any idea that Chris is 42

  • Not that I like Oliver Stone. He rambles on about very shaky theories and is quite confident in his ability to know a lot of things without much place for doubt.

    But anyway, it could have been a fun interview anyway. Hardwick was waaaaay out of his depth. He didn’t question Stone at all about his more questionable assertions and didn’t pick up on the many, many areas where he could have moved the conversion into interesting terittory. It sounded a little like this : Stone : Vietnam, Nixon, Bush, War , CIA, back to Vietnam. Hardwick : Gosh, Mr. Stone, what about that social media? Stone : Yeah, so USSR, Arms races, etc. etc.

  • Oliver Stone is the creepy old guy trying to hit an asian woman because he feels entitled. Note: his third wife is Korean.

    It’s interesting that men who fight wars in different countries always seem attracted to the women they “conquered”. We may see a lot of Iraqi and Afghani women married to soldiers in the future.

  • @ben….LOL! well played with the Adomian riff…..”IM JUST ASKING QUESTIONS!!”.

    @Hardwick…..bit of a psychic moment this morning…i was literally thinking about how one of your biggest strengths…honestly your ability to adapt to any/every interview scenario and create a very “at-ease” atmosphere. Checking for updates, this podcast appeared, where, in the intro, you reference that it was tough to do and this was more standard-interview. After listening i think, as usual, you were too hard on yourself and i think you did an outstanding job with it…it still was more comfortable and “flowing” than any standard interview. Kudo’s Dude-o’s!

    As for the podcast, it was great and a fun listen! Regardless of what one thinks of his opinions/politics/etc, you cant deny that Oliver Stone has created an incredibly diverse portfolio o flicks. He’s well spoken and well read and i enjoyed listening to some of the stories from his early years.

    Peace .n. I’d type more but there are black covert helicopters closing in and im pretty sure this conversation is being monitored via red-light camera’s and i think my starbucks barrista slipped some sodium pentathal into my dopio espresso this morning to get me to disclose the new location of where we are keeping the Roswell Alien who not only built Stonehenge but also provided the technology responsible for the 5th generation ipod touch using the power of the bermuda triangle combined with leftover equipment from the Philadelphia Experiement. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

    3ToF, the 4th member of the lone gunmen

  • Stone knows his stuff. Not a perfect man, but a serious and passionate historian. Watch his series. Make no mistake, if you haven’t already noticed what we do in the world — we ARE the bad guys. And you can take THAT to JP Morgan Chase.
    ‘There’s a government within our government and I don’t control it.’ Bill Clinton

  • I have to say this was a terrible interview. Like listening to a crazy homeless person, spouting out lies and terrible conspiracy theories.

    Here’s an explanation of the “Back-and-to-the-Left” conspiracy:

    The blood and tissue that violently exploded out of Kennedy’s head carried more momentum than was brought in by the bullet, resulting in what is referred to as a “jet effect.”

    All of this is indisputably confirmed by the autopsy report showing that the bullet entered Kennedy from the rear. There was a nearly six inch exit hole on the right hemisphere of the front of Kennedy’s head, while there was only a small entry wound not much larger than the 6.5mm bullet that did the damage on the back of Kennedy’s head.

    So many other fallacies in his movie JFK as well.

    Plus, since then there have been many acoustic/3D analyses on the video done to pinpoint the gunshots coming from one single source, from where Lee Harvey Oswald’s spot in the Library.

    Please Chris, stop interviewing people like this.

  • Chris–Stone interview was a good one. Hey, in other news, I just found out today about your father passing away. My second favorite episode is the first time you interviewed Tom Hanks. My favorite is the interview with your dad. Take time in your schedule to reflect and rejoice what an extraordinary relationship you had with your dad. Take care.

  • ^ I’m sorry to hear that news.

    Chris, the story you told recently about your family reuniting for the re-burial of your brother was very touching. I’m glad you had the chance to experience that and I hope that it brings some comfort to have that memory.

  • I really enjoyed this, I know very little of Oliver Stone but I love a lot of his movies. I thought it was interesting he acknowledged his career as being up and down. For every classic movie he’s made there are 3 that are unbearable to watch (Savages).

  • I love JFK, NIXON, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, and TALK RADIO. They are extremely entertaining movies. But Oliver Stone continues to grasp onto that whole “back and to the left” argument even though it has been debunked repeatedly. In JFK he spends 3 hours building this elaborate conspiracy theory connecting the CIA to the death of Kennedy. And his best evidence is “back and to the left”? Penn and Teller spent less than 3 minutes demonstrating how this is bunk on their show Bullshit:

    Oddly enough Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! Was broadcast on Showtime which is the same network broadcasting Stone’s mini-series. Penn Jillette was also in Oliver Stone’s WALL STREET but was cut out because, as Penn puts it, “I wasn’t good.”

  • I enjoyed this. Regardless of my personal lack of give a damn about JFKs assassination, I always enjoy hearing people passionate about interests beyond watching tv and nattering on social media. I’d like to hear Stone expand on his new series a bit more after Chris has watched it and can question him in a bit more detail. Any time you watch anything historical, it’s essential to consider the bias of the writer. Everyones view of history sounds like quackery to someone who didn’t experience that side of it.

    “The US Government can’t kill a president”
    Most countries in South & Central America would beg to differ.

    Pen & Teller are entertainers, not historians or scientists.

  • Agreed 100% on the foreign governments, but if you notice, they didn’t successfully cover those up either… And all I’m saying is get a entertainer to debunk an entertainer. At least Penn would be amusing when he calls Stone full of shit.

  • just listened for the intro…and then stopped.
    i got enough enjoyment out of that to feel satisfied…just loved to hear your voices…yeah, i am a sad, lonely person.

  • WATCH his series before making assumptions. You think you learned ANYTHING in American History 101? From the Pilgrims onward, we’ve been fed a load of bunk. And btw, Penn is full of it. He’s done NONE of the work digging into official documents and then talking face to face with the people actually involved in our rotten foreign and domestic adventures.

  • Evidence of Revision! Kudos to the other comment that mentioned it.

    I highly recommend to anyone looking for the full story on JFK, MLK and Bobby Kennedy murders. There’s no one telling you what to believe. It’s actually news stories, and reporting, before the proverbial lid was put over these murders.

    They’re slow but great to watch and formulate your own decisions. Free to view on YouTube as well.

    First time comment, long time listener but great interview as well Chris. Stone pushes out a lot of info to digest very quickly, but he’s on the money with much of his ideas.

  • I thought the interview was fascinating, because Stone is so passionate! I’m not going to call any judgment on his theories, but they are certainly interesting. His work on JFK helped open up a lot of documentation that hadn’t been public before, and I’m glad he and others are continuing to fight to get more files released! I think you did a great job Chris.

    I’m also really sorry the loss of your father. I really enjoyed the show you did with him, and it will always be one of the best podcasts of the Nerdist! There is no time frame for feeling grief, and don’t be afraid to face it.

  • Interesting, I enjoyed the interview, regardless of where you stand politics wise, I think is great to be skeptical towards Government, and even towards Oliver Stone´s claims, do your own research go through different versions, since we never were there and make up your mind about it.

    If you gonna trash him because of his claims, at least take the effort to research.
    i have no idea I am not qualified to make a judgment, but I know Oliver Stone have done a ton of research before he made those claims, so before you dismiss him, do your own research.

  • Great interview – Oliver Stone is the man. Never ceases to amaze me how people raising a flag about their government’s wrong-doings court so much vitriolic hatred from the very people they’re trying to educate.

  • Great podcast, liked it a lot. Didn’t know all this stuff Mr. Stone tells in the beginning, only seen several of his movies. Now I really want to watch this documentary. Too bad the podcast is “just” an hour, would have listened longer.

  • While I have no opinion one way or the other on Stone, I take anything that Penn puts forth on “Bullshit” with a boulder of salt; especially after Season 1, when the show basically became an extremely biased mouthpiece for the Cato Institute and the right wing branch of libertarianism. “Bullshit” seemed to more reflect the views of the show rather than what they were attempting to “debunk”.

    When skepticism becomes a dogma rather than a method, you’re doing it wrong.

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