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Episode 402: Nerdist Podcast
Neko Case
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Neko Case

Neko Case had such a good time on the Nerdist, she didn’t want to leave! She and Matt find out they have a lot in common, and Neko talks about life on tour and her new album The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I fight, The More I Love You!

Get her new album here!


  • @AnnCoultersAdamsApple damn dude really? you can’t just listen to a podcast and enjoy it? sometimes i just have em on during my job as background noise even if it’s one i don’t care for. so give it a chance and don’t always feel compelled to be a dink on the comments

  • @AnnCoultersAdamsApple You don’t have to listen to them. You also don’t need to comment on how these people who work for you for free keep disapointing YOU, the BASTARDS!!!
    Btw, i skipped the last one, and thought the Maria Menounos interview was just ok, but this one? Really happy to have clicked on it ( i’m in at 15:00 now ). This one is a keeper.

  • Ah, the return of @AnnCoutlersAdamsApple…

    No rage reply! But skipping just because you don’t know the artist is silly. Neko was fantastic on this ep. IMO, if you skip it just to be contrary you’re only robbing yourself of good times with an hilarious woman. Try new things! Step outside your comfort zone! That’s how you expand your palette. Why would you want to stay safely in your own content cave, like a frightened mouse? It’s actually my least favorite thing about our recommendation engine culture. Ok, great–here are things I would probably already like. But how do I expand my sphere of experience and break into new territories? And if I do, might I actually–GASP–learn something new about myself?!

    Just know that we all tease you for comments like that not because we care whether or not you listen but because to go out of your way to make such a demonstrative statement over such a low impact thing just comes off as kind of wienerly. Yeah, I said it–WIENERLY. And I’m gonna KEEP saying it because it’s a FUN WORD. (wienerly)

    Hey I know! Since you pretty much complain whenever you post, why not just skip all of them from here on out? I’m sure there’s some gaming forum somewhere you’d fit nicely into.

    Btw, your commitment to anarchy is ironically safe. You are the most frightened mouse of all!!!

    grr. rage. grr again.

  • I listen to episodes with people I’ve never heard about and go in without any expectations, It’s always a surprise to learn about these people, enjoy a hilarious podcast and at the end introduces me to something new, may it be new music, television shows or whatever.

  • I like Neko Case, I just hate listening to musicians talk about their music. They usually take themselves very seriously.

    I’m a huge Radiohead fan but I could only make it through fifteen minutes of Thom Yorke’s WTF interview.

    I still think this interview is going to be alot of her talking monotonously about artist pain and “the state of music” like most singer interviews I’ve listened to, but if you swear she’s funny I’ll give it a chance.

    Plus there was no new Harmontown today so it’s either Neko Case on this or Neko Case on Comedy Bang Bang and I can’t work in silence.

  • @ChrisHardwick i laughed at tracing the evolution of “no rage” to “rage”.

    @AnnCoultersAdamsApple you’re entitled to your opinion but it was a great interview, just like the nationalist and maria menounos episodes. What is your end game of posting negative comments? Are you trying to influence who are the guests or…?

  • @Ann: Fair enough if you hate listening to bands talk about their work, but I genuinely do think she was hilarious. There was a bit of “what touring is like” chat but it always quickly turned into “stomping on dickhead people’s faces” and “making a baby with Matt Mira” talk. From my point of view, she has a stand-up’s brain. Enjoy! Or don’t! I’m not the boss of you.