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Episode 400: Nerdist Podcast
Maria Menounos
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Maria Menounos

The lovely Maria Menounos comes on the show to talk about working on Extra, her time in beauty pageants, and her new film The Adventures of Serial Buddies!

Watch The Adventures of Serial Buddies!


  • I feel like the term Chris is searching for is “Freak Show”. Reality TV is just a freak show. It’s like going to the circus and looking at the bearded lady, or watching the guys bite the heads of chickens. They are just fireworks, or train-wrecks producers engineered because they know that people find it hard not to watch things be destroyed or in chaos. When you compare reality tv to well crafted scripted programs of course they seem vapid. I feel like we see those around us being engrossed in just this one side of the entertainment gradient and it is disheartening. I know it makes me sad when someone has seen every episode of Jackass but never watched a single episode of Firefly. I think secretly we also fear that if this destruction worship becomes too prevalent, civilized society could be in serious trouble. Just my thoughts….

  • Aw c’mon guys! Who made 400 a thing? 500 is a thing. Or an anniversary. 100 eps don’t take much time to get through and making a extra big deal about that every single time makes it less special. Also, we’re all swamped with work and a special takes some planning. It may not be entirely fair to get crusty with us because we didn’t meet a specific expectation that you assigned us. Can it be enough that we’ve put out 400 episodes? Either way, thanks for sticking with us, even if we disappoint you from time to time! Hugz with a z.

  • It’s cool Chris, but just so ya know, and I don’t know much about women, but I’d imagine, “Who made anniversaries a thing?” is probably not the best course of action to go on.

  • Hey this 400 came really fast and i’m cool with no real celebration. I mean it’s fucking 400 episodes ! that’s just fucking awesome! we all love the podcast still even if we like to complain about it

  • If my pc weren’t on the fritz right now, leaving my only dl option my daughter’s PS3, then maybe I would go ahead and grab this ep. Already spent lots of time grabbing older ones we missed while relegated to *shudders* dial-up. Oh, she’s 26, so no worries about “little ears” there. She was just as eager for that first Rob Zombie ep as was I. Actually, might track down a few that were on the old desktop since it could be weeks before we can get that power supply replaced. My point is, I’ll be treating the Bill Hader ep as my 400 come an episode early. All these Honey Boo Boo references showing up in the comments are scaring me off of this one. Much love though for at least 99% of the last 400.

  • While I’m cool with anybody that you choose to interview, you had to know that this was going to ruffle the feathers of some of you more outspoken viewers (even though we know they’re not viewers). To bring in someone so far outside the sphere of what you normally discuss or cover for the 400th episode is confusing. I always give you guys the benefit of the doubt when I see someone I don’t know/wouldn’t expect to hear on the podcast. You do a fine job of finding what makes someone interesting. But saying 400 isn’t significant seems a little disingenuous. You made a big deal about 300 and somewhat of a big deal about 200. I had no major expectations for 400, but to say it isn’t special just doesn’t seem right.

    Look, all I’m saying is this: if you forgot our anniversary, just admit it and apologize and we’ll move on. Don’t stop at the Kwik-E-Mart for dried up roses and some dollar scratchers (no offense Maria) and pretend everything is going to plan.

  • I look at it this way: 8O

    Seriously, in about 15 weeks you’ll overtake WTF for the number of podcast episodes released. That’s worth celebrating… at Marc’s expense. Have him on again to celebrate together.

    Love Nerdist, love WTF, and congrats guys on 400 eps!

  • Great ep! And 400 as a number is pretty meh n’ whatever. I’ve always thought that.

    But down to business, when are y’all going to interview Katie Levine?! She’s so mysterious! Always on the edge of our listening periphery! She must know so much! Ah, I see, she’s got all the deepest darkest Nerdist secrets of secrecy. There’s no way you could risk all that info being exposed. So nevermind, don’t worry about it.

    @Katie Levine
    Psst! Tell us all your secrets!

  • Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I still love Nerdist podcast, sorry I didn’t like your guest and topics she and her man in the background championed for. I have pretty much stopped watching most tv because of the obsession with celebrity and scripted “reality” shows. I like your shows because you talk about the stories and characters and even the process of production of the fantastic and comedic a little bit, not because you gossip about the actors lives. Much love for Chris, Matt, Jonah, Chloe, etc. Hope that might make sense how I might feel ET lady is sorta … anti-Nerdist inadvertently. Just think, all the times I didn’t come here and say how awesome a podcast was and I hope you have that guest on again … Oh man, I gotta visit this website more often and do that … be right back!

  • This is the nerdist! ET should stand for Extra Terrestrial not Entertainment Tonight or Tonite or however the fuck they spell it. *pushes up glasses in nerd rage*

  • I listen to your show every day while I paint in the studio. Thanks for being so consistently good. I really enjoy the insightful questions that you ask about the creative process…and the occasional dick/cunt joke:-)

  • Guess I’m in the minority cause I rather enjoyed it. Maybe if she had spent more time talking about her love for WWE she would curb some of the nerd rage. Just because something isn’t in the sphere of what you like doesn’t make it suck or awful, I don’t know as a person who floats somewhere between nerd culture and more mainstream stuff I don’t get the hate. People complain about not being understood or being ridiculed about their interest then turn around and do the same exact thing tp something/someone else.

    Anyways congrats guys on 400 episodes. Keep up the fantastic work and long live the ever growing Nerdist Empire.

  • I meant to mention that the Nerdist podcast, regardless of who the guest is, is the only podcast I really listen to. I am, however, currently engrossed in the Jaws episode of the nerdist writers panel.

  • I’m surprised a podcast with Maria Menounos doesn’t include discussion of her athletic prowess. She picked off somebody like Bledsoe or Boomer Esiason in one of those celebrity rock-and-jock football games.

  • This is how big of a dork I am. I just accidentally entered this comment initially under the “quemment” section of the page. -100 on my “observation” skills; and sorry for any confusion caused. Just wanted to say that I didn’t even notice this was the 400th episode; although that does deserve a hefty “Congratulations!” I just noticed that it featured Maria Menounos, whom I adore. So, for me, it was total WIN.

  • I’m glad you’re waiting for 500 for an anniversary whatnot cause I want to make you guys something crafty awesome to celebrate and 5s are cooler than 4s know what I’m saying!! @Chris Hardwick

  • Maria is great, but Kevin definitely needs a mic. He is smart, funny, knows all about Hollywood and obviously has a long history with Chris. They really complement each other (Maria and Kevin, though it sounds like Kevin was quite the mentor to a young Chris back in the day). And yes, that really is her laugh. There is a great bit from Stern where they used her laugh and Seth Rogen’s on a prank call. Classic.