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Episode 289: Nerdist Podcast
Maria Bamford Returns!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Maria Bamford Returns!

One of our favorites, Maria Bamford, returns to the show! They talk about the similarities before comedy and relationships, her new stand up special, and the seriousness of mental health!

Get Maria’s Special Special Special by clicking here!


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    “Mariaaaa…..Ive just met (read: listened to a podcast about) a girl nammmeed Maria, And suuudeeenly that name willl never be the same. To meeeeeeee”


    Maria rocks..cant wait to check this out toot-sweet!

    Peace .n. Poprocks w Coke,


    (PS: her name backwords sounds like a sweet middle earth character name…..Drofmab Airam)

  • Great episode! I’ve been a fan of Maria’s comedy for at least a decade now. Given some of the subject matter within, I feel this podcast would make a good, contextual companion to the Max Landis episode. Might help put things into perspective for folks who lacked understanding and sympathy for that guy’s situation.

  • I am that way with my mom too Chris.. I’ve never heard another person verbalize that feeling and experience so well. You are, as always, one of my favorite human beings.

  • Holy monkey orbs, maybe its just been a long day of running client billing, but I giggled like a 12 year old school girl during the “filling the hole, filling the hole, covering the hole, time for sleep, filling the hole” bit! Big C and Maria Bamford made my long day better!

  • Back after listening to the ep. It was helpful to hear both Chris and Maria talk and joke about mental health with such openness. I’ve been recently put on some medication for anxiety and hearing others talk about their own issues is refreshing. I’m not quite sure what to say or how to say it but thanks for a wonderful episode.

  • I can’t believe that Chris and Maria aren’t brother and sister. The way Chris puts on the “Big brother cheering up the little sister” routine makes me smile so much. And Maria’s laughter is just so infectious. Love you both.

  • OH! YES! What Chris just said! Yes,please have Jackie Kashian on! I was pulling for her SO much on “Last Comic Standing!” I *loved* that reality show! People were funny and creative rather than scored based on how many bull testicles they could eat or some such thing.

    Other “LCS” alums I’d love to hear from – Josh Blue, Rich Vos, John Heffron, Alonzo Bodden, Gary Gulman (he has a “Comedy All-Stars” show now, doesn’t he?), Kathleen Madigan, Gabriel Iglesias (HE has a series on Comedy Central as well), Amy Schumer, Lavell Crawford, Iliza Shlesinger, Jim Tavaré, Tommy Johnagin and Laurie Kilmartin. You know, to name just a few.

    And now to listen to the podcast…

  • To put it in sports talk this episode was clearly a grand slam home run! Yay for Maria and Chris for giving this podcast a ride right over the wall in center field. Lastly, is it weird that I hope Maria’s sister’s name is Allison and that for a fun nickname everyone calls her Allie-Bam-a?? Anyways good luck and merry Christmas everyone!!

  • Maria Bamford is a fucking comedic genius.
    And as a woman with mental illness who has had a lot of mental illness in her family, it means so much to hear her honestly speak about those topics. So much.