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Episode 349: Nerdist Podcast
Marc Maron #3
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Marc Maron #3

Marc Maron returns to the Nerdist podcast for a third time! They talk about coping with success, how stand-up keeps them sane, and his new show Maron on IFC!

Watch Maron this Friday May 3rd at 10pm on IFC and pre-order his book Attempting Normal!

Photo by Tyler Ross


  • Hmmm, do i listen to the Fresh Air interview with Marc Maron that is happening at the same time i am looking at this or not????

    Sorry Terry Gross, Hardwick wins every time!

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    meyow! meyyyyow. purrrr purrr purrr. meyow. mewow meyowww.
    purrr meyoww.

    (google translate; cat –> English) “HUMANS! While Marc is out doing promotions for his new show I have one chance to send this message. Do not trust him…his podcast, standup, and tv show are all just a smokescreen. He is actually raising an army of trained, curmudgeony, cats in his garage with which he plans to take over the world. Stop him before its too late! Also, a little help with this can opener and can o tuna would be appreciated.

    Peace & Lock the Gates!…are we doing this???



  • Interesting discussion of art and self-management. But: it’s okay to refer to your romantic partner as your girlfriend or significant other or some other, more respectful term. You don’t have to call her (or others’) your “chick”. It comes off as strange and distastefully retro.

  • Ugh, this conversation was so interesting and respectful. Gross. I wanted the most raw, impassioned screaming match ever committed to the Internet.

    But, no, seriously, this was pretty great.

    SIDE NOTE: Are there any podcasts out there where it really does devolve into utter chaos and rage? If not, someone should make that happen.

  • So the funniest thing happened after I listened to this episode. I had a playlist set up on my podcast player app and I put this one right before this week’s WTF. This Nerdist ended with Matt mockingly pluggging and then right after, Marc opened his show with a ad!!! It was awesome….

  • *Checks Downcast*

    “Oh, Hank Azaria is on Maron today. Cool! And Maron is on Nerdist. Well, color today awesome.”

    What a great gift.

    Episode 102 is on IFC right now, watched it last night.

    The James Adomian “Maron in Space” bits are cute.

    So, are-are we good?!

  • When I was in my early twenties I had a girlfriend who was really the best girlfriend any dude could ask for. When I was feeling sad, or lonely, or frustrated with the world and my place in it she would do everything in her power to comfort me. She bought me gifts, cooked my favorite meals, listened to me bitch and moan about my stupid problems and told me everything was going to be OK. It never really helped though. I wasn’t getting what I felt I deserved from life and that was really all I could allow myself to think about. After awhile she got sick of my whiny ass and moved on. And it wasn’t because she didn’t care about me and it wasn’t because I wasn’t a good person. It was because she realized that she wasn’t adding anything to my life that was at all proportionate to what I was allowing other aspects of my life to take away. I was essentially taking a very small part of my life and allowing my insecurities to make it big, while taking what should have been a very big part of my life and making it very small.

    But I’ve learned that continued success in relationships is only hard in practice, while the basic theory is very simple. If you’re worried about attracting people to you, give them something of value. If you want these people you’ve attracted to stay, show them that they’re valued. It’s that simple. This goes for friendships, romantic relationships, and especially relationships between entertainers and their fans.

    Essentially, trolls attempt to make themselves feel big my making you feel small. They attempt to address their insecurities by jabbing at yours. The specific thing that a troll uses to yell at you about is never the root issue of why they’re yelling at you so arguing with them about it is a waste of time. While you know this, you pretend not to and leap once more into the breach anyway because you’re really not trying to convince them that they’re wrong. You’re trying to convince yourself that they’re wrong. And in doing so you’re prolonging a destructive cycle in which they continually attack you to make themselves feel better and you continually respond to make yourself feel better and at the end of the day everyone feels like shit, but no one more so than your core fan who’s had the privilege of bearing witness to the whole thing.

    You spend so much time complaining about, and communicating with, anonymous hate phantoms, tilting your spear and charging at the windmill of the essentially irrelevant minority, explaining yourself and opening yourself up on a one-on-one level with them in way that you would never bother to do with someone you take for granted as being already in your corner, that you end up disenfranchising the ones that you need the most, at which point they promptly, and bitterly, fuck off. At what point does allowing a negative perception of yourself – someone else’s or your own – to affect you emotionally become an addiction? At what point does intentionally shutting off your coping mechanisms and allowing your insecurity to run rampant at the expense of potentially positive things in your life become officially classified as an –ism? I may be full of shit, but I think it’s worth thinking about.

  • I was going to post about something I found funny on the podcast, and then I read Ryan’s comment above that ended with the helpful “…I suggest you beat it simultaneously”. My inner twelve year old was so amused that I forgot the last 48 hours of anything witty or sophisticated I have seen or heard.

  • Thanks DD. That actually does mean a lot to me. Ironically, I can wax authoritatively about insecurities until I’m blue in the fingers but I still worry that I’m wasting my time every time I put effort into writing something. Physician heal thyself and stuff.

    I assume the Dumas is a reference to Alexandre Dumas, by the way, one of my very favorite authors in all of time and space. I compliment your exquisite taste.

  • @JAFan: so beautifully written. And I’m sorry you had to learn those lessons a hard way. I do disagree with one point–I interact with more nice people than I do trolls. I respond to emails, tweets, I hug people in real life at cons or shows, and I appreciate all of the people who could look at the world negatively and lash out at it but choose not to–like yourself. Thank you

    Btw, if you want I’ll publish your comment on the site. You can remain anonymous or not. Your choice!

  • @Chris Hardwick

    Thank you for the compliment. It does mean a great deal to me that my words had an effect beyond the relief of getting them out of my head, so I really do appreciate it.

    Regarding your disagreement I should clarify that in terms of quantity I agree with you – you do interact more with fans than trolls. This is truly to your credit and I didn’t mean to imply otherwise. In terms of, not quality perhaps, but intensity and depth, however, the trolls seem to win every time.

    From the viewpoint of a fan it’s like you’re walking down the street and you get your pocket picked. Someone then tackles the thief and hands you your wallet back, so you shake the Good Samaritan’s hand, thanking him sincerely and sending him on his way, and then you take the pickpocket out for a cup of coffee so that you can explain to him why stealing from people is wrong. While the Samaritan may have appreciated the sincere thanks and the handshake, it’s now somewhat cheapened by the sight of you chatting it up with the thief through a coffee shop window.

    I’m not inside your head, but from my own experience I can guess that trolls probably parrot the internal voice that never stops whispering “not good enough, not safe yet, not good enough, not safe yet” and I’m not condemning or judging your reaction to them. This is no indictment. I think I understand. I only wanted to express how it feels from the perspective of a fan as my ex – who was my biggest fan at the time – did for me.

    If, after all of this, you’d still like to publish any of this then I would be delighted to see it published with me as its anonymous author. I would only ask that you find someone better at proofreading than I am to correct my spelling mistakes.

    Many thanks!

  • Jesus Christ this might be my favorite podcast so far. It’s always so awesome to hear people discuss the things that have been bouncing around your head for ages. Thank You.

  • Just discovered you & Marc – fantastic chat. Like Marc I’m really fascinated with career arcs of musos and Marc’s chat with Huey was great. I’m a new fan of both podcasts.

  • […] Marc Maron’s doing the media rounds for his new book, Attempting Normal, and his show on IFC, Maron, and was just on the Nerdist to talk about both–among other things. In a more recent episode of The Nerdist, Billy Crystal was on the show to talk about his new movie Monsters University and also got around to discussing a few stories from his time in comedy. NPR’s comic critic Glen Weldon, who just wrote an unauthorized biography of Superman, was on the Nerdist Comics Panel to talk about the history of the superhero. […]