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Episode 387: Nerdist Podcast
Live from SDCC 2013!
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Live from SDCC 2013!

It’s the Nerdist live from the Balboa Theater in San Diego again! The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, is the special guest, audience members get their quemments answered, and one guy has a surprise for his girlfriend!

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  1. Lisa says:

    “Keep it gangsta”

  2. reno says:

    he should team up with squirrel girl…

  3. MOMO says:

    Catching up on my Nerdist Podcasts and I just wanted to say this was especially entertaining. I really enjoyed it, as someone who would love to go to Comic Con it really made me feel like I was there and involved in all the random and hilarious things that were happening in the hall.

    Some of the highlights for me were Matt’ new BFF Jason the Satellite maker and the full Chris/Tom Cruise story and of course hearing Matt Smyth sounding relaxed, hanging out with his friends ^_^ but the whole thing was great from start to finish and I loved it πŸ˜€

    Thanks Guys!!!

  4. epicfangirl says:

    Why can’t Jason actually join the Nerdist?! He is hilarious! I’d listen to him every week.

  5. DaMamma says:

    Finally couldn’t take any more- Matt Smith left and I left. Someone needed to quietly escort Mira off the stage or at the very least shut off his microphone. Sad, I usually enjoy some of Mira’s comments.

  6. geonerd says:

    Chris-All this talk reminds me of my favorite quote “If you can be anyone you want to be on the internet, why do so many people choose to be assholes”. Keep doing what you’re doing man. Your podcasts keep me going.

  7. geonerd says:

    I have to say that the “occasional porn” comment and the banter following it had me nearly spit out my coffee at work. I really have to watch where I listen to these podcasts. The people I work with must think I’m mad when I randomly burst into laughter in my cube.

  8. Emily says:

    I was actually in the crowd for this one, and I am kinda curious. Mum asked John Barrowman earlier that day if he’d be there, and he didn’t answer but he said to ask the Nerdist why he wouldn’t be. Since he sounded uncharacteristically serious I’ve really been wanting to ask, did something happen?

  9. David says:

    I could only listen to about half an hour. I hate awkward situations, and hearing Mira throw out unfunny, crass stuff and hearing Matt Smith politely cringe and move on is getting old.

  10. lucy says:

    I’m late to this party but just wanted to say that Matt Mira has always struck me as charming and funny and disarmingly honest, obviously he still is all those things, but something was off here that detracted from the pleasure of listening to the podcast. So, um, yeah.

  11. StuartB says:

    Chris/Katie/the guys behind the scenes, is there a way of posting a static “don’t be a dick”/comment guidelines blurp at the beginning of every comment thread? May help discourage just a little some of the stuff that goes on here.

    Or maybe just a way of voting them into oblivion?

  12. Rhiannon says:

    All I can say is, after getting hit by a car while crossing 6th on my way to the show, the end of the evening was one of the real high points of my SDCC this year.

    I’m stationed in Naples, Italy (pedestrian death capital of the universe), and yet was victim of a hit and run in the Gaslamp District of San Diego… love how that works. Either way, this podcast live show was fantastic (as always) and made my night.

    Thanks very much, Nerdist Gents!!!

  13. jim says:

    @Marielle You really could hear Chris getting annoyed. If you listen to Chris as much as I’m sure most of us do, you can hear his different moods. He was telling Matt to shut up constantly; for Chris-the-all-too-nice that is saying a lot.

    Mira, just learn from this one. that’s all we’re asking.

  14. iamfunei says:

    Drunk or not, Mira was brutal in this one.

  15. Marielle says:

    I enjoyed this, especially as a newly minted but quickly-turning-diehard Whovian. I do enjoy the banter between all 3 of them, that’s one of the things I love about hostfuls. When a guest is on though, I do tend to come to hear that guest.

    I really, really love you Matt Mira. You crack me up, you’re silly and jolly and sincere…but in this particular instance you really took away from Matt Smith and the rest of what was going on more than you added to it. I don’t want to speculate on how much you had to drink or whatnot, but it just seemed like something was different in a not-that-pleasant way. Some of what you said was funny and made me giggle, but for the first time sometimes I was like “ok, enough already.” Most of the time that was when Chris was backing him off himself.

    I am as loyal and faithful to the podcast as anyone, and I think all 3 of you are essential to the podcast and bring fun differences to the table. I just thought in this particular case it was less of a team effort and more of a sore thumb sticking out kinda thing.

    But it’s SDCC and things happen and sometimes everyone has a weird day.

    So why am I saying anything at all? Well, I feel like if you really like something, you should say something, and by the same token, if you do it kindly, if you are kinda bummed out by something (as mentioned above) , you should say something too.

    You guys are awesome, keep being awesome, maybe a little less Red Bull for Matt next time. <3 you guys!

  16. jim says:

    This was the first episode of Nerdist where I found myself yelling, “shut the F up!!!” Matt M ruined what could have been a really good interview between Chris (an amazing interviewer) and Matt Smith (an amazing Doctor). I’m actually less concerned that Matt was drunk than I am with his overall, recent behavior. I’ve noticed that the more money he makes and the more he does in show biz he is becoming more self-absorbed and self-important. It’s a real danger that I think he is falling into.

    Chris and Jonah are too nice to say anything but I wish someone would–for Mira’s sake. He can blow off all of our comments because we don’t count in his world. Someone who he respects needs to just encourage him in the right direction.

  17. Damned Horsetheif says:

    I always thought of Matt as Ricky from Better Off Dead. This episode definitely put an end to that.

    But in the end, I liked it. I just hope Matt S wasn’t too put off by it all to come back. Both Matts are cool and great people to have on the show.

  18. Rick says:

    I love Chris Hardwick and his comedy, thoughtful, insightful, respectful, goofy, and brainiac interviews with guests. I also think he is waaay too loyal and protective of Matt Mira to see him as a deadweight anchor. Matt may be useful to Chris in production, but he is cringeworthy on the podcasts, and especially at live events or video. At least to many listeners. This is an opinion i wanted to share with Nerdist, and i don’t know what i can say constructive. I have respect for Matt, and what he has accomplished, but i find Chris’ comedy and interview skills top notch, while Matt’s participation seems almost like a self-obsessed, attention whoring wannabe. It detracts from the awesome interviews Chris has with guests, and often seems borderline rude to the guests, who are too polite to say anything, probably. Thanks for hearing me out. I think my opinion is probably in the minority judging from the other comments on here.

  19. craigo says:

    I agree w ith @ Patty Marvel. I listened and loved this podcast, then read all the comments on this thread .

    You summed up exactly what I was thinking but much more eloquently

    Kudos to you sir.

    And thank you Chris, Jonah and Matt for entertaining my my ear .. (and eye holes) for the past couple of years.

  20. Christopher says:

    Ok, this feedback will come from someone who could go to SDCC, but who also realizes that he HATES crowds the size you get at SDCC, and I don’t like being outside, in sunlight, or having to smell convention funk.

    I’m also, blasphemy of blasphemies, not a Dr. Whovian. I love the John Pertwee eps, but I was never into Who in general. I get it that people are, but unlike many Star Wars fans, as a Trekker I can enjoy my thing without hating you because you don’t like my thing. No ones things have to touch, if they don’t want to.

    MM was more “on” this episode, but I think that may have to do more with him taking a chance, being comfortable in who he his and how he entertains/interacts with a crowd, and wanting to fill the space. If he talked over Matt Smith, or was too rowdy/rude/rough, I’m sure he’s going to learn from it…provided he gets some constructive feedback, rather than “UR drunk derp jerk derpa-derp” comments on here and I’m sure other places.

    I was more surprised that Jonah was laid back…usually he’s stepping up and slappin’ it down more with the comedy things, but it was all good too.

    Chris reminded me of the parent/boss/gobsmacked HR person who has to deal with rowdy people who are comfortable in pushing boundaries and rules, and aren’t into being cowed/intimidated/awed by the environment/situation they’re in. I’d imagine that between the 3 of them they’ve been to SDCC enough times that they could do in in their sleep, if they got any sleep at all while they were there.

    Yes, some of the people asking questions were a bit…noxious. Welcome to people at cons, y’all. If you don’t understand that, you should go to conventions; they were mild in comparison to some of what I’m seen as a con goer, and as a con runner. I thought they were handled fairly well.

    And Chloe is a peach (esp. after meeting her casually last year in Nashville); seriously, people are going to bag on her? If Chris or Chloe were as awful as people make them out to be, it would be the “Chris & Chloe” podcast, not the “Chris & Sister Wives”. If I was straight, she would be the type of woman I’d want to have my babies. But don’t worry dear, you’re safe from my spermeses.

    As for the commentary on here about how “much” the podcast “costs”, i.e. opportunity cost or “I have to hear commercials, waaah”…so don’t listen…Period. At. All.
    Yes, there is a *cost* to EVERYTHING you do in life, and not just in paper tokens or plastic fetishes with mag stripes on the back.

    You are not an infinite being possessed of the Power Cosmic, thus you have finite resources of limited categories and types, and choose how to allocate those resources. It costs minimal resources however to listen to the Nerdist podcast, commercials and all, for an hour or two while you do whatever else yanks your crank (pun sadly intended).

    You are not asked to pay for anything, unless you choose too, and at any time you can walk away and not engage with it again for the rest of your cranky dupa days.

    Of course, doing that means if you don’t declaim across the luminiferous ether how ANGRY U IS that you weren’t entertained properly and appropriately, then your outrage is just your own, isn’t it?
    Dumping on others because you aren’t getting your way is rather pointless unless there’s an audience…ask any child from ages 1 to say…whatever age you are.

    Since I shouldn’t channel the power of Trollkin, let me finish *my* perspective with this: Nerdist is one of the few pleasures I get to enjoy and which reminds me that there are fun, interesting people out there…and if I could only escape my day-to-day circumstances, perhaps I could meet people like that, and gambol/frolic with them.

    So there. Neener neener.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I have lowered expectations for people partying at Comic-Con, and even I was thinking, “Matt, dude, BE LESS LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS.” Like, you’re just sad and it’s not even funny any more. Plus he outscreamed everyone else on the podcast.

    Well, maybe next year.

  22. Chuck says:

    I never come here to comment, but for the first time ever, I have because I wanted to say how Matt was really over the line this podcast. Too much to drink, almost definitely, either that or acting the perfect drunk jerk. You might think this would be okay with John Barrowman, the guest who clearly sets this tone, but nothing about Matt Smith would say that this is the way it should go.

  23. Darksidedork says:

    Matt Mira, STFU! Jeez!!

    <3 Matt Smith

  24. Mescalineous says:

    Even your little response is pompous and self important! Like a toddler in a 3 piece suit! Adorbs! Don’t ever change you little rascal! :)

  25. Glenn says:

    @ Mescalineous

    Hey no problem. Glad I could make you laugh even in the character of C3PO. Maybe someday you will also make someone laugh.

  26. Jen says:

    @michelle..youre very welcome.

    I say they should make something similar for the Nerdist YouTubeChannel this year!!!!

  27. Mescalineous says:

    I’m sorry man. I’m really trying to take you seriously (or at least as seriously as you take yourself), but whenever I start to read your post I can’t help but read it in the vocal styling of C-3PO.

    “I really must say.” LOL!!!

  28. alanso says:

    Lol, u guys, it’s just a podcast

  29. Glenn says:

    I really must say. This episode was all but unlistenable. Seriously Matt Mira. Be a professional. Drinking before and during a show may have worked for you in the past. But it clearly did not this time. You embarrassed yourself and the others with the constant interruptions and completely misplaced profanity. And knock of the “I wasn’t that drunk lamesauce. You can clearly hear that Matt is slurring his speech.

    And before anyone tells me to take a hike for criticising a free podcast. Just bare in mind that it is not free. I listen to the advertisements that make The Nerdist money. Without my ears, and the ears of others like me, there is little point in doing the podcast.

  30. Dorrys says:


    I listened to podcasts at the gym, and today I have officially gained the title of the weirdest chick there since I kept laughing and stopping to laugh while working out. Thanks. :-)

    I can’t wait to finish it tomorrow morning. :-))

  31. Andrew says:


    “People say they cringe or are tired of us talking about trolls with our guests and such. Did anyone stop to think that maybe, just MAYBE the reason it comes up so often is because it’s a serious cultural problem?”

    Maybe it is, but I don’t think that invalidates the opinions of people, myself included, who don’t want to hear it discussed at length anymore. It seems like every time the topic is broached, you jump at the opportunity to launch into a diatribe that feels to me, having heard it several times on the podcast, like a therapy session for you and your guests (but mostly you).

    I’m not suggesting that you totally ignore the topic when it happens to come up, but consider not dwelling on it.

  32. Michelle says:

    Jen, Thanks for posting that. I watched it as it unfolded…and i totally forgot about it. Also loved Barrowman on this.
    Juvenile and hilarious!!!!
    (I will actually miss the black friday deals information.)

  33. Jason says:

    Seriously…I love the podcast but Matt Mira is a tool in this ep. He should have not been allowed on. It was embarassing.

  34. Jen says:

    Heres the link to the hilarious Black Friday video

  35. Pete says:

    Woa, tldr. This is a comment thread, not a thesis dissertation.

    I found this episode was insane, insanely funny, and insane, in that order. Did feel a little bad for Smith getting talked over, and for Mira when I imagined him 1, getting yelled at by Chris afterward, and 2, listening back on this sober. But hey, anyone who hasn’t been there hasn’t lived. Very fun listening.

    I hope Chris recorded all his panels and will share them all. He always does a great job getting a room rocking.

  36. Patty Marvel says:

    Hey, sorry I’m late to the party! What did I miss in the thread? :LOOKS AROUND, TOTALLY OBTUSE:

    Seriously, while everyone should give and gladly receive constructive criticism, the emphasis should be on the “constructive” part. You can tell just about anyone just about anything they need to hear if you word it gingerly – there is PLENTY of space on the comment continuum between “sycophant” and “trolly asshole.” AND you’ll be a lot more convincing in your argument if you keep the other person’s feelings in mind, or as my dad used to say, “You get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” No idea WHY Dad would want flies around, but I digress.

    Some more observations (not that anyone asked me):

    Listening to this particular podcast with my Whovian hubby while we sipped root beer floats at an A&W drive-in was kind of romantic. Thanks, Team Nerdist!

    After reading the “Matt Mira talked too much” comments, I tried to listen as if I were a Nerdist virgin who came to the podcast just for Matt Smith and while Big Papa* seemed to be talking more here than he does on a Hostful, he didn’t stray into “obnoxious asshole” territory. He cranked the potty-mouth up to eleven, but that was clearly for comic effect and it worked. Nope, he was just being his usual funny, cuddle muffin self. And I double-dog DARE everyone to go up to Matt Mira and call him a “cuddle muffin” just to see how he reacts.

    FYI, “Stuff You Missed in History Class” is indeed a fine podcast that comes out twice a week and fills the hole left by Pete Holmes (he’s down to only Wednesday shows). Their link is here: My favorite episode so far is “The Great Emu War.” You read that correctly – think machine guns verses pissed-off ostriches.

    Lastly, a challenge to anyone who attends the live Nerdist podcast at SDCC 2014 – bring BEER in a KEG. The bottles in a gamer box thing has been done, now step it up! I suggest using a life-sized R2-D2 unit that makes enough BLEEPS and BLOOPS to cover up the sounds of sloshing. Get to work!

    *I *STILL* want to make calling Matt Mira “Big Papa” a thing. MAKE IT SO!

  37. Jimmy the Pants says:

    Matt was awesome. He was also the VIP in Baseball!!!!!!!

  38. Superchucker Thunderskunk says:

    Yeah yeah, drunk, raucous, domineering, bargainhunt, whatever…

    but I’ll bet Matt is the most fun to go out on the town with. πŸ˜€