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Episode 228: Nerdist Podcast
LeVar Burton
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: LeVar Burton

THE Levar Burton is finally on the show! Chris and Matt geek out with questions about Star Trek: The Next Generation, they ponder why Geordi never got any action on the show, and LeVar talks about the affect Roots had on his life!

Artwork by Dana Lechtenberg


  • I was actually thinking last week of tweeting you to ask for this but decided against because I’m sure its been brought up before and its gotta be annoying when people do that :P

    Thanks for reading my mind Big C

  • Never commented before, but this was a GREAT episode. Levar has always been one of my favorite actors in Trek. I just wish I could have swapped bodies with Matt, you bastard.

  • @Quemmento And if polished well enough, another terrorist may meet Allah and the 70 Virgins (band name, called it)!

    Everybody wins!

    @ Matt, should have kicked Justin to the #CUNToffice.

  • Great episode. Easily in my top 5 nerdist eps of all time. Reading Rainbow was my favorite TV show as kid but I had no idea LeVar was that cool/funny in real life. Also “Alpha 39!” needs to be a thing on the nerdist channel even for just one episode.

  • I’m not a star trek fan really. Just watched it to keep my nerd credentials in high school… and I didn’t get it right away, but even after 20 seconds or so, I was going “LET THAT BE YOUR LAST BATTLEFIELD.” Maybe I’m just a Frank Gorshin fan.

  • I would watch the heck out of both a retconned Geordi love decagon montage and a Matt and LeVar webseries exactly as described. It’d be like a more fun, reverse “I’m with Busey”.

    I loved this episode.

  • I haven’t heard the entire podcast yet so Matt may have brought this up already, but I can assure you that Geordi came REALLY close to some nookie in an episode loosely based on the Campbell short story, “Who Goes There?” That’s the one where that blob-like entity takes the form of other living creatures and the woman our valiant (if frustrated) engineer almost gets down with is accused of the murders the shape-shifter did. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Wesley Crusher got any action, either.

    I think I just outed myself as a ST:TNG buff.

  • I was so hoping that Mr. Burton’s appearance on AOTS two weeks ago, when Chris was guest-hosting, would result in him being on the podcast. What a fun discussion and he took Matt’s questions in stride.

    Seriously, that’s the kind of stuff actors get grilled with at Cons. “In thish epishode you schtarred in twenty yearsh ago, you shaid (insert line here). What were your feelingsh ash you delivered it?” *wipes spittle out of corners of mouth*

    *blank stare from guest celebrity*

    Matt was not out of line or character as a Trek fan.

    Fortunately, Mr. Burton will be coming to a Con in my area next month. I wonder if I should get up and ask him about his experience as a guest on the Nerdist podcast?

    Chief Engineer of my heart indeed, Matt Mira.

  • I’m thinking Matt’s line of questioning was probably 20% actual incredulousness and 80% thinking it would be really funny to keep asking.

    I also think that LeVar could totally have played it off like he remembered and Matt would’ve been none the visor.

    *Pauses for Laughter*

  • Oh come on, Patty! We all know about Wesley and Ensign Lefler. He so tapped that ass.

    Speaking of ASS — any volunteers out there to give CUNT Office’s new online complaint registry a try? Shoot me a message at No joke — let’s turn obnoxious trolling into something fun. No promises though — my ideas are usually crap. It might not work out, but the more people participate, the more fun we might have.

  • Another great episode with another Star Trek cast member.

    Since they metioned that Michael Dorn enjoys flying I had a idea for a sketch he is flying the other members of the cast to a convention and Patrick Stewart says ‘make it so’ as they are about to take off, they say oh no Patricks having another flash back.

  • This was one of my favorite podcasts in a while. So enjoyable and fun from beginning to end. It kept distracting me from my work as I kept pausing to laugh and distract everyone.

  • This has podcast has become my favorite podcast. Now the order goes:

    1. Levar Burton
    2. Brent Spinner
    3. Sir Patrick Stewart
    4. Every Hostful
    Is there a theme?

  • That was a great great episode! I was a little worried there for a good while that Matt was seriously getting lost in geekery but at the end it was easier to tell that everyone understood it was a bit Matt was doing. That made it even better!

  • Great podcast! When Matt started asking about the specific episode and going so far as to read the script all I could think of was “please be a bit, Please be a bit….”. If it was it was a bit it was the amazing nerdcore. It it wasn’t it was more Mira gold. Thanks again Guys. The shows keep getting better and better? Any chance of a show near Wichita or KC after Comicon?

  • Here’s a negative comment – you will never be able to top this episode. Truly your best, except for all those other best episodes, and all future episodes will undoubtedly pale in comparison, unless they’re the best as well. So there. Matt, you obviously had a great time during this recording.

  • omg, had SO MUCH fun listening to this. Even though there have been so many great guests in the past month, this Levar Burton episode might be one of my favorite nerdcasts in a while (maybe up in the top five). @_@ omg, so good.

    Levar Burton, you are an awesome dude*.

    *he might never read this and I’m ok with it since 99% of the nerds have said it to him at one time or another.

  • My friend graduated this year from being a career university student. To celebrate he went to the Calgary comic expo and met LeVar Burton for a photo op! My friend wore his graduation cap and brought a Reading Rainbow stamped book!
    When my friend, we’ll call him Marc, asked LeVar if he would hold the book with him, Levar responded:
    “Nope, but YOU can hold it!”
    Marc held the book, but felt kind of bad.
    I laughed at Marc.


  • This must go down in the annuls of best/funniest podcasts ever! Levar Burton is my hero — again. Though I just can’t picture him in my head without the visor some days…

  • Great episode Chris….My three favorite shows growing up: Real People, That’s Incredible and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. I remember the Yogi guy in the box and all my eleven-year old mind could ponder was how terrible it would have been if he farted in there.

  • Oh…and my favorite TNG ep: Yesterday’s Enterprise…even though THAT script should’ve been shelved for the first movie rather than Generations. It would’ve been epic!