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Episode 269: Nerdist Podcast
Lauren Cohan
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Lauren Cohan

With the return of The Walking Dead this weekend, who better to have on than Lauren Cohan? She talks about how her character Maggie kills zombies, living as a nomad and where the cast of The Walking Dead hangs out when they’re not fighting zombies!

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  1. Javier says:

    When did the podcast intro become the Chris and Girlfriend Cuteness Hour? (OK, maybe two minutes, but my point stands.)

  2. Katie Mo says:

    What a fun episode! I always love all of the voices that pop up on here, whoever they are and wherever they come from. I have never seen this Lauren gal in anything, but I enjoyed this interview SO VERY MUCH. And. . . . I couldn’t help but detect a major flirtation/sexual tension quality here, which made it extra cute and fun.

  3. Jim says:

    One of the songs on that album has to be a cover of Maggie’s Farm.

  4. Nathan Fenton says:

    I agree with some of the earlier comments Lauren totally was working her mojo towards Chris. Go Hardwick!!!

  5. Paul says:

    Kyle is great. I think he adds something every time he’s on. He’s funny and fits right in to the conversation.

    If people don’t want change, just listen to back episodes. Those are static.

    Don’t let the squeaky wheels get to you Chris.

  6. Dave says:

    Hey, it’s Alexey Volkov’s daughter!

  7. LevelledUp says:

    Seemed like she was flirting like mad but then I figured that may just be how some actresses are and it doesn’t mean anything.

  8. StuartB says:

    So the podcast was great…all parts of it. Made a 6 am drive from Minneapolis to Milwaukee extra awesome.

    Kyle, stick around, it’s nice to have more than two voices on the podcast when Matt and Jonah can’t be there.

    In fact…why not have a semi-hostful with Kyle and Chloe and everyone? Technically they are still guests…

  9. Pat says:

    I love it, “the big C” comes in and it’s like when dad would get mad or do I have daddy issues. That’s real juice, drink up.

  10. Overlord says:

    ^^ *”when you take offense”

  11. Overlord says:

    @CH I have learned the error of my ways. I extend cyber hugs to you!!

    I know that worse than criticism from someone that dislikes you is someone who is like “hey I’m fan so I’ve earned right to say this really shitty thing to you and then get defensive when you offense so I double down on it”.

    Now I’ve lived in both worlds of being a considerate and empathetic fan and someone who has said something extremely shitty. I like to think that this makes me a Blade-like character and I will make it my new mission to hunt down other douches.

  12. Taylor M. says:

    Have to agree with Dan above me. Kyle is extremely funny. I’d love to hear more from him Chris. Also, thanks for the great episodes, this podcast is sometimes the only good thing I get to look forward to in my week and I can’t thank you enough.

  13. Dan says:

    Man, Lauren is so cool O.o I don;t know why I’m so surprised… Her coolness exceeds my previous cognition. Plus she was on Supernatural which I had forgotten and remember liking her character a lot. I wish she was on it more. Nice save btw Chris on thinking she’s Australian 😛 As for Kyle, he said one of the funniest things on the show, about the pizza listening to your act and the stripper/Denny’s part, so whats the big deal? Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  14. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Overlord: I really do understand the “fear change” thing. It’s a real feat to connect with something that you don’t want it to end or go out of phase with you. Don’t worry, though, we won’t throw wild curve balls at you! And just know that no matter who pops onto the show from time to time, they will never be a douche. I can promise that they’re always going to be nice people of quality character. And again, no one is being replaced.

  15. Overlord says:

    I also wouldn’t mind if in one episode having a particular number of cohosts won you the opportunity to perform slapstick comedy in a 1920s-style comedy movie as extras

  16. Overlord says:

    I’m sorry Chris. I’ve become that guy I hate. I’m sure Kyle is a swell fella and I’ll be more open in the future. I’m just the typical nerd who fears change. I know it was irrational. And if Kyle happens to lurk these threads I’m sorry to you too.

  17. @Overlord & @Chris: Please forgive me but I am running out of patience with this kind of thing. I am not “Cousin Olivering” anyone here. This “Kyle development” is that he’s been on only three episodes. THREE. And he was extra great on the Rollins ep. Matt and Jonah are NOT being replaced. Ever. They will be on the show as long as they want to be, which is hopefully always. They were both out of town. Furthermore, I always pull people who are in the room onto the show. It’s fun. There are more people to riff with and it feels more communal to me. That’s how Nick appeared on a handful of eps. That’s how Katie and Chloe end up on the intros. Kyle is the show PA because I like him and I need help wrangling guests, taking show notes and making sure everyone is comfortable. If you work for me, there is a kind of “one of us” vibe where everyone should feel included. That is all that has happened. Kyle’s a sweet, terrific, funny guy whom I hope doesn’t come on here and find people like yourselves treating him like a goddamned outcast. Kyle has been interning his ass of at NerdMelt for a long time and helps run the Sunday night open mic with Mira and Paul Cibis. He is very much a part of the group on our end.

    When I see comments like that it’s just hard not to take it like, “That free thing I get that you guys work hard on that I listen to at my total convenience was not PERFECT exactly the way I wanted it!” I mean, C’MON guys. We’ve put out some really fun episodes that we’re proud of lately. I don’t really ask for much but if you have ANY appreciation for what we do then please pay us back by simply not complaining at me or telling me how I need run my show. I know this all may come off as aggressive on my end but I am asking in the most sincere way possible…

  18. roman says:

    Does anyone else get that uncomfortable feeling you get when two people make out in front of you, when chris and his lady start the podcast?

  19. Overlord says:

    And I hate whiners on here but I just find this very unusual.

  20. Overlord says:

    I mean there wasn’t as much as an announcement about adding another member but all of a sudden this guy keeps on jumping on the mic. Like Marissa Wompler on CBB but for real. They’re trying to “Oliver on Brady Bunch” us lol. I don’t know, maybe they should atleast address his presence on the show instead of sneaking him on.

  21. chad says:

    i’m sorry about being a troll, but please no more kyle

  22. Patty Marvel says:

    Carter – “Just so you know, I — for one — do not see you as a river otter. You’re more of a smug, braying jackass. But, that’s just one man’s opinion.”

    Me – “Hey, LOOK! It’s the farting twat-waffle come to poop on the podcast! Where’s my flyswatter…”

  23. Patty Marvel says:

    My eldest sister had me play the “Four Questions” game when I was a teenager, but the last two were different from the ones in the podcast. The room you saw in HER version represented your perception of death (I saw a room with only a straight back chair, blank walls, and a very small window near the ceiling). In lieu of food-for-sex, the question was “What is your favorite body of water.” I said a swimming pool because it’s “Big, warm and wet.” WOW, did that game get uncomfortable, especially with our mom listening in.

    FYI, met all of Team Nerdist AND Joel Hodgson yesterday after the podcast. The guys are super sweet and Joel smells nice.

  24. Dave says:

    I think the video should be a Zombie Colin Mochrie – Zombie Ryan Stiles-esque “Maggie Greene’s Greatest Hits of the Apocolypse”

  25. Nathan says:

    @Chris, if you don’t like it why do you listen to it?

    Great episode! My wife and I laughed the whole time

  26. Carter says:


    Just so you know, I — for one — do not see you as a river otter. You’re more of a smug, braying jackass. But, that’s just one man’s opinion.

  27. chris says:

    Yeah this Kyle development in not ideal.

  28. Devin says:

    Great ‘cast !!! I loved this guest, she’s as interesting a person as she is an actress. Love the “Walking Dead”. There did seem to be a bit of flirting going on…. It was cute but there probably usually is whenver any two young people spend an hour or two talking together. So it’s not that unusal .

  29. Lauren Cohan says:

    Hi guys, since it is a game of endless fun I have to make sure you have the questions right.
    1. Your favourite domestic animal and why
    (This is how you see yourself)
    2. Your favourite animal in the wild
    (How you’d like others to see you)
    3. Your favourite food.
    (How you feel about sex!)
    4. What you see when you open the door to a room.
    (That’s the marriage one.)
    And make sure people (obviously) don’t know the reasons for the questions. I should have put them in another post so you could do the game on yourselves too. Shucks.

  30. Jack says:

    There is a 2008 movie called Zombie Strippers.

  31. Josh Wood says:

    I live literally 1 mile up the road, in Georgia, from where they’ve been filming most of the scenes for the Walking Dead (S2 & S3). The cast has a reputation of being REALLY NICE whenever they run into us locals. I sold a printer to Mike Ricker. I know he looks mean, but he was INCREDIBLY nice. I haven’t run into Lauren yet, but I really hope that I do. She sounds like she’d be AWESOME to hang out with!

  32. erik2690 says:

    The intro was hilarious. The episode was great, didn’t know Lauren was funny, but she certainly is. Great listen.

  33. Pat says:

    Yeah he wasn’t bad just different and since I’ve been listening from the start and enjoy the podcast so much I don’t want it to change, plus I might have been in not so good of a mood earlier.

  34. Ericmci says:

    I have to say I thought Kyle was good on the show.

  35. Aaaaaaand we’re done with the egg-salad sandwich.

  36. John G. says:

    I love Lauren Cohan so much.

  37. Overlord says:

    @Pat haven’t had a chance to listen yet but if you’re talking about kyle I have to say I am somehow off put by him being shoe-horned in as a fourth cohost.

  38. ericmci says:

    I wonder if Lauren knows that she can get a Great Deal on a Nissan At the Cherry Hill Triplex This Weekend!

  39. ericmci says:

    Ha- So Chris did say that he sees marriage question as a comfy chair by the fire-
    He also said he sees the room and immediately looks for a way out- hmm

  40. amysrevenge says:

    My answer to Q4 is “Orc and pie”. What does that mean? 😛

  41. Wildride says:

    It puts the toppings on the dough, or else it gets the cutter again.

  42. Bryan says:

    In case you too want to play:
    4 Questions Game:
    1- What animal is most like you or you identify with?
    (How you think people see you)
    2- Favorite domestic animal? Why?
    (How you see yourself)
    3- Favorite food? Why?
    4- When you walk into a room, what would you imagine is the first thing you’d see?
    (How you see marriage)

  43. Cory K. says:

    “How do you take your eggs?…Elderly…bOiLeD”. Could not stop laughing. Keep up the good work sir.

  44. Pat says:

    Love the show. Everything is awesome except for that other voice that keeps chiming in. Jonah and Matt are the only other voices I wanna hear. Booo, there are 3 hosts Chris, Jonah, and Matt except no replacements.

  45. Purpleslog says:

    Here’s the Drew Carey dog photo mentioned==>

  46. SlimCharles says:

    She’s really pretty, but not even her could make me continue watching Walking Dead.
    This podcast episode, however, was great.

  47. Taylor M. says:

    This episode was HILARIOUS. I kept giggling at work.

  48. Eddy says:

    Lots of flirting going on in this podcast. I can understand why Chloe was acting jealous during the intro.

  49. mike says:

    if you a cloe want to stop writing checks just change it to brown chicken brown cow.