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Nerdist Podcast: Jonah Keri
Episode 497: Nerdist Podcast
Jonah Keri
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Jonah Keri

A sportswriter on the Nerdist podcast?? Jonah Keri sits down with Chris and Matt in a quest to get Chris to like sports. They talk about why certain sports are more popular in different countries, presenting the facts of baseball while still making it interesting to everybody, and Matt and Jonah nerd out about the Red Sox!

Buy Jonah Keri’s history of the Montreal Expos, Up, Up, and Away!


  • I think my severe lack of interest in MOBAs (League of Legends, Dota 2) stems from my disinterest of “fantasy” football and sports in general. These type of algorithmic stat fests and athlete / coach name drops do absolutely nothing for me.

    As a gamer, I can understand people’s passion for MOBAs more than fantasy football nuts because MOBA enthusiasts are proactively participating in the event and have direct control over the outcome.

    Admittedly, my only experience with sports was playing soccer up until high-school and a very short lived career in freshman football but I can still appreciate the overwhelming sense of teamwork and comradery that participating in sports as a player or a fan brings. It’s just the tribalism part of it all that I can’t help but end up relating to a type of religious prejudice.

    This interview didn’t sway my opinion on the matter, but hey, it got me to leave a comment on the nerdist!

  • I’d love to head Matt and Jonah sit down to talk sports.

    The conversation about criticism was kind of funny. I don’t know if y’all are reacting to criticism (not trolls but actual criticism or comments) in the way you think you are. But with all of the horrible internet behavior you encounter on a daily basis, I guess I can understand it.

  • Looking forward to this! I love nerdist but can get a little weary of the anti-sports diatribe. Many of us are very nice! : P Sports also has a lot of room for nerd related things as well and can be a lot of fun, it’s not all meat head culture and hyperbolic idiots.

  • I can’t stand Jonah Keri (even kind of went at it with him) so I will be skipping this but it’s great that they are finally getting into the nerdy side of sports with Kluwe and Keri. I would love if they are able to get Bill Simmons, who would be PERFECT for this podcast. Also Chuck Klosterman but that one would be tough because he’s in the east coast. But please get Simmons on here.

  • For me, this is like when the Globetrotters went on Gilligans Island.

    Jonah Keri is my favorite sports writer, and Nedist is my favorite podcast. I’d also like to think a tweet I sent out to Jonah Keri and Matt Mira got the wheels rolling, but maybe that is wishful thinking.

    Before too long Jonah Keri will have us all working in stand up desks, and eating Montreal bagels.

  • Not a huge sports fan but I love going to hockey games in person especially if it’s the post-season. That playoff atmosphere and intensity those players bring cannot be recreated in the other big sports.

  • Stats aren’t the only nerdy thing about sports… Football is pretty much a chess game wherein the different “pieces” have different skillsets and athletic abilities. Even the positions (on offense, at least) almost exactly correlate to pieces on a chess board.

    Also, it’s not fair to demonize sports for its “tribalism”… there’s plenty of that in nerd culture, and it can get pretty hateful: Xbox vs. Playstation, console vs. PC, Assassin’s Creed haters vs. Assassin’s Creed lovers, Marvel vs. DC, Original Series vs. Next Generation, Matt Smith vs. David Tennant, Agents of SHIELD vs. Arrow… the list goes on and on, and people can be real mega-douches on all sides.

  • 1. Ach! Again, another episode, another struggle to understand that there are a TON of people who prefer the North. We don’t mind the cold, we love the snow, the ice formations, snowshoeing, ice-fishing, xc skiing, warm sweaters, cocoa, creative downtime, the clean air, the great cleansing flush of the winter snowmelt, and everything else that comes with the savage winter in the north. Winter is good! A harsh winter knocks your culture back on its ass once a year, and reminds you you’re mortal, and the importance of being f%^*& nice to your neighbors, since you WILL need to rely on each other occasionally. In places with no winter, your culture never slows down, humans are allowed to act like they’re on summer vacation all year long, people take people for granted, and your society runs off the rails. …crime, unethical people, bad news, all escalate the closer you get to the equator, everywhere in the world. Not a coincidence.

    Oldest sporting event in the world: The Americas Cup.
    Biggest sporting event in the world: Tour De France.

    Cycling has all the athleticism, individual and team strategy & dynamics and quantifiable performance data of any other sport, plus a world of different courses, and a space programs worth of technological crap to delve into. Sailing has even more. Both are developed to stimulate the intellect as well as the more base primal hunter-gatherer urges. But mention either in USA, and you get “that’s not really a sport”. Wat. Because they don’t involve a bouncing ball. Ok then. So when I ask people what sports they’re into, they list bouncing ball sports, but what I usually find is, they don’t actually play any of those sports, other people do, and they just watch it. Their “sport” is actually watching TV and drinking booze. And cyclists and sailors, who train for and compete year round, are the ones in an imaginary sport. lol

  • “This episode’s podcast is brought to you by Chicago pizza, reminding you: pizza–it’s Chicago!” I love this new advertising campaign so very much. xD <3

  • TdF: 1 event lasting 3 weeks crossing several countries picking up 15million spectators in person and a 20+ million strong television audience. Cost: 2billion to put on.

    FifaWC: 6million television audience, etc… etc… not even close.

  • “FifaWC: 6million television audience”

    6 million, are you serious? The 2010 WC finale had 38 million viewers in Brazil alone. 15.6 million in Spain. That’s just one game, in only two countries.In the US, the 2006 finale had 15.5 million viewers. No idea how you got the idea Tour de France is anywhere close.

  • @pdpdpd

    I think you may have confused 6 million with 6 billion. Sure the 6 billion is an exaggeration of an estimate but it’s a lot closer to the figure of 1 billion + that is in reality to a ridiculous number like 6 million. Seriously, if you believe that claim, you’re clueless about sports. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and it’s not even close.