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Episode 266: Nerdist Podcast
Joe Casey
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Joe Casey

Comic book writer from Man of Action Studios (Wildcats 3.0, Uncanny X-Men, Adventures of Superman, and more!) Joe Casey sits down with Chris, Matt and Jonah! Chris and Joe bond over living in Tennessee, Joe talks about creating comic books, and Chris is super excited about his new car!

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  1. I love it when people accuse Chris of feigning things. He couldn’t feign his way out of a wet paper bag. You may be right about the car for all I know, hun, but you’ve got the host pegged all kinds of wrong.

  2. @Fernanda welcome to the Nerdist club. I can see how a new listener would feel as you do. I think it is fantastic that CH feels comfortable with his audience to share his life as much as he does. The podcast is almost 3 years old. So 3 years of conversations at about 2-3 hours a week adds up to a great deal of history.

    I am glad that you are sticking with the podcast. I’ve met the three Nerdist multiple times. They are about the nicest and most talented bunch of people you’ would ever want to meet.

  3. Fernanda says:

    Seriously? I just started listening to your podcast (fortunately I picked the Tom Hanks episode to start with, because if it had been this one, which should have been entitled “Why you should never go to Memphis… or Jaguar-Ownership should be added to the DSM-IV as a mental illness.”, I would have never bothered to click another).
    I did not know whether to feel pity or ridicule, at this poor gentleman who did his best to feign humility at his choice of vehicle, while at the same time being pomped up by the other commenters as being flashy and high-brow.
    Take it from a woman, who, while she doesn’t own a Jaguar, is very attuned to the social messages associated with vehicles (i.e.- Although I drive a Subaru Forester, and am well aware of the persona associated with it, I am ok with that. Somedays I wear Keens. Some days I wear pearls.), when I tell you that Jaguars… wait for it… are for women over the age of 55. Women and only women should drive Jaguars. UNLESS! UNLESS!! it is a vintage Jaguar. Then, and only then, can a man drive a Jaguar without looking like a douche.

    Sorry to break it to ya, buddy. But you should have chosen a BMW or a Mercedes if you wanted to keep your balls. Jaguar exhaust is infused with “White Diamonds” by Elizabeth Taylor. I truly felt bad for you the entire episode… Which really sucked.
    But I will try again, because the Tom Hanks episode was one of the most entertaining pieces of audio I have ever heard. Thanks for allowing me to comment.

  4. W says:

    Chris I realize you have some basis for comment since you grew up in the south, but playing the ‘I grew up there’ card becomes less and less effective now that you’re in your 40’s. How long has it been since you lived in a southern state? It isn’t LA, but things do change.

    Your comments are valid, but please acknowledge the fact that things change over time and you’re a bit biased by childhood memories of the way it was 25 years ago. I feel like you’re trying to play both sides. The comments in the podcast where as an outside observer visiting from LA but when you catch flack for it you’re dragging out the ‘I grew up there’ bit to legitimize yourself.

  5. Dan says:

    Hmm… Joe casey…. so he’s the one that ruined Superman and is slowly ruining Spiderman… that’s good to know. Anyway, very funny interview as always 🙂

  6. Eric C. says:

    Chris, you also forgot your “It’s-a me, Mario!” voice. But it’s ok, because your Mom is Italian, right?

  7. Machinehead115 says:

    I hate to say it but my wife and I were in Memphis last year and went to Rendezvous after everyone telling us that we must go there and neither of us cared for it at all. You have to like/be in the mood for dry rub if you go there because that’s all they have. We just happened upon King’s Palace on Beale Street the next day and thought that they had the best ribs we had ever tasted!

  8. JetpackBlues says:

    On a side note, I had the privelage to visit Memphis a few years back and go to Tom Lee Park for the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Then on to Beale Street, Dyers deep fried burgers and shakes, and AutoZone Park for a Memphis Redbirds game (yes, sports!)

    Was in and out in the same day, but I would definitely like to visit again.

  9. SteveS says:

    Jerry Seinfeld driving his friends around, chatting, and filming it? Robert Llewellyn (Kryten of “Red Dwarf” fame) has been doing that since 2009. It’s called “Carpool,” and it’s really frickin’ good.

  10. Chuck W. says:

    What Raymond said. I was 19 and it was the best place for a young California boy to have a great year.

  11. Chuck W. says:

    The military base you were asking about is a Navy base, and it was in NAS Millington. I was stationed there for a year and I loved it.

  12. Patty Marvel says:

    @Josh – Ah, MINIONS! Such good fun! One of my virgin handmaidens will assist you with your reward.

  13. pthomas says:

    I just had to stop and think about who Chris should hypothetically cast as “wealthy friend Matt and wealthy friend Jonah”

    I see Matt Damon for Matt, he already has the Boston heritage similar Matt Mira, that one is pretty easy.

    Maybe Jonah Hill for Jonah Rey? Biblical Jonah, not that many famous Jonahs.

  14. luckymustard says:

    Great show!

    I did sense some hesitation that Joe had when asked about the sales numbers of comics. Which makes sense. Because the number he quoted is what is sold from Diamond, a near monopolistic distributor of comics, to comic shops (and in general these stores are not allowed to return the books). So that doesn’t mean that those books are all then sold to the end consumers. In fact, I often come across the same issue back to back to back in the cheap bins. And all in the same condition. That to me means that those exact books had never been read. However, there are issue #1s that are somewhat rare and hard to get ahold of at a decent price, because they were initially purchased by the comic shops at low numbers and all sold out. Then there are the other places where comics are sold, bookstores and walmarts and such, and they can return books. So it’s probably a decent number. Just thought I’d pass along a little information that I’ve picked up over the years.

  15. Josh says:

    Drink every time CH says “Holy shit!” Drink every time someone mentions Bing. Drink every time Matt doubts. Drink every time Jonah is cool. And then, when you get out of the hospital, probably time to stop drinking.

    Oh, I’m back, btw. And, clearly, SO happy to serve the Nerdist Queen!

    Ms. Marvel! Our wit is your command!

  16. Raymond Smith says:

    Great podcast guys….I was a young 18 year old sailor stationed outside of Memphis at the Naval Technical Training Center in Millington. It was a great summer for a young teenage boy and the girls were really sweet. I do not know why, but i feel compelled to say I am Filipino but had no problems in Memphis. I remember going to a BeniHana Style Place that i used to go to. They had the most creative chefs out there and still have never seen them do the stuff they did in Memphis. I do remember everything shutting down on Sundays though.. Kind of weird for a kid from norcal. Also got a speeding ticket on a road in Shelby county by an officer that stood in the middle of the road and put his HAND out to get me to stop and pullover. So many good memories.

  17. jungmark says:

    two shots every time Chris gets angry at trolls. F*ck, we’d be dead by the end of the intro.

  18. JetpackBlues says:

    And it’s pronounced Jag-you-are, BTW.

  19. JetpackBlues says:


    DRINK whenever Katie is in an intro @ NerdMelt.

    DRINK whenever Chloe is in an intro @ home/on the road.

    DRINK whenever there are technical difficulties @ the E! Studio (this covers CD recorder skipping, headphones not working, microphones not working or drooping slowly, etc.)

    DRINK whenever Jonah or Matt arrive late to the Podcast.

  20. Derek Harju says:

    Great show, great energy, harder than usual to disguise my laughs as coughs to my cowokers. Well done.

  21. Patty Marvel says:

    @Justin – Don’t worry, I *DID* mention using non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverages so no one gets sick (and out of respect to Fearless Leader’s preferences). Should be okay if you use water or OJ or some yummy, delicious Vanilla Rooibos Tea Lattes. Mmmm… tea lattes…

    @Curtis – NICE additions! I completely forgot about the Dave Matthews Band. BTW, how’s your friends’ Kickstarter for that sci-fi show coming?

  22. JetpackBlues says:

    @Justin: The Nerdist®©™ Drinking Game is a creation of its fans and is not responsible for the outcome.

    If you wish to play, pack your stunt liver and drink lots of water in between. Pauses for bathroom breaks are permitted.

  23. Brian says:

    Love the show, but it seems your rss feed isnt playing well with itunes/ios’s podcast app. Seems like twice a day your feed is refreshed and it marks ~150 of your old episodes as new, and i have to clear them out.

    That said so far you guys, and dolls have been worth the extra effort.

  24. Alec says:

    Man, I thought it was bad when the old Forum was turned into an AMC megaplex and a Future Shop.

  25. Why do I have a feeling that at least three people will now be dead by the end of each hostfull episode?

  26. Curtis says:

    Just to add –

    DRINK every time that Matt mentions the Dave Matthews band.

    CHUG for the duration of Chris & Jonah imitating Dave Matthews singing.

    Also, could you try your hardest to maybe get Ryan Stiles on an episode?

  27. Patty Marvel says:

    Holy CRAP, Batman, Doc is right! Happy “Hey, I No Longer Have Steatosis” Anniversary, Chris Hardwick! Um, please note I *did* say the drinking game should involve NON-alcoholic beverages. Vanilla Rooibos Tea Lattes are quite tasty…

    And according to the Wikipedia page on my screen, Fearless Leader also has a birthday next month. Happy Cervical Mucus Plug Breaching Day! And to everyone who read that last sentence over breakfast, you’re WELCOME!

    One more addition to the game – do a shot (of the aforementioned Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte, of course) every time Chris says, “AMAZING,” two if he says “AMAZE-BALLS!”

    And please consider having a comedian named Dan Grueter on the podcast. He just played Hilarities here in Cleveland and he not only had everyone at my table just ROARING, but he handled the drunks, the hecklers and the one really MEAN guy in the front row beautifully. I had to give him a hug and buy his CD after the show.

  28. JetpackBlues says:

    The bonnet emblem has 4 slices of Bavarian pie, instead of the House of Three Colors.

    Cryptic, aren’t I?

  29. @JetPack Blues
    I won’t pressure you to reveal what kind of car that is. I know a sudden increase in pressure can give you the Benz.

  30. Morbo the Annihillator says:

    Morbo demands more drinking rules!

  31. JetpackBlues says:

    ARISE, Sir Loin of Beef!

    For I have been summoned, I shall now addend the Nerdist drinking rules:

    DRINK whenever Chris uses the word “Awesome!” (Really, NO ONE ELSE thought of this? 😛 The rest of the Internet won’t let it go, apparently.)

    DRINK whenever Chris says “Adoooreable!”

    DRINK whenever Chris, Matt or Jonah bust out in hysterical laughter (if you can without it coming out your nose, choking or spitting everywhere).

    FINISH YOUR DRINK whenever Matt has to leave the studio and Chris/Jonah won’t sign off, just to make him paranoid.

    DRINK whenever Matt mentions sports.

    DRINK whenever Jonah/Matt get fired.

    DRINK whenever Jonah/Matt get rehired.

    DO A SHOT whenever Jonah rips Matt.

    DO A SHOT whenever Matt has a brilliant joke.

    DRINK whenever Matt/Jonah get a drink served to them during a Live episode.

    By the end of an episode (especially if it’s a Hostful) everyone’s going to be titty much protally fitshaced. To quote Morbo.

    I won’t be able to play along because I usually listen at work. And that would pretty much get me fired.

    I haven’t listed to this past the Memphis nostalgia quake, but having just bought myself a “Kraut mobile” that supposedly earns the driver an honorary douchebag card, I say enjoy your new ride.

  32. @Chris
    Speaking of sobriety, sir, you have a very special day coming up tomorrow. I hereby send thy way many congratulations, admirations, and recognitions of thy awesomeness.

    OK here goes:

    SIP every time Matt starts to give Chris shit and Chris either gets defensive or invites Matt to “fuck himself in the face” (or any variation thereof).

    DO A SHOT every time Matt or Chris give Jonah shit about Jonah Raydio.

    DRINK anytime you hear Chris say he’s going to cut something out of the podcast, but doesn’t, and you start wonder about the stuff that actually DOES get cut out of the podcast.

    CHUG whenever someone asks “Was that racist?”

    DELICATELY SIP WITH ONE PINKY EXTENDED anytime someone says the word ‘Jaguar’. (Just kidding.)

  33. Chris Hardwick says:

    I think you should have to take TWO swigs everytime I mention sobriety.

  34. Patty Marvel says:

    Joe Casey brought up having a Nerdist podcast drinking game. I’ve done some Googling and so far it appears NO ONE has made such a game! How did we miss this? It shall now be fixed (using non-alcoholic and non-caffeinated beverages, of course – don’t want anyone getting sick)!

    By the power of Twitter, I summon to this podcast thread…

    Doctor Quemmento! (wa-POW!)

    Matt Grandis! (ka-BLAM!)

    At That Josh! (ba-ZINGA!)

    And…JET! PACK! BLUES! (explosion sound!)

    Gentlemen, the people of Nerdiststania require your wit and witticisms to create a Nerdist podcast drinking game as described by this episode’s guest. I’ll begin…

    DO A SHOT whenever Chris Hardwick does a dialect or character.

    SIP whenever someone on Team Nerdist mentions their girlfriend.

    DRINK whenever someone on Team Nerdist name-drops.

    CHUG whenever anyone says, “Dammit, Jonah!” Come to think of it, “Dammit, Jonah” would be a fine name for a Hostful episode.

  35. Joey says:

    I’ve lived in or just outside Menphis my whole life, I have to agree with pretty much everything said. There are some generalizations, but I know I don’t qualify for most so I can laugh at them. Those I do qualify for I laugh at myself. Memphis is unique, some ways are good like the BBQ, some bad like the race issue. It’s sadly mostly true, nothing I can do about it except better than the people who are like that.

    Glad to hear you had fun when you visited. I was at your dads bowling ally in Feb. for my birthday and loved it. Maybe you can convince Matt and Jonah to being the podcast here one day. Would love to see y’all live one day. Maybe nerdist vs a few local nerds at Allstar Lanes? Anyway keep up the good work, loving the podcast and YouTube channel and all the performers I wouldnt have heard of I’m learning about from y’all.

  36. arcee cola says:

    Oh my goodness, I loved the Memphis callbacks in this episode. I used to visit Memphis often as a kid-my grandparents used to live right behind Graceland-so a lot of stuff touched on familiar territory. It is true how certain cultural things you don’t notice until you either move away or visit a place outside your comfort zone. The friends I have who still live in Memphis regularly visit me in Little Rock (heh, the Oxnard analogy) because there is fuck all to do there.

  37. buboz says:

    Joe’s voice reminds me of Bill Paxton.

  38. J-Rod says:

    Chris – Glad to see your Anglophile tastes extend to your choice of a British marque for an automobile. Honorary British Citizenship is on its way. (It’s not – I don’t have the power; but i’ll have a word with Her Maj when I next see her.)

  39. @Justin: you are the nicest person who ever had gripe and then retracted it! I accept your retraction and I hope you feel better.

    @Hodges: AWESOME to hear. Overton Square was a place I loved as a kid. Just went back there a few months ago and went to a place with a Wizard on it (I think they actually just used Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards design), thinking it was a comic book/games store. Turns out it was a head shop with bongs and novelty gifts. Can’t wait to go back and see the progress!

  40. Andrew Hodges says:

    Chris – I live right off of Overton Square and thought this episode was great to hear the podcast and all of the locations I know. Overton Square is actually coming back and is going to be a theater arts district with gastropubs and shops. I think the mexican place you were thinking of might have been Molly’s La Casita – which is right in front of my house. Memphis has actually been coming back lately, with a focus on education, poverty, and homelessness as well as revitalizing the city back to a cultural center like it was once before. Hopefully they open another comedy club – driving to Nashville to see shows, while fun, can get expensive with food, gas, etc., (although I can’t wait to see you at Zanies in December!). With the focus on schools you should check out the school I am the Dean of, The Soulsville Charter School, which is a part of the Soulsville Foundation with runs the Stax Museum on the same campus, come check it out next time you’re in town.

  41. Livius says:

    If I’m watching TV and Ben 10 is on (whichever iteration) I watch it. I love the show and would argue with my friends though high school (21yo College senior now) that it was an awesome concept. It still is and I would love to see a mature adaptation in DC comics. I know they made some DC tie ins for the television shows.

  42. Steve says:

    A really fun interview, and I wouldn’t mind hearing more of the MoA guys on in the future. Casey was a great guest, both because he added to the humor at different points, and because you’ve got to love a guest who speaks his mind that freely…. seriously, with Man of Action being so heavily involved in the newer Marvel shows, it was interesting to hear him be pretty honest about his experience with them. I’d love to hear more about the animation work, as well. I think Generator Rex is an under-appreciated gem of a series, and wish Carton Network had given it more of a chance.

    And as much fun as the Jaguar bit was, anyone who honestly thinks less of Chris because of a CAR and brushes aside all the awesome stuff he does needs to have their head checked. If a guy is willing to stay for hours after a show signing autographs, taking pictures and just talking to the people who helped him get where he is today, he’s totally entitled to drive whatever kind of car he wants.

    Now, the private jet, on the other hand…

  43. Justin says:

    True enough Chris, and my instant irritation was simply a reaction to what has been going on in my life. A lot of people take a crap on the south for little to no reason in the general media. It’ll calm down after the election I know, and I’ll be a little bit less of a raw nerve on the subject. So you’re absolutely right. It is my problem. Sorry you became the temporary focus for my emotional baggage.

  44. B.J. says:

    There’s good and bad people everywhere you go. But Jaguars are awesome across the board.

  45. @Justin: I appreciate your not attacking and trying to suppress your rage, but I feel pretty comfortable commenting on the South since I GREW UP THERE AND ALL. And my dad still lives there so I go back. You have your experiences and no matter how loudly you grind your teeth I still have mine. Obviously not everyone or every place is that way, but MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES are what they are. Now, why didn’t I say, “This is also an upper midwest problem”? BECAUSE I DID NOT LIVE IN THE UPPER MIDWEST. Again, I am only speaking from events and experiences that occurred in my life that I have lived. If this is upsetting to you, that is kind of your problem because I can’t change them. Please understand, though, that I love the South.

    Beyond that, thanks! No hard feelings on my end!

  46. Vincent S says:

    This just sounded like a longer Hostful in all the right ways. Also, someone in Australia just didn’t get all the american references :P.

  47. Justin says:

    Sometimes the generalizations y’all make about the south are just infuriating. So I’m going to sound off on it. It is not a reflection of how I feel about you, your work, or anything other than your descriptions of life in the south. Also, I’m going to try to be nice about the whole thing so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

    You can talk about racial tensions in the south being stronger all you like, but the south hasn’t had large scale racial violence since the late sixties and early seventies and the north/California have had racially motivated violence/riots this year. I’m not saying there isn’t racial tension in the south, but if you think we’re guilty of ignoring it then I seriously doubt the tendency is a strictly southern problem. Now I realize that I probably missed the point of whatever you were trying to say, but I had a little trouble hearing you over my own grinding teeth.

    Oh, and anyone who works 70-90 hours a week deserves whatever car they want. If you’re serious about getting an eco-friendly car just go to the used car lot, because reusing/recycling is always better than manufacturing something new. Or you could just keep the Jaguar forever. That works too if you’re trying to be eco-minded.

    Geez, I’m just full of opinions tonight…. sorry about that.

  48. Curtis says:

    Blah blah blah hate jaguar blah blah trolling blah blah jaguar blah blah blah.

    There. There’s your trolling hatred over the car. Got it out of the way before it infects this entire jaguar, I mean thread. I really don’t want it to get out of jaguar and let the jaguars come in here and start jaguaring Chris.

  49. Eddy says:

    I lost my shit at the poison/antidote joke.

    It’s funny because it’s true.