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Episode 223: Nerdist Podcast
James Gunn
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: James Gunn

James Gunn comes on the podcast to talk about his new video game Lollipop Chainsaw, everyone talks about their coffee addictions and all their favorite TV shows right now!

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  • If you want the sentient zombie flick, you should try seeing Dead And Breakfeast. It has a few of your friends in it, and it was (as far as I know) the only movie David Carradine starred with his daughter. And it is absolutely hillarious.

  • Hey guys. On behalf of myself and the Humans for Zombie Rights I resent your implication that just because zombies aren’t “sentient” by your definition that they don’t have rights. Zombies have feelings too, and however undeveloped and primitive those emotions may seem to YOU, if YOU were a zombie YOU wouldn’t want your likeness bisected by a hot chick with a chainsaw, or have depictions of your race continually hacked, stabbed, shot, burned and blown up in movies, TV and comic books. Instead of demonizing that which is different from us we need to learn to be at one with the planet and all of its inhabitants, even the zombies.

  • In response to the blood thing on True Blood: This is what I understand after reading the book series and watching the show. There’s more detail about it in the book than in the TV series.

    The drug (V) is old vampire blood used by healthy people. Healthy people only get the side effects of the blood (not the healing effect) and the older the blood, the more addicted they are and the more side effects they have. When a critically injured human drinks from a vampire, they get healed first. And depending on how much they drink and how old the vampire is they’re healed from, they get side effects only after they’re healed. So, the side effects are not as strong since the body has cycled it through to heal first.

    So, technically they’re still following the rules. I hope that helps clear things up. As if anyone really cares. :)

  • I have no idea how I got onto this website or why I ended up on the podcast section. But that was funny, and I’m pretty glad I did.
    This is all..

  • More James Gunn, more often. He is so gosh darn interesting I wish everyone had an unlimited amount of time and energy because James Gunn deserves a podcast (don’t know if he’d even want to, but I’d jump on that train).

  • Hey, I’m new, but-

    This was a really interesting and insightful podcast. I loved the way you guys just totally went in depth with the topics you discussed and just didn’t focus on one thing – you actually made an effort to have a real, down to earth conversation with James.

    Please make more of these with other guests too!