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Nerdist Podcast in Minneapolis 2nd Show Added!!!

THANK YOU MINNEAPOLIS!!! Our first show at the Varsity Theater has been so gobbled up by you that we are adding a second show later in the night!! 2x the Nerdist bullshit! Get those hugs ready and grab your tix for the late show at 11pm on March 30th!



  1. pixie says:

    Thank you thank you! I live in Fargo and just couldn’t get down there for the 7pm show, I can manage the 11pm show!

  2. mesna7797 says:

    I just tried buying tickets for this twice and the 2nd show is not available yet on ticket fly. Hopefully I don’t end of with 2 tickets twice and if I do oh well, who’s wants to come to the late show???

  3. blair says:

    We DO love you guys!!!

    I like hickspy’s idea!
    But here’s my real greedy question…
    Will there still be time for the people going to the 7pm show to meet with you guys after?
    I would think you would want some sort of down time, but the greedy part of me wants that little signature in my book. :)

  4. Hickspy says:

    Can I just hide in the bathroom between shows?

  5. Ryan says:

    Would it be greedy of me to want to go to both shows?