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Nerdist Podcast: Honestly 2013
Episode 460: Nerdist Podcast
Honestly 2013
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Honestly 2013

It’s some hostful goodness to send off 2013! Chris, Matt, Jonah and Chloe talk about the best and worst of their year, what they learned and what they have planned for the new year!

Artwork by Casey Weldon

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  1. Uschi says:

    I love your podcast – I just found out about it recently. I can totally connect with you because many people see me as confident and funny but I also have depression and been bullied a lot. Thanks for sharing your stories!

  2. really enjoyed this podcast, keep up the good work.

  3. Wendy says:

    Great episode!!! You guys had one crazy year and it was great of you to share all of the personal stuff that happened. My best friend had an ectopic pregnancy that had to be terminated and it was really scary because everyone in her life (including me) were so ignorant about it. I think you did a great service by sharing the story. Chloe was very strong even though it seemed like she downplayed how scary it must have been for her. I also got married in 2013 and feel the same way that Jonah does. I feel lucky every day. I just loved hearing about it from his perspective.

  4. Meghann says:

    I’m a little late to the game, but i just wanted to thank you for sharing. Having a troubling 2013 and 2014 is about the same, and listening to you all put things into perspective for a wonderful 2 hours. I hope it doesn’t sound wrong to say I’m looking forward to your 2014 recap :)

  5. Mr.B says:

    I love you guys. I feel like your friend…or creepy neighbour that doesn’t talk with anyone. And I needed this podcast, it’s great to hear you being open, and not neccesery only happy. I’m still at mirra-esque chapter od my life…but hey, may by it won`t last forever? 😉

  6. vicky says:

    I’m a bit late on listening to the podcast but I wanted to thank you for being so honest and especially being open about the ectopic pregnancy. I saw this mentioned in some of the other comments, but it was nice to have you be so open about it. I had a miscarriage about a year ago and it was an emotional rollercoaster. It was stressful because there were times that my husband and I felt like we couldn’t talk about what happened with others because it’s considered a taboo subject and we didn’t want to make people around us feel awkward (backwards, I know). Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your openness with this. I hope you and Chloe are doing well and know that it’s ok to still have moments of sadness about it.
    Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

  7. Andre Jenkins says:

    I thought this was one of the best episodes all of you have made. Jonah being happy and happy to be married is a good example for other guys that a relationship shouldn’t be scary. Matt is feeling bad and alone, but he has so many friends who care and worry about him. Says a lot about him. Chris dealing with his dad and then he and Chloe dealing with the pregnancy was tough. I hope you two are coping well. Chloe I think you will be one hell of a mom someday.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. casey says:

    really, really love this one, guys. it’s great when y’all open up like this and give us listeners a better insight into the workings of those wacky brains of yours.

    i especially loved when jonah basically said you define your own success. i really needed to hear that.

    also, did Chloe ever remember/find what she named the baby?

  9. InnocuousBlonde says:

    I’m always late listening to the podcasts, but it turned out that my late timing worked out well with this one. My grandmother passed in the middle of January, and this was one of the podcasts I found myself listening to on the 6 hour drive back from the funeral, partially through a horrible – but really gorgeous – snowstorm. It was really nice to just hear you all discussing the ups and (many) downs of 2013 especially when I was feeling such a mix of “Carpe diem!” and nihilistic apathy. It was just fitting to listen to something funny and a bit brutal at the same time, and it actually made me feel better … so, thank all of you for that.


  10. blargh says:

    A bunch of friends laughing and joking about awful things they went through. This is what comedy is all about. Release.

  11. Robert Kelly says:

    You made it weird, I love it when Pete does it and I loved it here too.

    Thanks for this podcast.

  12. This was one of the best episodes because of how personal it was. I don’t say this because I think it’s great to peer creepily, or even casually, into the lives of others but because after all these years and all of the podcasts, YouTube videos, television shows, and whatever else, you guys feel like friends. You know, not friends you can call or visit. More like friends you have to watch through a window, and while doing so you can feel like your sharing in something. Oh, that does sound creepy. Shit. Well….

    I’m sorry that anything stressful, rough, or drastically life-changing in a negative way occurred to any of you in 2013. Here’s hoping that the Wizards of Nerdity (youse guys) have a better and very much rewarding 2014.

    Thanks for the show, the inspiration, and everything.

  13. Blue_Hill says:

    Great podcast. This was my first hostful episode and what a ride it was. I had to stop doing my school project just to listen what happened to you guys last year. Really appreciate the honesty when talking so personal things in public podcast.

    Hopefully your new year had great start. You have one listener more now. Cheers from Finland.

  14. Koya says:

    Hey, I want to thank you guys for being around for the past 2 years for me! I listen to you guys when I get my game on and my stress off, and you are always inspiring and interesting between the people you have on your podcast and who you guys are as people. I really appreciate these. This podcast always adds a little something to what I know about the world and in some ways I learn a little new about myself too. So thanks and keep it up!

  15. Carlos Perez says:

    What an honest and touching way to end the year and get a fresh start on the new year. Chris and the THREE sister-wives put on one hell of a show. The love and affection that these people have for each other was palpable. Chris and Chloe demonstrated strength in the face of adversity. Matt revealed his inner vulnerability. And Jonah even managed to show us that his uncaring facade is just an act and he really has a soul.

    Kudos to all the Nerdist staff; this podcast truly is a group effort.

    2014 is going to be a great year.

  16. chinkledc says:

    Loved this episode you guys. Seriously, really good. Hope 2014 is awesome for each of you.

  17. alex says:

    Seriously, guys? One of the top hostfuls of all time.
    Hearing you all talk so openly and honestly about the year you’ve all had had me doing the same, and feeling very hopeful and determined to make the next 12 months better than the last. It was amazing to hear you supporting each other, challenging each other, and being friends through some real and difficult times.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, and yeah, anyone who doesn’t like this side of what you guys offer can press fast fuckin’ forward, ’cause it means a lot to a lot of us.

  18. Nadine says:

    Hey thanks so much for sharing guys, especially Chris & Chloe. It good to know that although your guys lives look all perfect and happy you guy ARE HUMAN. It takes guts to put it all on the table like that. I appreciate it a Chris i am so sorry for the loss of your father.

    Live well, Live happy

    Nadine <3

  19. Hils says:

    What a wonderfully touching podcast. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring me to do some more in-depth reflection on my own year.

    You’re all so natural on a regular basis that I occasionally catch myself wanting to join in the conversation — like we’re all hanging out in someone’s living room. This episode made me want to give you all hugs.

    I wish all four of you the best in 2014.

  20. Jake Malone says:

    Please for the love of god have chloe on more podcasts

  21. Neal Babcock says:

    This was an amazing hostful podcast, Guys. I love it when you make me laugh, but I don’t mind when you make me cry. Keep up the great work in 2014! Thank you.

  22. Julian Calvisi says:

    My dad died a couple of months ago and it sounds like Chris had the same reaction as I did. A silent “what the fuck just happened?”.

  23. Joshua Bryan Hammack says:

    Dear Nerdist People,

    I want to say I am sorry for your losses.

    For now revel in memories of your father. Share stories about him. People cannot truly die if someone has a memory of them.

    Find some peace in stillness if possible.

  24. Karin says:

    I have been listening to your podcasts for about 6 months now and really enjoy the variety of guests on your show! The best shows are your hostfuls. I’m not your typical listener or demographics either, since it was my adult daughter she got me to listen to your show!

    This podcast was very refreshing and honest! Chris it is okay to talk about your dad and joke about it! It is just one way of dealing with your loss. I’m a teacher of hormonal middle school students who uses stories to make an impact in my teaching. Today I told a story about when my dad died and my youngest daughter at the time couldn’t give directions to a friend who wanted to deliver a dinner to our family. She was 13 and didn’t know the cross street to our house. We lost my brother in law in October after a short battle with leukemia and it is the funny stories that keep us going when his wife gets down. It is those
    stories that will keep your dad alive in your heart.

    Jonah, congratulations on finding a partner in life that supports you and encourages you to do what makes you happy. I have been married 35 years to a supportive husband who tolerated my attending college for 10 years and supported me in all my career choices! Life is a process have fun along the way!

    Matt, I agree with Chloe, get a new place! You need new memories! Also when your friends ask you over….go; they wouldn’t ask if they didn’t like you! It is good you are there for your parents and as far as your siblings if they are adults they should be responsible for themselves! Yes, it is nice if you can get them out of an unexpected bind but it isn’t your responsibility! As I tell my students look around the room, who in this room is going to pay your bills when you are an adult ? No one! So get an education or do something you love and support yourself! Take all the positive from 2013 and move forward in 2014.

    Chloe, I agree with some of the other comments, you need to be on more! I love how you interact with the “boys”!

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Anna says:

    Hey all, thanks for sharing so much on this episode. I started crying at least twice. Chris, the episode with your dad is one of my favorites. I’m in the process of repairing my relationship with my dad, so hearing all the stuff about your dad always inspires me.

    I am an endless supporter of all of you! I hope to say hi in person someday, be it at a Comic Con or a comedy show. I wish you all a great 2014!

  26. SayntMykl says:

    This is one of the best podcasts you guys have ever done. It’s right up there with the Billy Hardwick/Father’s Day episode. You guys are sensitive and kind, and you provide a great service to all of us, especially those who have felt ostracized or otherwise disenfranchised at times in our lives. Here’s to all of us having a great 2014.

    Please keep doing this podcast forever. <3

  27. Jodie G says:

    Great episode guys (and Chloe!)

    It resonated with me on so many levels and had me crying and laughing so much! I have PCOS and find so few people understand the emotional rollercoaster so thanks for sharing and making me feel that I’m not the only one out there.

    I also lost my Dad, to cancer, and have felt ‘disconnected’ from him and the things that made him, him…last year I came across All Things Nerdist and you’ve had me laughing so much ever since, at the same time I found James Bonding (and The Matts) who have reconnected me with what my Dad loved for which I will be eternally grateful.

    You guys are the nerdy brothers I wish I had.

    Thanks a million and have an awesome 2014!

  28. Alwin says:

    “I’m going to start cookin’ my own dick”

    Chris, you probably subconsciously substituted suckin’ for cookin’, there’s not many other things you can try to do with your own dick…

  29. Brian says:

    I have heard every episode and this is one of the best, and probably one of the best podcasts in general. It was beyond personal and beyond amazing. Thank all of you, including Chloe.

  30. Dick says:

    Hi Chris. Just wanted to say thanks for the podcast and sorry for the loss of your dad. You can take some comfort in that you had a good relationship with him and can thank your lucky stars you didn’t have the alcoholic, violently abusive liar who abandoned us in my early teens. He passed away this past year at the undeserved age of 84. I only wish there were actually a hell for people like this, but I’m afraid there is not.
    Anyway, looking forward to a good 2014 and am really anxious for the return of @Midnight.
    Be well, & best wishes to you and the crew.

  31. Sander says:

    I stepped into my car, about to go on a 4h drive and here’s me hoping for some comic relief after alot of down times the last couple of months.
    So I heard the intro, almost switched so something lighter. I was going to relisten to this one some other time. I wanted distraction.

    But somehow, I kept listening, and strangely enough, it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I always knew that you guys are very open about this stuff, but what made the difference is that you were able to put it in words so well. More than I was ever able to. It really helped me understand a alot of things I’m struggling with.

    I wish you all the best, keep doing what you love!

    PS: O yeah, the singing at the end was brilliant, for a moment I thought we were going to have some quemments again! :)

  32. Another amazing podcast..Very inspiring and great to hear people being so open and honest!

    Thanks for this!


  33. Kristin says:

    I’m going to be honest, I don’t always listen to the hostfuls, but I thought this episode was fantastic. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope 2014 is a great year for you all.

  34. Kris says:

    finally listened to this today. i love hostfulls more than the guest episodes so i hope this years resolution is to do more hostfuls. i hope its a better year next year for Matt Mira as well mate, cheer up!

  35. Crinklish says:

    Love the podcast, but particularly this one. Your honesty was incredibly moving, and it took real bravery, not only to talk about Chris’s dad and Chloe’s pregnancy, but for Matt just to say, “I’m lonely.” Here’s to a wonderful 2014 for all of you, and thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with your audience in this one.

  36. Jason says:

    This podcast was exceptionally great! Thank you for an honest look into your personal lives and great advice for us moving into the new year. I hope you all have a great 2014!

  37. Liz says:

    Thanks for this podcast! It was a great way to end 2013!

  38. kittnen says:

    I put off listening to this one because I knew it would involve Chris talking about his dad and I had to be in the right headspace for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful, open and honest episode. I definitely started crying at work during the story about what happened when Chris’s dad passed away. Thankfully both of my parents are still around and hopefully will be for many more years, but I know how much of an influence his dad had on his life and I’m really happy that they had such a great relationship for the last few years. Also, his dad died after making amends with his ex wife. I mean seriously, how many people can say they have done that? Christ, I still haven’t done that with my high school boyfriends, haha.
    I have PCOS, as does my SIL. I’ve never been pregnant, but my SIL had a miscarriage before my niece was conceived, and it’s one of my biggest fears when I do try to get pregnant. I’m happy that Chloe is okay and that you guys are able to talk about it now because it’s something that just doesn’t get talked about enough, even though something like 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. What scares me more than a miscarriage is a freaking eptopic pregnancy. Seriously, so glad that she didn’t deal with all of the pain usually associated with those and that she walked away from it relatively unscathed.
    Jonah is seriously so adorable when he talks about his wife. He and D are what marriage should be. I married my best friend 3.5 years ago and it’s the best decision I ever made. I loved him talking about getting excited every morning when you wake up next to that person because even though I’ve been with the same dude for almost a decade, I still do that. So many comedians just rag on their wives and their marriages, it’s great hearing someone talk about it in a positive way.
    Something that Dan Savage (another favorite podcast) always says, “You’re going to break up with everyone that you date until you find that one.” This wasn’t the one for Matt. Feel the shit out of your feelings. It’s okay to be sad about it. It fucking sucks. But like everyone else has said, look on the positive side. By breaking up with her, it opens you up to find that one girl who is right for you and fits perfectly next to you like a puzzle piece. (Wow, that was a bad metaphor.)
    Just to reiterate, I fucking love this podcast, both this episode and the whole show. I love that you guys are all very 3 dimensional and I feel like I could easily hang out with you. Now I’m going to end this comment before sounding any creepier.

  39. Laura says:

    This was a wonderful podcast. I really appreciate how much you three are willing to share your lives with listeners, the good and the bad. Jonah talking about his wife is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever heard. And, sharing your struggles with listeners really help people who are experiencing similar problems feel like they are not alone. I hope everyone who works on the podcast knows how much their work really means to all of us fans.
    Also, if you have the time in your schedules to plan more live podcasts this year, you should totally come back to Texas, more specifically Houston. I promise to bring you all more Beaver Nuggets than you could possibly eat.

  40. Les says:

    You made me tear up on the treadmill,. Great podcast. Thanks to Chloe for sharing her experience — women don’t talk about this stuff enough and then we all end up feeling alone.

  41. Dawn says:

    Guys such a great podcast guys. I really appreciate your honesty. I hope you guys can feel open to doing more episodes like this. Thanks.

  42. -Di. says:

    IMHO: The hostful episodes are the heart and soul of the Nerdist Podcast. The other episodes are well…icing on the cake so to speak.

  43. Smiles says:

    Great hostful, as always.

  44. Beth says:

    Just listened to this podcast and wanted to thank you guys for sharing. Truly one of my favorite episodes, right up there with Chris’ podcast with his dad. You all have more impact than you’ll ever know.
    I also loved Chole’s participation in the podcast, and I’m glad she encouraged you to come forward with that tough news. She’s absolutely right in saying that sharing your struggles can help. Having lost a child myself, I’ve found that the best way to cope with something like that is to share it. It helps make sense of something tragic, and helps bring some good out of something terrible.
    Thanks for everything. Love you guys. :)

  45. Jennifer says:

    Your holiday 2013 episode was probably one of my favorite episodes you have ever done. It did not make me laugh the hardest, though it came close, but the amount of pure friendship in that room was incredible. At only 19 and perpetually single, I could not relate personally to a lot of your stories, but the emotions behind it were really relate-able.

    I was amazed at how open you all were will each other and how you kept encouraging each other and genuinely trying to provide the other with advice. I can only pray that someday I will have friendships this strong.

    Here’s hoping for a great 2014!


    P.S. I want more of Chloe on the podcast!

    P.P.S. You probably hear it a lot, but thank you for being a role model against drinking. It has not been an issue for me yet, but the knowledge that there are people like you who are better off without drinking and can still enjoy nights out with friends of age, is an immense comfort.

  46. Three Toes of Fury says:


    While there’s alot of great sentiment going on for this podcast, i have a different take…..that homeless guy stealing fruit that you had the chance to stop? He went on to shoot my Uncle Ben and my parents in an alley and my cousins who were acrobats in a circus and the guy who controlls the gama radiation levels in my lab and the soldiers protecting me on my tour overseas with Stark industries and the captian of my fathers boat (Queens Gambit) and others. These events have led me to evaluate everything and will probably result in me becoming a superhero with great power and great responsbilitiy and blah blah blah (#long-ride-to-a-joke).

    Seriously thou….AMAZATASTIC podcast. You four nerdists (thats right Chloe, you are officially in the gang in my book) really opened up and shared. Thanks for that. Y’all are some pretty special cats and even thou you’ll never meet most of your fans in person, y’all make a difference to us and mean something to us. Thanks for everything you do and keep on a rocking!.

    Peace & Yo….2014….bring it on!

    3ToF….Super 3ToF. Thwarting nerd crimes daily. Heading off to Starbucks to investigate rumors of the mob flodding the coffee market with counterfit Starbucks coupons…the [email protected]

  47. marclimon says:

    Behind on listening & finally finished this one. Great cast. When I first got into podcasting it was because it felt more authentic than radio. Sharing the “tough stuff” really does help the sharer and sharee. Congrats on all your success in 2013 and sorry for all your losses and struggles.

  48. rhinox says:

    Chris – went through a similar situation with my wife in 2010. The heartbreak of losing a baby like that doesn’t go away. Many people don’t understand and that’s ok. Like you said, it sure does help re-evaluate priorities and give you perspective.

    I learned that the best way to counter shitty things in our life is with LOVE, COMPASSION and HONESTY. Sounds like you do to.

    All the best to you guys.

  49. pokewan says:


    I didn´t get this at all, Matt just spend 25k on his parents, and family, and broke up a relationship that wasn’t working for him, to me those are 2 ways to succeed, and personally i hate pity parties, and we dont know what goes behind the curtains, i mean in the intro we heard jonah and matt had dinner so the show goes on even when the doors close for us, they probably talked it over