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Episode 221: Nerdist Podcast
Ghost Lube
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ghost Lube

Jonah shares a conspiracy theory, Chris makes an announcement about a sporting event he is going to partake in and some of your Quemments are answered!

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  1. GnuWho says:

    Wow, I listened to this podcast far, FAR too late. The dates between by post and the previous post is only a year and a half apart. But it is still awesome. Also, Number 6. Yes, I am a fan of The Prisoner, even though I don’t think my dad was even alive when it aired. :/ ANYways, Nerdist ftw.

  2. GonzWho says:

    FYI… Yoko Ono’s photo of John Lennon’s blood-spattered glasses was
    used for her album “Season of Glass.”

  3. Mark S. says:

    @ Jonah (or anyone interested) RE: Iceland – my favorite place in the world to date. Definitely recommend the Icelandair extended layover. Couple notes – Be sure to spend at least Friday or Saturday night in downtown Reykjavik (the 101 area, I recommend any of the Centerhotels). Stay up late, as the pubs don’t get active until at least 10pm, some closer to 11/12. I recommend Prikid and Kaffibarrin, Dillon if you want to see a band – The Blue Lagoon is totally worth it. Alien landscape, amazing hot springs, and you can get a beer without leaving the ‘pool’. If you stay out late Friday and Saturday, a Sunday at the lagoon is a godsend :)

  4. setlasmon says:

    I will probably not hear a daguerreotype joke that good all week!

    UP TOP, BIG C!