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Episode 388: Nerdist Podcast
George RR Martin
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: George R.R. Martin

Recorded at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego from his hotel room, it’s George R.R. Martin! He tells stories about the early days of comic book conventions, the journey of adapting his books to the screen, and football…!?

Check out his website for books, swords and more!


  • Regarding playing RPGs with fantasy author-types.

    To me there are three really really great groups to play RPGs with.

    1) Comedians. I’ve played with some people who went on to moderately successful careers in comedy. You have a very fun time without necessarily going to deep into anything.

    2) Fantasy authors. Haven’t played with novelists, but I’ve played with people who’ve written game rules and adventures. This is probably the best pure gaming experience you’re going to have.

    3) Professional wrestlers. This one I’ve done a fair bit. These are people whose job is to improvise smack talk. It’s a fantastic experience.

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    Im not sure if it counts as a spoiler, but George RR did reveal that next season on HBO we will see Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons grow a little older and she will finally reveal their three names:

    …….Puff The Magic

    He also hinted that we might get a brief crossover where they go to visit their cousin Smaug but run into a dragon named Draco (who sounds a bit like Sean Connery) who claims he is the last dragon.

    Peace .n. ‘dragon! dragon! i swear i saw a dragon!! lean and mean and firebreathin, monstorous in site!’


  • I LOVE that GRRM thinks comic book movies should stick as close to the source material as possible. If the fans loved it on paper, why wouldn’t we want to see it translated onto a new medium(film)? If you want to tell a creative story involving your own characters, go create something original. Don’t do it under the guise of a comic book movie. GRRM I forgive you for murdering some of my favorite SoIAF characters now…not all though :D

  • Every time I see something where somebody makes a crappy reboot that is just the thing in name only, I always ask, “If you’re not going to do the thing, why not just do a new, original thing.” Even in cases where the adaptation can be objectively said to be as good or better than the original, it would have been even better if it was original and not trampling on the legacy of someone else’s thing.

  • I remember using WordStar on an Apple II with a Z-80 and an 80 column card. I wrote a novel length fan fiction ST:TNG story with Q&A Write on DOS which required breaking it up into like six files.

  • Not surprised Martin talked about football. Apparently he’s a huge Jets fan. I saw him on the sideline during a pregame warm up, a year or two ago, and he really knew his stuff. On top of that, You should read his blog post he wrote when the Jets signed Tebow…..He was not happy.

  • Enjoyed his comments about how creators need to have more input on how their creations are depicted in movies and to not give up control. Unfortunately most comic creations are corporate owned so they really don’t care. I would love to see some do a more faithful adaptation of a Marvel comic like Sin City.

  • Hey Chris, no offense dude, but please lose those other two dudes, whoever the heck they are. They are not funny, they are not interesting, I don’t know who the heck they are or what they’re contributing to the interviews. It doesn’t take three fucking people to interview GRRM, and no not even his weight justifies that. I can understand them wanting to stick around, but me personally, if I were in the presence of people of his caliber and knew I’d be contributing nothing to the discussion other than pointless drivel regarding my personal life and experience no one really gives two flying fucks about, I’d just shut the fuck up and be content to be there. And did I mention shutting up? Thank you Chris, I hope you take my opinion into consideration. I have nothing personal against those two, but it’s not the first time they ruin precious airtime with their two bit quips and frankly I’ve fucking had it. I don’t want to renounce this podcast but you’re really making it hard for me to stick with it. And I have a feeling I’m not the only one. Cheers

  • Lee, you couldn’t be more wrong. They bring a levity that is often sorely missed in the interviews where they are absent. Also you do know this is a comedy podcast right? It’s not a 20/20 interview. Matt and Jonah’s riff on a Petco Park panel was so golden, I rewinded to that part at least 5 times. Are you even a fan of this show? In closing, your face is made of piss.

  • Well, I’ll answer that, even though you’re twelve: the job of an interviewer, be it comedy or not, is to bring out the most of whatever the guest’s got. Two bit tangents a la local improv class just don’t do it for me. I am a fan of the concept and 80% of what mr. Hardwick is up to. I just wish the interviews were less giggling and more substance. Giggling ain’t comedy. Shalom.

  • But it’s a fun podcast. That’s the charm of it. And that’s why the guests seem to enjoy themselves. I don’t think you get the spirit of this podcast at all. It was always Chris, Matt, and Jonah. I would wager you’re are in possibly the smallest majority of people who think the way you do about this show. You’re looking for a entirely different show. It was never that which you describe. Not this hard hitting in depth discussion. You want a different podcast. Well this one is for the rest of us.

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    I have a challenge for those coming to this board to leave critical feedback. Here goes:

    1) Assume that the foundation of the Nerdist podcast is, for now, permanent. Namely that most episodes have been and going forward shall contain Chris, Matt, and Jonah. There will be some shows that contain a subset of this group, but for the most part its these 3. No need to comment on elimination of one or more.

    2) When it comes to feedback in the comment threads: have fun with it and do offer critical feedback if you feel the need. However before you hit the “Post Comment” button, ask youself if your comments are Actionable. By that i mean, is the critique worded in a nature which identifies your issue(s) and provides direction on how you feel that situation could be improved. Also ask youself if the comment is realisticly implementatble. If so, post those suckers.

    3) The Nerdist talkback thread is unique…its smaller than alot of sites…easy to post anonymously on…and biggest of all is regularly read by the folks who create the show. Thats awesome for folks wanting to share in and continue the overall experience of the show. However its also a double edged sword that negative commenters KNOW they are being heard and even responded to. We all love being heard and being part of something.

    4) All the above being said, there is bound to be the occassional general over-the-top shitting on the show, an episode, or a situation within….and its clearly within the rights of anyone to do so…and you will be heard. If thats your endgame then theres no stopping it. But if you want to not only be heard but be respected and have the chance to help everyone up their game, isnt that soooo much better?

    Peace .n. “Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. A Einstein


  • @Lee
    There are ways to express your opinion that don’t necessitate devolving into an immature hyperbolic rant. I’ve never met you and I don’t know anything about you, but just by reading your post you should know that you come across as a repulsive human being. Since this is the internet and people can say any cowardly thing they want completely anonymously, it might not bother you what people think of you. But you should also know that people generally don’t listen to the opinions of people who are immature and alienating. If you have a glass of the most delicious, refreshing beverage in the world, but there’s a layer of scum over the top of it, even a thirsty man will turn it down and rightfully so.

    So while I agree that you have every right to express your opinion, a more mature person with a better understanding of how to effectively communicate would choose to do it in a more polite fashion.

    And your face is made of piss. ;-)

  • @Lee: One of my favorite things is how “no offense” is usually followed by something offensive. That lazy qualifier doesn’t give you a free pass to be rude. Firstly, we’re not interviewers so you can let that line of thinking go. We’re fans who have coffee-chats with people. We are not journalists. Two, your “if I were in the presence of people of his caliber” is an interesting personal challenge. Go work your ass off and make exactly the show you want! There’s no reason you can’t, unless you’re just one of those people who complains a lot instead of working to attain the things he/she wants. Thirdly, I’m not losing Matt & Jonah so I guess if I’m really looking around at who to lose, it would probably be you. No offense!

  • @Three Toes of Fury – Are we masochists or optimists for expecting civility on the internet? I’m just not sure sometimes…

    @Lee – I’m just going to assume that was a troll because anyone who has listened to this podcast for a year would know these three are friends and the “sister-wives” ain’t going NOWHERE.

  • .
    @Patty….ha! great point! I’ll go with that we are a combination of both…yup..we are Masochistic Optimists….we say the cup is half full just as we bite into and shatter the glass its made of. OOOO…i wanted to ask you how you imbed youtube videos into the posting (loved the recent Big Bang one) so they appear as videos rather than links? However i must warn you…arming me with such knowledge will almost CERTAINLY result in 110% more “trololo cat” videos embedded in nerdist forums going forward.

    Peace & Trololo Cat


    • Three Toes of Fury – “However i must warn you…arming me with such knowledge will almost CERTAINLY result in 110% more “trololo cat” videos embedded in nerdist forums going forward.”

      Me – “And knowledge is half the battle! G.I. Joooeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

      As for linky links, I just copy the one given in the Twitter posting option on YouTube and paste it here. Now go crazy with your bad self!

  • Three awful things that would happen if we lost Matt & Jonah:

    o Hostfuls would get depressingly introspective
    o Uncomfortable dead air when guest mentions non-bowling sports
    o Greatly reduced chance of ever again hearing a one-liner as great as ” ‘S.S. Past’ would be the worst name for a ship”

  • Great interview! After this I think I’m finally going to have to give into my friends and start on Game of Thrones. Worked for SOA, so I’m hoping I love it as much as everyone else does.

  • @CH I’m surprised no one has nominated you for an honorary PhD yet. If you were to get an honorary PhD you would have to write a kick ass speech. I’m very certain you could write one and it would be amazing. BTW: I <3 <3 Jonah and Matt. For what it's worth!

    FYI: If you don't like the podcast I respectfully request that you should go find one you like and just STFU. KThxbai.

  • @Patty: thanks! and you were warned!!

    @All-Trolls: new tactic…watch this video before posting any comments….there’s no WAY you can troll after being troll-lololo’d by this cat!,YouTubeTrends,YTCreators

  • @lee

    We have so much in common. I also don’t know who the heck you are and you also add nothing to interviews.

    Also why make a fat joke about someone of GRRM’s caliber. I would never do that. Only about myself.

    Lets be best friends..

  • Thank Wotan Martin said what I’m constantly grousing about on adaptations. Frankly, Peter Jackson has a lot to answer for, changing fundamental character traits/plot points in LOR; as Martin said, who is he to decide that he & his writers know better than a man who spent his real career as a scholar of these stories(& was already a well-respected expert in that field, long before the wider world knew his name as a novelist). Especially now that no one else, at least in my lifetime, will attempt to film the trilogy again.

  • IIRC, one of those Roman L&O novels was made into a tv movie(kind of a cheesy one) years ago, called “Age of Treason”, starring Bryan Brown as the Roman p.i. Kind of fun, and you do get a glimpse of everyday life for non-patrician Romans.

  • After reading Lee’s comments i thought Jonah/Matt were butting in a lot. but really hardly made any comments and certainly not any that i found to be annoying or ruining the flow of the conversation. Guess this guy just doesnt get it.

    Just curious, was GRRM avoiding answering any questions about the next book?

  • plese put a share link whare i can share some nerdist good ness with my buds on face book .ben trying to get the word out and get them to try the pod out

    • @Michael Foley – DUDE!!!! You’re a Discworld fan too?!?!?! Hubby is a HUGE fan and I’ve read just a fraction of Sir Terry’s works (“Small Gods” and “Hogfather” are my faves so far). SOOO happy to hear “The Watch” is in production! Must share with Hubby!