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Episode 306: Nerdist Podcast
Gabe Newell: Valve - The…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Gabe Newell: Valve – The Games

It’s the first episode with the co-founder and director of video game development at Valve, Gabe Newell! In this episode he sits down with Chris, Chloe, Wil Wheaton and Robin Walker and David Sawyer to talk all things video games!

Win a trip to Las Vegas to see Gaben get inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame at the Design Innovate Communicate Entertain (D.I.C.E.) Summit: Click here for details!


  • Would it be strange of me to say that Gabe is looking more and more like a Robin Williams playing Tom Hanks’ role in Cast Away?

    Very excited about this. He’s a smart guy.

  • OK post-ep comment:

    1. Chris don’t apologize for being excited for the shit you enjoy. To quote John Green: nerds like us are allowed to be unironically enthusiastic about stuff…nerds are allowed to love stuff like jump up and down in the chair can’t control yourself love it.

    2. CONTROLLER!!! *screaming* I’ve played Portal through maybe 8 times on PC, and my first runthrough on my Xbox I can’t get past an early level because I over shoot the damn targets. A more precision controller would be incredible.

  • As a member of a gaming community that the majority of the time plays Valve games and as someone who views Valve as the best video game developer, publisher, and innovator out there, I really, appreciated this episode.

    I also appreciated the sincerity and preparedness of all interviewers. Gabe’s insight was bar none, but your questions and personal experiences and analysis of games was right on par and more than enough to keep all video game and Valve fans quite happy. You knew what questions to ask to get excellent responses.

    Excellent interview, cool insight, and even some glimpses of the future! Thank you.

  • .
    I shall awaiteth coment on said ‘cast until i listen.


    Until then.





    That is beyond awesome-sauce!!!!!

    rik “polution…alllll around…sometimes up…sometimes down…but always…allll awwround.”

    neil “is it true bambi..did you do a disney nasty?”

    mike “as usual, mike the cool person takes charge”.

    vivyvyan “bored…bored….bored..bored…BORED!!! [wack]”

    Peace n Cant You See We’re the Young Ones.


  • First minute: “and Valve makes games like Dota and Portal and Left For Dead and Left for Dead 2 and Team Fortress and Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike” Dude, haven’t you forgotten something?

  • Could not have asked for a better, more insightful podcast.
    Actually hearing an interview with Gaben for the first time really put his whole personality into perspective. What a thoughtful, introspective, intelligent guy…..who can laugh at penis-cape jokes.

    Great job guys! Although next time, could you instead tease the podcast five months in advance? ;-D

  • @Scott S – Yes! Exactly! Why doesn’t Chris just carry around a thesaurus and refer to it during every easy, relaxed, free-flowing conversation he has, ever! I don’t know why he doesn’t do it! It’s so simple, easy, and in no way cumbersome at all!

    Look, the way Chris hosts the show is in a very relaxed and, for want of a better term, informal way, which I mean in a good way. We’re just his friends who are in on a private chat. When he does the intro, it feels like he’s talking to a friend. I don’t know about you, but I tend to use the same terms, like “amazing”, over and over again in my personal life. It’s easy to understand and it conveys the point “Holy fucking ass crackers this/that/the other is awesome!” wonderfully.

    Aziz Ansari, in his episode of “You Made it Weird,” made a wonderful point about something (I believe it was about heaven) that I wanted to post to Tumblr. However, I couldn’t because almost every second or third word was “like”. Pete Holmes tends to call everyone “a delight,” describes almost every episode of YMIW as one of his favorites, and says, during almost every live show, “This is the best show we’ve ever done.”

    Everyone has their own phrase, or word, or sentence that they tend to use over and over because it’s the quickest and most concise way for them to say a specific thing. Pete Holmes has “favorite” and “delight.” Chris has “amazing”. Please, just get over it, for your own sanity and happiness at this *cough*free*cough* podcast.

    @Chris, remember… Beyoncé. :)