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Episode 282: Nerdist Podcast
Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard,…
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Billy Connolly and Sophie Winkleman

Comedy LEGENDS Eric Idle, Eddie Izzard, Billy Connolly and Sophie Winkleman sit down with Chris and Jonah to talk about their new project What About Dick?, share some stories from their various comedy careers, and just be insanely hilarious!

Download What About Dick?, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13th!

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  1. John McEuen says:

    I produced Steve Martin’s The Crow album, arranged the music, played on 7 cuts various instruments.. My brother Bill produced his first 4 albums in the ’70’s, and t.v. specials. I was the one who went to high school and worked in Disneyland with Steve, and introduced him to my brother, who managed him and eventually produced The Jerk, Martin’s 1st film and several others. Jus’ sayin’.

  2. Dan says:

    And thanks for not having Russell Brand!

  3. Dan says:

    I need a transcript, there’s too many people. Amazing you got all these guys together. i would have been frozen with fear too like Jonah!

  4. joe anon says:

    Hey around 47: you are right they are a bunch of nerds and I loved this.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Hey everybody, hi Chris,

    if I’m not wrong then Eddie mentioned Michael Mittermeier on this episode. I made a mental note to come here and give you some info about him because I’m German and he’s German. And since I also make a point in reading all the comments first I saw that you said there are no comedy specials in Germany. But oh there are. A ton. We do have comedians, Michael being one of them. He got his big break with his one hour special “Zapped” which is about TV. It even has a red shirt joke in it so he can be considered VERY nerdy – about TV. And that was in 1996 (!)

    Here’s his Wikipedia entry
    (you might want to check the German page as well and mangle it into English via Google translate).

    He was so extremely successful that he got in some kind of identity crisis, feeling that he might only be funny in Germany – that’s what Eddie mentioned. He went to New York and to my chagrin basically came up with a new hour that felt like a copy of “Joe’s Appartment”. But hey, what can you do.

    He might not be ideal for the Podcast but maybe he’s someone you might want to get to know to broaden your comedy horizon Chris. I for one would LOVE to know him but I wouldn’t for the life of me know how to manage to do that. And since I’m vicariously living through you make it so!

    Great episode by the way, I hope you can get Eddie back to speak about Mockingbird Lane or something (maybe also a good way to get O’Connell on the podcast together with wilw) because I think there’s so much he could give your readers he just hinted at, talking about his non-religion, his language prowess and Transvestites punching asinine assholes in the face :-)

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and again: Happy Birthday!

    (Steve Martin told me to say that)


  6. Erik says:

    What is the “third smell”?

  7. Leah says:

    I just… I have no words for this podcast. Clicking play was auditory equivalent of Vincent Vega opeing the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Fucking gold, dude. Thanks for sharing awesome stuff with us!

  8. Rob s. says:

    Chris Another thing, I was told to never ask a vet if he had killed anyone. You might get an answer you don’t want. You might trigger a flashback/PTSD. It would bring down the podcast.

  9. Taryn says:

    This episode was so amazing! I actually had to remind myself I’m at work and need to do something useful!

  10. Matt says:

    *It is not difficult

    *DVD players are not expensive.

  11. Matt says:

    I do not understand why the region of the dvd is important. Is it not difficult to unlock dvd players to play all regions and if for some reason the specific player cannot then buy a new one that can. DVD players not expensive.

  12. Josh from Europe says:

    d[-__-]b great Podcast as always, this time with comedy legends from the Island. What a surprise, Eddy mentioned our german comedian Michael Mittermaier. I didn’t knew that he got recognized outside Germany.

  13. Bob says:

    I think the styles of comedy (that are different but none the less enjoyable) between Mr Hardwick’s themed and structured marvellous special and Mrrs Izzard & Connelly parkour style, free flowing comedy is confidence, bravado and in there early day actual “balls out” bravery. Billy will alway go off on some seemly random 15 min. digression ending with “… Anyway what was I talking aboot! Oh aye…” And back to the routine and a round of applause ’cause the audience had probably forgot about the original topic. Dealing with hecklers in the UK are also part of Eddie & Billy comic arsenal. Once you know you can bring a heckler into the performance and dispatch him with a single destroying taylormade pithy aside, the audience knows a masters at work.
    I’m sure in the coming months as Chris tries out new material, he’ll catch himself doing the same thing. To be honest, we hear his free flow comedy every week in the podcasts playing with and off Matt and Jonah (did I spell that right) and with confidence it’ll become a natural part of his routine… If he wants, if not… Well he’s hilarious anyway

  14. Ross says:

    Good Lord, Mr Hardwicke, you’ve actually topped the Tom hanks episode. I, too may just have to listen to it again right away. I’ve love Billy Connelly since he turned up one late-night(I think early in Letterman’s run on NBC)–which was about the only standup riff I ever saw him do about the Scots(he was grousing about how inaccurate the generic terms are for what color people are called: “I’m from Scotland. We’re no’ white people–we’re pale blue people…” followed by several minutes of hilarious descriptions of the Scots at the beach). Beyond that, he made some very funny deflections in his trip along The Northwest Passage in Canada, when he was confronted by the huge Highland Games(where the attendees are more Scottish than the Scots).
    And, well done on the new H&P video: I have no particular interest in any of the elements of the song/video(except the Swedish chef), and you still cracked me up. Two questions: was that actually Bjork, and who’s the (very funny)backup singer?

  15. Rob S. says:

    Eric Idle was Prof. I. M. Nearing in the Epcot ride. Therapists don’t like to be hugged as I found out recently.

  16. Lunis Badman says:

    The “Third Smell” callback was brilliant!!!

  17. Mariel says:

    This was pure magic. Heading Eddie Izzard talk about his London Comedy Store days was wonderful. My favourite comedy be us I frequented when I lived in London.

  18. amysrevenge says:

    Podcast -> comedygasm.

    I’ve got What About Dick downloading as I type (66 MB deep so far)! Pretty exciting. Although I did have to warn my wife about the “DICK LLC” Paypal invoice coming in to her inbox to avoid any unpleasant questions…

  19. Matt Grandis says:

    Aw, Chris, don’t put your light under a bushel! Aren’t you President of Digital Distribution in some far away country? No, I totally understand that even your powers have their limits. But Viacom allows us dirty foreigners to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and South Park legally online worldwide — someone there must have managed to pull his head out his ass for long enough to have an epiphany. Well, I guess it’s gonna be a little while longer until they finally learned their lessons that georestrictions in a global world are just not working any longer.

    Well, as I said — I know your powers aren’t limitless. But maybe you can use the powers you have to remind those responsible you might meet on your way of how ass backwards their distribution model from the last century actually is in this current digital age. They really hurt themselves badly.

    Anyway, thanks for every offer to send me a copy — but my point is exactly that I don’t want a copy for free. I want to pay for the damn thing. I’m fed up with this weird attitude of “we don’t need your stinkin’ money” that a lot of media companies are showcasing.

    Ahem. Back on topic. Yes, “What About Dick?” does it perfectly. And that’s why I’ve already bought and downloaded it. Can’t wait to watch.

  20. @Matt Grandis I will see what I can do about getting you a copy of the special. I bet there is a magical program that people mysteriously find stuff. I often sit in front of my computer and chant “I wish I had Talking Dead” and automagically it appears in my iTunes!!!!!!! (I need to be careful with the explanation points…..) Just as an aside, I have the DVD preordered. I used the Nerdist Amazon link! :-) I think if I use with the promo code of Nerdist then I can send you a copy or maybe buy an extra copy. I have a habit of buying multiple copies of things the Nerdist do……Long story short: you’ll get a copy some how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #ImaSmartAss #ImaVPtoo

  21. Patty Marvel says:

    @Matt Grandis – What about VOD, like the “What About Dick?” team is doing? You wouldn’t have a tangible item you could take anywhere or give someone as a gift, but at least you’d get to see it. Would that be sufficient or merely a good start?

    @Chris Hardwick – Any hint from the Viacom overlords they’ll ever allow VOD for their specials? I know Sumner Redstone is as old as the hills and Phil Dauman is no spring chick either, but they must have some young turks in their marketing or development departments who could/would push for an option the much-desired 18- to 35-year-old demographic would use. They’d be fools not to innovate.

  22. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Grandis: See what happens when you live in Germany??? No comedy specials or Tyrian Lannister! I understand your frustration about not getting stuff, particularly when you seem to dig a lot of American pop culture (honestly your English is so spectacular I would never have guessed it’s not your first language) but there’s nothing for me to fight tooth and nail to get it distributed worldwide. Comedy Central is owned by Viacom which is one of the 4 largest media companies in the US. This fight would be the equivalent of me trying to convince the entire Wal-Mart chain to carry miniature ponies by yelling at the cashier. A company that big just has ways that it does things and I’m not in a position to change it. I’m sure it has to do with licensing fees or regional distribution deals with international companies or something boring sounding like that, but the net result is that I am literally powerless as far as this is concerned. I can certainly bug them about the “when” of it, but I’d have better luck getting a cruise ship to change course by pushing it with my hands.

    I’m sorry, Matt! I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter bummed about the same thing which in turn bums me out because I can’t fix it. If I even had a dvd I would just mail you one but I don’t even have THAT. I’ll keep checking though!!

  23. Matt Grandis says:

    I haven’t seen Mandroid for reasons that only big shot TV producers will ever really understand. I’ll probably never get to see it (at least legally), if the coming DVD is region locked. So in the worst case, Mandroid will suffer from Game of Thrones syndrome — I want to see, I want to pay money to see it, but they won’t let me because I live in the wrong part of the world.

    In all seriousness, but not meant as an attack, you know we’re buddies and I’d never attack you — but as a faceless, virtual friend I claim the right to speak openly (and tease and annoy you from time to time): Chris, an internet person like you should be fighting tooth and nail to get your product out digitally and / or worldwide in a timely fashion. You’ve been working hard to build up this internet behemoth. That your, well, crowning achievement of your own comedy special of all things is being distributed the ancient way and shuts out most of the world, feels like quite a step backwards. So I hope the DVD will be region free at least. Otherweise there’ll never be Mandroid for me and lots of other fans. Sure, I bet the show will show up on torrents etc. soon enough (if it hasn’t already). But that’s not what I want. I WANT to pay for it, dammit.

    Now about comparing Chris to Eddie or Billy — yeah, no. It’s not just that this is Chris’ first special as compared to Eddie’s or Billy’s 128th. While I know nothing about comedy, I do know that their comedic styles are completely different. Of course Chris is talking about “nerdy” stuff, because that’s what he wants to talk about — that’s just him. Chris shies away from too controversial stuff and doesn’t like to get into politics or religion, for Eddie and Billy controversy is a big part of their act. Eddie’s a transvestite, and if that’s not big enough of a deal for some people, he’s a very open Atheist (he talked about it shortly on the podcast). And that’s part of his routine as well. Billy regularly has some choice words for church and religion as well, though I guess the only -ism he subscribes to is Dontgiveafuckism. Both don’t actively cater to a certain audience, but they are always bringing their personal beliefs and politics into their shows. So a lot of Eddie’s and Billy’s material will be, to put it mildly, off-putting to half of their potential audience. This is something that Chris just wouldn’t do. Not part of his style. So I don’t think a comparison would be fair, even after a couple more specials. Unless Chris changes his act to get more “edgy” maybe. But somehow I don’t think that would feel natural. As he said on the Zach Braff podcast — he’s just this affable, slightly snarky white guy. And why the hell not? Being natural is what makes Eddie, Billy and Chris great.

    Lastly — if there’s a Nerdist podcast drinking game, I would like to add “drink the whole bottle every time Chris lectures a commenter about how this is what comedians are like and norms just don’t get it” :)

  24. Chris Hardwick says:

    Scott S: Ok! I can handle polite discourse. I appreciate that! But what you do need to understand is that a stand-up special is an expression of what the comic is going through at the time. The things I talked about pretty much caught us up to this moment, and that is the landscape of my life right now. I like a special that has a theme. If I had just told random stories I feel like it wouldn’t have made sense because I’m pretty open about where my interests lie everywhere else. And who knows? My next special in a couple of years or the one after (if I’m so lucky) might have very little to do with this stuff, now that I’ve gotten it out on stage. It will more reflect whatever experiences I’m going through at that time.

    Also, it may not be fair to compare my 1st special to BILLY CONNOLLY and EDDIE IZZARD. I’m c’mown! Billy’s been doing comedy since the 60s. And do you know what number special you’re referring to of Eddie’s? Dressed to Kill was his FIFTH. Now, I’m not saying I’m ever going to be as good as those chaps–they are legendary–but please try not to compare my first one to one that DEFINED Izzard as a comedy master well into his stand-up career. “Yeah, you’re a pretty good sketch artist, but I guess I’m disappointed your work isn’t as good as Vetruvian Man. I dunno.”

    I really do appreciate the kindness of your dissent, but I think you need a bit of context so as not to judge me unfairly up against the best people in the biz who both have decades more under their belt.

    Ok thanks man! Sorry the experience wasn’t what you had hoped! See you on the podcast! (with your ears)

  25. Scott S says:

    I don’t generally like standup that much, but I love Billy and Eddie. Eddie spends some time early on talking about being a transvestite, but it never gets to be the focus of his comedy. Billy just goes wherever the hell he wants, being Scottish is never really a focus of his stand up. I even like Jerry Seinfeld’s standup, which is a little diminished by watching the TV show, but his schtick isn’t focused on being part of a group.

    Which leads to me Chris’s Mandroid (if android already means man-like, what does it add to put an “m” at the beginning?) I was afraid before watching it that it would be mostly focused on “nerdy” things, and it was. Is it just a fact of current comedy that fat guys do fat jokes, Latinos do Latino jokes, women do PMS and boyfriend jokes, and so on? Is it just a select few, like Billy and Eddie, who get to break out and just be funny about anything that comes along? I was hoping that Chris would get out of the nerdy zone more than he did, but unfortunately (in my opinion) he didn’t. I thought the special was decent, but severely hampered by bleeps and commercials on Comedy Central. Why the hell is “come” bleeped? Especially late at night?

    I really enjoy Chris as an interviewer, a bit less as a standup. I’m glad I get to hear him do more of what I like than what I like less. Hooray for podcasts!

  26. Jake says:

    Ahhh! The one day I forgot to check Nerdist was the day comedy gold was recorded!

  27. wanderarbeiter says:

    I apologize for the tone of my comment. I would also like to apologize for accusing you of being insensitive.

  28. April says:

    I would love to see Mr. Connolly for his own episode.

  29. Matt says:

    Is it possible to legally purchase Chris Hardwick’s special in HD? I can only see Mandroid in DVD format on Amazon and I want to pre order it in Blu Ray or digital download if there is a HD version somewhere.

  30. Arie says:

    For fuck sake Hardwick, I’m a fan from jump, and have thoroughly enjoyed the journey to 280+ podcasts. And then comes Tom Hanks and Wachowskis. Just when I thought you couldn’t rival that, today’s podcast happens… well, you were there, you know how epic-cool and fascinating and legendary (truly, no pun intended) this episode is. And you share all of it with us, for the pure joy of making a cool thing. There aren’t words for my gratitude.

  31. Chris Hardwick says:

    @wanderarbeiter: I hear you, but I only did it because he’s a comedian and it was a room full of comedians. Comics will either talk about anything or have a great deflection joke, which is what I was trying to set up. I would never ask a person that for reals. Also, he really didn’t have a problem with it so it may not be fair for you to get mad on his behalf. Thirdly, your tone scares me a little. Please don’t kill me.

    @Patty: YOU’LL SEE!!!! (hopefully…we’re trying to get it done in time)

    @Everyone Else: I will work to get dedicated hour-long shows with each of them but it may not happen for a while!

    Ok bye now!

  32. Patty Marvel says:

    @Matt Grandis – You know Jack Shit? So do I! I’m good friends with his sister, Fulla.

    @Gary – On the upside, their Nerdist cherries have been popped and they might just come back for more since they sounded like they had a great time. For now, I’ll just enjoy this comedy orgy. Much less messy and stinky than a regular orgy.

    @Chris Hardwick – A special message for a special lady on Tuesday? What could it be? Birthday greetings? A marriage proposal? Does someone need to be told to bleach their mustache? Tune in tomorrow…

    As for Jonah sightings, I actually wrote them down as there were only five – one at 11 minutes in (wondering how Mary Whitehouse gets paid for complaining), 17 in (“The Piano Has Been Farting”), 21 (something about tigers) , 23 (mentions Steve Martin’s brother) and 107 (laughs). Really, keeping the questions/comments/quemments to a minimum was the best thing to do with this particular crowd – just wind ‘em up and watch ‘em talk.

    Speaking of talking, I love Billy Connolly’s accent! I didn’t catch everything he said, but he says it so sweetly! I could listen to him all day, him and Colin Farrell. The latter could read the phone book to me and my panties would be off in thirty seconds. I probably should NOT visit the UK…

  33. wanderarbeiter says:

    Just for future reference, don’t ask someone who served if they’ve killed anybody. It really is none of your business.

  34. Matthew says:

    Great podcast, as always. Chris, I’m constantly amazed at your ability to have authentic conversations with guests, rather than the same old interviewer/interviewee set up.

    You are on my very short list of media outlets that act as my lifeline to home as I live abroad. So I just wanted to say thanks–your work is important for my expat sanity.

  35. The BEST epis… podcastisodes are the one where it isn’t all about the plug, but just normal talking! This one was pure awesomeness, especially that all part of it :)

  36. El Cas says:

    This was an awesome podcast. Eric, Eddie and Billy had me cracking up the whole time. And I agree with Gillian, if Craigy Ferg was on this would have been one hell of a time to podcast.

  37. Gillian says:

    A master class in comedy! Just imagine if Craig Ferguson had also been included!!

  38. Gary says:

    This should have been one hour per guest! At least!

  39. Bob says:

    Sorry the above has typos, I should read “I don’t think anyone had done a funnier comedy hour special”. There is no doubt errors in this comment but as Eric used to say “Say no more! Wink wink!”

  40. Bob says:

    Eddie, Eric and Billy are all my heroes but Billy especially. The funniest hour of my life was when I was a boy and allowed to see “An Audience with Billy Connelly” I do think anyone has done anything funnier since. Except his story of “the eiderdown with sleeves” or the “Crucifixion”. This has been your crowing glory so far Mr Hardwick. Thanks

  41. Curtis says:

    I’m with you, Chris. I love Billy Connolly’s Standup, but I have issues understanding half of what he says. I’d really love a sit-down with all of these folks as individuals. That would be amazing.

  42. HM says:

    Literally ran over to the site just to comment on how amazing this was. I’ve been looking forward to this episode since Chris mentioned they’d done it last week, and I almost thought he was joking, the lineup was so good. Some of the riffs in this one were so awesome I almost burst out laughing on the bus. Eric Idle’s ‘Uncontrolled Birth’ joke in particular nearly made me cackle in public. Definitely in my new top five of Nerdist episodes – I started it again as soon as it was done. I only wish we could have a picture of Eddie’s nails!

  43. bastien says:

    OK, the blonde guy under the D is clearly Chuck Woolery.

  44. Matt Grandis says:

    You might be on to something, Justin. Maybe there’s a reason why Chris is so involved with the Walking Dead.

  45. OMG says:

    How did you bag this one Hardwick!? How!? You’ve hit the mother lode!

  46. Dean says:

    Fuck me, that is an absolutely perfect lineup.

  47. Picklemeth says:

    Awesome British comedians having an aimless hour long conversation? I love it, but there are gonna be a lot of negative comments here. Internet, do your thing.

  48. One Python down, five to go! (Something tells me Graham Chapman is gonna be the toughest one to get, though.)

  49. Adam says:

    Just saw that this episode was out right before class. Now I gotta wait 3 hours to listen! Needless to say I don’t think I”ll be paying much attention today

  50. Matt Grandis says:

    Around these parts it’s common knowledge that I know jack shit about comedy. But this was brilliant. Eddie Izzard and Billy Connolly are true heroes of mine. The only thing that might have made this better would have been to include Tim Minchin and Ricky Gervais.

    PS: Jonah talked quite a bit. WERE YOU TOO SELF-ABSORBED TO NOTICE, HARDWICK?!