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Episode 345: Nerdist Podcast
Dominic Monaghan
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan stops by the podcast to sit down with Chris and explain football (the English one), the pros and cons of Twitter, and what living in Hawaii for Lost was like!

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Funko Rolls out a Full Line of THE DARK CRYSTAL Action Figures

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STAR WARS Black Series Toys Repainted to Startling Life

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These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks



  1. Patty Marvel says:

    What a charming and insightful guy Dominic Monaghan is! Many thanks to him for explaining the appeal of soccer and the rules of cricket for those of us who barely follow sports popular in our own country (well, roller derby is pretty boss). I thought a “googlie” was something Jon Stewart might have made up, but apparently that’s a real thing.

    And I agree with Chris that we Americans are weirdly isolated by our size. I threw a “car ride” theory out years ago to a classmate from Germany to try explain why we Yanks are like that. If one of us were to get in a car in almost any major American city and drive for, say, six hours, we probably wouldn’t leave the country. Heck, you might not cross the boarders of the STATE you started off in. But start driving from any major European city and a few hours later you could be in another country that uses another language and (at the time of this conversation) a whole different currency. Since American don’t “NEED” to know other languages and customs, we generally don’t learn them. Sad, really.

    @Chris Hardwick – You know I think you’re the bee’s knees, the giraffe’s neck, the donkey’s vagina and any other strange animal-related compliment you can think of, but I’ve gotta agree with the folks asking you to stop acknowledging the haters. Haters gonna hate no matter what you do, but I doubt there are many (any?) commenting on the podcast here in the first place. I may be WAY out of the loop, but there’s not been hide nor hair of a troll in these threads in a long time. Let ‘em go, Sweetie.

    Loved the Baltimore and D.C. shows! :BIG SQUISHY HUGS:

  2. Grog138 says:

    Dom, I knew you’re cool but now, you’re cosmic cool! Flight of the Dragons! I’ve watched that hundreds of times as a kid. I taped it off of TV. Unfortunately, I don’t know where my VHS is at anymore.

  3. Petey says:

    Way too much twitter talk, I completely lost interest in the interview after that.

  4. Dylan Lane says:

    I love how Dom talks about Peter Jackson.

  5. Steve says:

    Great podcast, but for the record, Germany hasn’t had Deutsch Marks for quite some time.

  6. David Giles says:

    Found “Flight of the Dragons” via KickAssTorrents.

  7. Lisa says:

    Great interview! Please have him back whenever possible.

  8. Kevie (rhymes with Chevy) says:

    For you idiots who don’t understand the intros, Chris is just giving his opinion about how he felt about the episode. Is it really such a big bother to hear it? Skip thru it if it really bothers you that much.

    Chris, I just wanted to mention that it was an earlier, yet recent, episode of this podcast in which I heard that its called “the world series” because it was sponsored by a publication called “the world.” I think it was one of your wrestling guests, but I’m not positive. :)

  9. Kbartlez says:

    Anyone else notice Dom slip in the Highlander quote?

  10. Cam says:

    Loved hearing about The Flight of Dragons! We’re making a live-action version and would love the support. Would also be interested to have Mr. Monaghan’s involvement, too! Cheers.

  11. MarkinLV says:

    And please dedicate a future episode to Twitter tips. I’m new to that world and devoured every word you said about it!

  12. MarkinLV says:

    And Dom was amazing and awesome! I second the motion to cast him in the new Star Wars movies.

  13. MarkinLV says:

    Chris, I have to say that this is easily one of my favorite Nerdist podcasts to date.

    From the great topics (twitter tips, Star Wars, Star Trek, football, Lost , LOTR), to the hilarious classical music announcer bit, I loved every minute.

    I know that I’ve pissed you off in the past, but I feel more strongly than ever that you are this generation’s Johnny Carson (without the dark side).

    Here’s to continued brilliant podcasts!

  14. Matthew says:

    Love the show and really enjoyed this episode! I would like to defend Curious George though. In the books, the TV show and the 2 movies, George is not someone who is trying to get away from the man in the yellow hat…he is just very curious. And you could not ask for a more patient, kind caregiver than the man with the yellow hat. In real life I do agree that harboring wild animals is scurrilous. But as a group of stories, CG is really very good, especially compared to a lot of other stuff our kids are exposed to. Give George a chance Chris!

  15. Robin says:

    I want to see this “Flight of the Dragons” now. It sounds vaguely familiar. Dom totally needs to be in the new Star Wars! He’s got the JJ connection. It should happen.

    And thanks for the twitter tips, Chris!

  16. Wildcat says:

    Good episode! Chris, did you realize that you held your own through all that sports talk?

    You also had a pretty good conversation about it as well! XD

  17. Lauren says:

    For those songs you can’t figure out… record yourself singing/humming whatever you know, and post it here:
    Guaranteed they’ll figure it out for you! Thanks for another great episode.

  18. Erin says:

    Another Golden episode! Love Dom!! “Not Penny’s boat” might be the most epic death on TV of all time!! It kills me!
    Chris, you really are the best at making ANY topic sound interesting even if I have no idea what your talking about!

  19. schnozberry says:


  20. Jomba Juice says:


    free podcast

    • someBrad says:

      @Jomba Juice
      Absolutely. And I enjoy this free thing quite a bit. I also get why Chris is so effusive in the intros. He typically has guests he really likes, so his enthusiasm is genuine. And even if the guest is a little disappointing, he’s a nice guy and is grateful to the guest. I also realize that he has plenty of interviews he hasn’t aired – maybe some of those are just not good enough to release. Maybe I just don’t get the point of the intros. The promotional stuff makes sense, but telling me every guest is “super nice” seems like an attempt to get me to listen to the show. If so, it’s not doing that job very well. Also, I don’t need the intro to do that, because if I’m listening to the intro, I’ve already decided to listen to the episode. If that’s not the job of that part if the intro, then I guess I’ll keep that in mind in case I’m ever at a dinner party with Tom Hanks.

  21. RoboCop says:

    Love the soccer talk at the top of the show! I’m a big soccer fan, and a big Nerdist fan so it was cool to have Hardwick talking about it for awhile in a not condescending way.

  22. bsg says:

    RE: Baseball having the highest paid athletes.

    Baseball players have the strongest union, and have negotiated the best terms against the owners, while the owners have an anti-trust exemption that doesn’t allow for any other upstart leagues to form. They also play the most games of all the major sports (162 regular season games per season, this maximizes revenue), have the longest careers, and professional baseball has been around for nearly 150 years… it’s just been around the longest.

  23. Jerry says:

    Great interview but I miss Matt and Jonah chiming in with a witty quip every now and then.

  24. Travis Cheney says:

    Flight of the dragons – new DVD on eBay for $13

  25. JetpackBlues says:

    As with JJ’s Star Trek, I reserve the right to hate JJ’s Star Wars right up to the point that I flip a coin and go see it (it was a coin toss that decided between seeing Trek or Terminator: Salvation).

    And the news of the all the original trilogy actors being courted to come back? NO! Well, MAYBE Mark Hamill. But Threepio and Artoo are the only characters that are supposed to be the backbone of the story.

    I would be tickled pink if JJ surprised me and tried to stick to the idea of the Journal of the Whills.

  26. Jon says:

    MLB doesn’t have a salary cap, Troup. Anyway, great episode. I really enjoyed it.

  27. Joel says:

    Not to be TOO redundant, but Tim McLaren is right with that Amazon link for Flight of Dragons. That movie has never “officially” been released on DVD – this release is an on-demand burn (I gather) with the world’s most hideous cover art (not representative of the movie). I picked it up a few years ago having watched it a bunch of times as a kid and it stands up fairly well.

  28. Max says:

    Here is your Wes Anderson Star War Episode VII via Conan.

  29. Jordan says:

    I agree with @someBrad. Chris, please will you tell me not to bother listening to the podcast in the intro if I personally won’t enjoy it?

    It will save so much of my time.

  30. Troup says:

    Chris, Soccer does not have salary caps so teams can spend as much as they want to get the best players. MLB, NBA, NHL all have a salary cap so teams cant spend above that without paying huge sums of money.

  31. Flyinghogfish says:

    See, Vanilla Chris, you don’t need the Sister Wives to make a great episode.

    I’m sorry you had to talk about sports, but as you can see, the sports in the Commonwealth countries are far more interesting. I suggest watching rugby — any version (yes, there are different versions) — it’s like bowling, only that you stay with the ball.

  32. Wildride says:

    That boy is our last hope …:


  33. Wildride says:

    A googly, that’s when you do a web search on how to play cricket, right?

  34. Hashtag Nerd says:

    I would love to see Dominic on the next Star Wars… please let this happen!

  35. Drebe73 says:

    Really enjoying the episode. Dominic is fantastic. Funny, his voice is starting to sound like Malcolm McDowel.

  36. windracer says:

    Whenever I hear “googly” I think of that old American Express commercial with Jerry Seinfeld. “That was a wicked googly!”

  37. Chris says:

    DARN IT! I was gonig to hold out for a DriveShaft CD!

  38. Congratulations to Donnie Lederer [email protected] who actually bought the film for Dominic and was proclaimed the winner by @nerdist.

    Really fun episode btw! While I don’t totally understand Cricket, it makes a bit more sense to me now. :-)

  39. someBrad says:

    I don’t listen to Chris Hardwick for great sports chat, but the football bit was good enough to get me to come here and say so.

    Since I’m already here, two pieces of constructive criticism. First, the problem with saying every guest is “fantastic” or whatever is that it’s useless to me as a listener. It doesn’t help me to decide whether or not I should keep listening. And if I end up finding the interview boring, it causes me to lose trust.

    Second, please stop arguing with critics in the show by anticipating their complaints. It doesn’t actually stop anyone from complaining and it annoys me more than whatever you are defensive about (and it is very defensive). I doubt you have a lot of hate-listeners, so people that complain about the podcast are probably fans. And if you know you are doing something people will complain about, either try to stop doing it or try to stop caring about the complaints. Or if you have to argue with your critics, do it in the comment thread or on twitter where the rest if us can ignore it.

  40. Kid Rock says:

    I’m going platinum, SELLING RHYMES. I went platinum SEVEN TIMES.

  41. Tim McLaren says:

    Great episode! “The Flight of Dragons” is one of my all-time favorites, too! I found my copy on Amazon:

    James Earl Jones AND the late, great John Ritter!

  42. Matias says:

    This sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun.

    And thanks for not writing “soccer”.

  43. Leonard Sultana says:

    A fantastic guest – was kinda counting the days to see this podcast since his appearance on ‘The Nerdist’, to be honest. Wonder if he’ll be heading back to SDCC this year? I’ve heard his DJing skills are to be heard to be believed… (I’ll be the judge of that, thank you very much.)