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Episode 315: Nerdist Podcast
Dave Grohl
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Dave Grohl

The amazing and talented Dave Grohl invited Chris, Matt and Jonah to his studio to talk about his love for music, how he learned to play the drums and his new documentary Sound City!

Click here to see the documentary Sound City, available February 1st!



  • Hardwick you magnificient b@stard….PHENOM podcast. Dave Grohl would be on my top 5 “folks living that i’d like to have dinner with”…or, in his case, “folks living that i’d like to hang out at a bar with”. The guy has always come across as funny, entertaining, amazing musician, humble, and just down-to-earth-cool. His appearances on recent podcasts like this one and Marons only solidifies that fact. It also really brings to light his strongest attribute: pure enthusiastic passion. The guy is just passionate about music..all music. He might seem a weird “get” for nerdist, but once you learn about this quest for the sound board and history behind Sound City (cant WAIT to see the doc), you’ll realize he’s a pefect fit.

    Peace .n.
    ……………….”If music be the food of love, Play on;
    ……………….Give me excess of it…”
    ……………………………………..Duke Orsino, Shakespeare, 12th Night, 1602


    (PS: I highly suggest catching a Foo Fighters concert if you get the chance…they reallllly put on an amazing show and bring alot for the fans. Grohl connects with the audience big time).

  • YOU GUYS JUST WON THE INTERNET!!! Dave Grohl is not only one of my favorite musicians but he is so fucking funny as well! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS PODCAST GAHHHHHHH!!!

  • Fantastic interview. I love Dave. I could have listened to more with him, but thanks for the time you were able to get with him.

    Movie plays one night (tomorrow) in the area and I’ll be out of town. Thankfully I can buy it on iTunes and take it with me.

    I remember not being able to get tix to that 9:30 Club reunion show. They were only available by lottery and notification came only if you were on the mailing list. The first band (Tiny Desk Unit) and last band (Trouble Funk) to play @ 930 F St NW (the old location that Dave was referring to) were there, Clutch, Rollins, Dave, Bob Mould, etc.

    Question: Were Josh Wolf’s balls being dragged over a mic during this? (Chelsea reference) What was that strange sound?

    Not bitching, not criticizing, just curious.

  • @3ToF: Agreed. I was fortunate enough to see Dave and the Foo Fighters play in front of his hometown crowd in 2011. It was a 3 hour show. Bob Mould came on during the encore to play “Dear Rosemary” and Foo’s cover of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown.”

  • AWESOME – Downloading now – as a recording guy I’m super stoked about this movie – if this interview is 1% as epic as your Tom Morello interview I’ll be a fan for life.

    If any of my fellow rocker-nerds are looking for something to occupy their caffeinated while they anxiously await the release of Sound City, I recently recorded a “Swamp Rock” band in a solar powered cottage (designed and built by the band) in the woods of northern Ontario.

    Click on my name in this post to check out their debut single.

    Sorry for the shameless self promo but it’s loosely related – The guys met Dave Grohl last year and he told them the key to success in music these days is:

    a) doing something different (like the Sound City docu. and associated gigs), and;

    b) using the interwebz to market it (like this interview, and all the other constant stream of info about Sound City on Twitter/FB etc.)

    Dave definitely walks the walk.

  • So this was my first time listening to the Nerdist, and I was completely surprised and excited to hear Anamanaguchi in the intro! Dave Grohl is amazing and I will definitely be listening again.

  • Someone else mentioned Dave Grohl walking the walk – I like hearing his thinking about playing in the garage, that must have lead to the youtube release of ‘Wasting Light’ played live in a garage.

    Really cool, and you better believe I went and bought the album the moment it finished to support him doing something cool like that.

  • @RedRoomRecordings: thanks for the link, i quite liked the sound of “Video Diplomacy”. Good luck w the band!

    @ JetPack: OOOOOO…you saw Foo Fighters with Bob Mould? color me jealous. I dig his stuff across the boards…his newest disc, Silver Age, is great…reminds me of the Sugar heyday. I caught the Foo Fighters last summer @ Summerfest and they played a super long show as well (sooo cool) which included: Dave geeking out as Rick Neilson form Cheap Trick loaned him his checkerboard guitar…they played a few great covers: Surrender, In the Flesh, and Breakdown.

    Peace .n. “Cant play without mah guitar string!!!…plink”
    – Uncle Pecos on Tom n Jerry

    3 Toes of “frogggy went a courtin he did riggght..crammbone” Fury

  • Just saw this pop-up in my iTunes and cannot wait to listen to it … DAVE GROHL is a legend, and my idol (as are the Foo Fighters!) So stoked that Nerdist now includes ‘bands for geeks’… FTW so cool!

  • Sweet and sour Cthulu, you got Dave Farking Grohl on the podcast?!?!?! AND you talked to him in HIS studio?!?! Holy shit, Batman, I cannot WAIT to listen! The guy seems pretty darned funny and smart and his drumming for Queens of the Stone Age blows my farking MIND!

    I’m two weeks behind with podcast listening, but screw that! I’m jumping ahead to this episode!

  • Speaking of music (many) nerds love … Since Dave and Taylor Hawkins will be inducting RUSH into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame at a ceremony in L.A. in May 2013, maybe he can hook the Nerdist up with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson while they are in SoCal. (I wouldn’t even dream of getting the totally awesome but publicity-shy introvert Neil Peart.)

  • Great episode. Not gonna lie when I say I peed a little when I saw his name pop up. The Colour and the Shape was the first album I ever got that belonged to me and not my parents. This is one I’m going to have to give a few listens just to get everything from it. Thumbs up.

  • What @Friend of a Friend said!!! Talk about your nerd bands! Yes, get those nice Canadian boys on the podcast “tout de suite!”

    Other nerd musicians / bands you MUST have on the show should include Thomas Dolby (you’ve already interviewed him once for BBC America!) and Devo. Shoot, my mother-in-law is BFFs with local artist Amy Mothersbaugh Roos, who I’ve encouraged to make some Nerdist artwork, so at least one person among the Mothersbaugh siblings knows about the podcast. Give ‘em a call!

  • What a wonderful interview!! I can’t wait to see this documentary. And as a Rick fan – I adore that Dave just comes out says that, not only should Rick not be a “guilty pleasure” but that we should just like what we like and get on with it.

  • To add to the Dave Grohl video cornucopia, might I suggest the Foo Fighters documentary “Back And Forth” and Live at Wembley Stadium.

    Second night of the Wembley show featured John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page playing on “Rock and Roll” & “Ramble On”

    So getting big name musicians to collaborate with has happened before. Although I bet it takes shit-tons of coordination.

  • Fuck the Simon Cowells of the world. They think they’re the gatekeepers, but they’re really just carnies telling you if you can get on their shoddily but ride.

  • Oh, also to add to Dave’s thing about failing. My college professors always used to tell me “Fail, Fail again, Fail in flames, Fail better.”

    I’m sure they stole it from someone, but I like that saying a lot.

  • This was sooooooo good! Nerdist keeps delivering the goods baby! Dave Grohl is easy, one of the most talented guys in rock. (arguably ever, for realz) And what makes him even more awesome, he’s a truly nice guy. The entertainment/make my life better value that Nerdist gives me is off the fucking charts! Not sure how you guys are going to keep up this insane level of awesomeness over the rest of the year because you have set the bar crazy high! :D

  • Another directorial project Dave did recently was the music video for Soundgarden’s “By Crooked Steps.”

    It definitely has his patented comedic twist.

    “Conceived and directed by our friend and fan Dave Grohl, depicts the “Crooked Steps” gang cruising around the tough streets of LA, reeking havoc on the DJ scene. Dave said about approaching the band to direct the video, “I had an idea. I got a copy of the record and the third song ‘By Crooked Steps’ was a signature, instantly recognizable Soundgarden song,” and the rest was history.”

  • Allright Chris get out your hanky cuz I’m gonna gush about the podcast too.FUCKING AMAZING!! such a great interview. Dave was so down to earth and the Synergy was electric like you guys have known each other for years.Man I need to listen to these more often.
    Chris you Fuckin’ ROCK!!!

  • This was a delightful episode!

    Dave Grohl is always among my top ten list of wonderful people, and I was hoping that due to Sound City, he’d make it to the Nerdist!

    I truly enjoy these podcasts, they are casual enough to prompt honest answers and longer stories, but maintain a pacing that keeps it devolving into chaos. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!