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Episode 315: Nerdist Podcast
Dave Grohl
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Dave Grohl

The amazing and talented Dave Grohl invited Chris, Matt and Jonah to his studio to talk about his love for music, how he learned to play the drums and his new documentary Sound City!

Click here to see the documentary Sound City, available February 1st!


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  1. Shonna says:

    Discovered Nerdist just a few months back. First episode was Andy Samberg. Second, Henry Rollins. I’ve been hooked since.
    Dave Grohl on the Nerdist was spectacular. I appreciated his musings on life with a four year old (since I have a munchkin too) and the influence (or lack of) that parents can have on their musical choices. And, it’s Dave effing Grohl. Seriously?
    Anyway, one of the parts that stayed with me is the hope that music has circled the evolution wagon and we are (hopefully) at a pre-punk era where people will look for something that isn’t what pop music is today and declare themselves unsatisfied. Brilliant thought and happy to chew on that for a while.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Sound City was AMAZING!!! I saw it on opening night in Jacksonville, FL. I laughed, applauded and cried. This documentary was done with a lot of heart and it’s totally Oscar worthy.

  3. Emma says:

    I loved Sound City!! Can’t wait to get the soundtrack for it when it comes out tomorrow :)

  4. alisaj29 says:

    I’ve been on materinity leave for the past 8wks and now that I’m back at work I’m catching up on the podcast. This podcast was AWESOME! I love Dave Grohl, I know NOTHING about music, other that I like to listen to it, and this podcast was soooo entertaining.

  5. Ted Wilson says:

    subtlesteve : It’s very rare to come across mind blowing insight on the internet, especially in the comments section, but you have blown my mind. As an artist, I have honestly never thought of what I produce in the terms you describe, but now, I know I’ll keep that simile in my head forever. From a newly challenged artist: Thank you sir.

  6. subtlesteve says:

    On the recurring topic whether comedians stop being funny when they get older and whether artists generally stop being creative once they have recognition and material comforts, I would like to expand the hypothesis. I think artists are machines that transform emotions and ideas into things you can see, touch, or hear. While some artists only figure out how to transform rage into art, others figure out how to transform joy and other things that don’t fade as you get successful the way rage does.

    For instance, Paul McCartney started out transforming the joy of being with people into music. Even as he gets older and the young man’s rock ‘n’ roll rage fades, he can still write songs that you want to sing with your friends. An example from comedy: Bill Cosby. The older he gets, the more stories he has about the comedy of the family household.

    The artist that can only transform rage is like a carpenter who only knows how to build things out of wood. Once there’s a wood shortage he’s useless. But if he learns to make tables out of stone, if he diversifies his raw materials, then he’s good no matter what happens to trees, just like the artist who can transform joy is good no matter what happens to rage.

  7. Noah Hale says:

    Mr. Grohl has restored my faith in humanity.

  8. mayanrelic says:

    I wonder if Dave is tired telling the same stories and from others podcasts and Back and Forth and online interviews. He seems like such a nice guy and like he doesn’t mind.

    I play drums. Have since I was 15. Dave reminds me of Rob Dyrdek – think of something, no matter how outrageous or different, and just go do it!

  9. Drakeo says:

    this is the 3rd time listening to this episode and love it so much!

    I’m a fan of Foo Fighters,love Dave Grohl,I so want to meet him one day and I really do want to check out the Sound City documentary since I also love Documentaries especialy Music Docs.

    I also want to recomend if any of you haven’t checked it out the Foo Fighters documentary “Back And Forth”

    it really is an excelent doc!