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Episode 176: Nerdist Podcast
Danica McKellar
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Danica McKellar

The guys sit down with Danica McKellar for a stellar conversation about growing up Winnie Cooper, her passion for math and how to give children confidence through education. Danica is WAY smart. She has a theorem named after her for crapsake! This ep takes wonderful turns that you may not expect!

Click here for more information on Danica and check out her bestselling books on math!


  • Another great podcast, they keep getting better. Great Talking Dead as well last night. I feel like I need to re-watch Wonder Years from start to finish ASAP after this. “Shes wicked smart.” in my best/annoying Boston accent.

  • I’m flipping out…I JUST watched that episode of IT Crowd today with the new emergency number. Just watched it like an hour ago! I haven’t watched the show in months! Crazy.

  • Chris,
    The first few times I ever drank (and any time I was drunk), I would do calculus problems in my head to convince myself that I hadn’t destroyed my math abilities. Then again, I was a mathematics major in college.

  • Germ: …because she’s trying to reach young girls and make math interesting to them. Young kids are frightened by “hard science.” What have YOU done for education lately? Hmmmm??? I’m guessing very little. *stares disapprovingly at your snarky comment*

    Try refocusing that sarcastic energy and do something good for the world. C’mon! Do it! You’re smart!

  • Chris: I didn’t want to out myself but I’m Neil Degrasse Tyson so I know a little about educating the kids, and I don’t even use pseudoscience. Make me a youtube apology video and I’ll consider coming back on your show. quarkspacetimegluonsdarkmattersingularity.

  • This was a fantastic Nerdist episode. Great guest, and I really like the ‘sincere’ Chris. Being into Harry Potter as a grown man is not ‘nerdy’, though, it’s immature (I know I’ll get crap for this on this site, but those books are for children).