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Episode 380: Nerdist Podcast
Charlie Day
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Charlie Day

The always delightful Charlie Day sits down with Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about writing It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, transitioning between comedic and serious acting, and his role in Pacific Rim, in theaters July 12th!


  • Oh sure, the cross-promotional blockbuster synergy system that Nerdist has now seamlessly integrated itself into would seem to call for a third *Pacific Rim* star, but personally I’m hoping for a third Charlie.

    Maybe Charlie Daniels?
    Charlie Sheen?
    Charlize Theron?

  • There was indeed Ancient Roman graffiti. One found said “To the one defecating here. Beware of the curse. If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.”

  • Seriously? The reason I listen to the nerdist is because of the subtle ways the hosts find common ground with guests who they may not necessarily agree with in terms of ideology, taste, etc. But Jesus they literally talked about flight of the concords to the guy for like 20 minutes. Then did everything short of asking him to apologize for his work! I will say without question anything nerdist sparks my interest more than always sunny, but I am a fan enough to be excited about the show. I actually cringed from discomfort. For the first time the hosts excessive passive agression came of ass rude rather than comforting. They interviewed a fucking punter in the NFL for christs sake! And did hardwick honestly try to pass off the Lincoln story like he didnt get it from the movie? Did I miss something? Is there bad blood? Won’t stop tuning in but I give this ep a D-.

  • I’ve always been a strong proponent of insightful criticism and opinionated commentary, but this particular writer’s affected tone and faux indignation was beyond cringeworthy. His absurd inferences regarding the history of “bad blood” between the hosts and the guest were reaching at best, and really betrayed a good deal of his own personal anxiety and unhappiness that he then projected onto what was clearly a bit of light ribbing which is common between professionals who make their living in comedy. One wonders if the amateur reviewer simply forgot the multiple times that the hosts complimented the modest guest when he expressed an insecurity regarding his conversational humor. Perhaps the poor lad was simply too busy concocting his “scathing write-up” in his head to pay attention to the parts of the conversation that didn’t support his flawed thesis. Either way , in the end we the unfortunate readers ended up with no more than a heap of poorly crafted drivel masquerading as well formed thought, and are forced to confront the hard truth that we’ve wasted time and energy reminding ourselves that not all opinions are worth sharing. I’d give this comment a 1 out 5 stars, but only because at least most of the commenter’s thoughts were spelled correctly and expressed in complete sentences.

  • OMG my Nerd Boner is huge for Charlie Day, and Pacific Rim! Can’t wait to see it this weekend. Great interview, and I though Charlie rifts well with you two. I mean he’s no Paul Feig, but an excellent job.

    And Tambodia,

    You’re an idiot.

  • I can’t disagree more about British TV. I love that shows are short lived. They never outstay their welcome. It’s rare for a show to stay as strong as Sunny has. Short, sweet, British shows are almost always strong throughout and it allows their creators to move on to different interesting projects. It’s amazing how Gervais has worked on a bunch of strong little projects form the Office, to Extras, the Ricky Gervais Show, Life’s Too Short, and now Derek.

  • Shattered by his experiences Drifting with Kaiju, Dr. Newton Greizler suffers a mental breakdown after moving back home to Phillidephia.

    His behaviour turns increasingly paranoid and erratic, and he starts to call himself “Charlie”. He has delusions of being a part-owner of a run-down bar.

    The PPDC assigns 2 Jaeger Cadets (a pair of fraternal twins) to go undercover to keep an eye on him.

    Hilarity ensues.