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Episode 259: Nerdist Podcast
Anna Kendrick
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Anna Kendrick

The delightful Anna Kendrick sits down with Chris to discuss how they met shooting the Ben Folds/Fraggles music video (which can be seen here!) and the anxiety of being nominated for an Academy Award, and they talk about their different tactics for arguing!

See Anna in End of Watch, in theaters this Friday September 21st!

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  1. MEEfO says:

    This one needs more comments. Anna was great, one of the best from 2012

  2. Mireya says:

    I love Anna Kendrick So much she is my idol!

  3. Oliver Klozoff says:

    I saw Do It Anyway for the first time yesterday and thought to myself, is that Isla Fisher or Amy Adams? Silly me…

  4. Jennifer says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this. Some of the things i heard on this were so funny. Anna Kendrick is a great actress and I like alot of her movies like Elsewhere and Rocket Science. I also like her performance in Pitch Perfect, she has a really great singing voice. Now in the movie End of Watch i think alot of her scenes like the singing in the car were great. The romantic scene looked natural. I am ready to see her movies that will be coming out this year of 2013!!! Great job Anna!!! I also liked the Fraggles video cause I used to watch them all the time when I was a little girl!!!!

  5. william says:

    i enjoy listening to you guys and gal talk on this podcast.

  6. Kevin Rubio says:

    You know, i only know of Anna, through her work in “Up In The Air”, but I gotta say, after this podcast I am in love!

  7. Tobor the Great says:

    She was charming and delightful.

  8. Blunt_Logic says:

    Why didn’t you ask her about Pitch Perfect? It’s hilarious and even if it isn’t an Oscar-type movie, it’s getting amazing reviews. That hurt my 14 year old nerd girl just a bit.

  9. Livius says:

    I love Anna Kendrick.
    This episode has just added to it.

    She was fantastic in Pitch Perfect (advanced screening because they filmed it on my campus) I was remembering what she said in the episode while watching her in the movie.

  10. Nathan says:

    +1 for Rome, Open City

  11. Scott says:

    Dear God. What a fantastic interview. To quote Curtis above:
    “Loves Martin McDonagh ✓
    Is a redditor ✓
    Loves movies ✓
    Super humble ✓
    All around adorableness ✓”
    I have seen Anna in movies but to hear her talk with absolute honesty and a self effacing charm is another thing entirely. Loved the discussion about Tom Waits and Martin Mcdonagh. I so hope Anna is able to maintain her openness and charm in the face of hollywood superficiality. Well done Chris and Anna and Thank you!!!!

  12. Linda says:

    Chris says – Back off! I have Fraggles and I’m not afraid to use them!

  13. Leah says:

    Love Anna Kendrick – what a phenomenal actress and great guest. Had to pause the episode to freak out that, since we’re virtually the same age, I also was one of the tape swappers for The Muppet Family Christmas. My sister and cousins and I wore the taped off the television version of that until it basically disintegrated. Super sad to learn any other version of it is edited.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Bitchface is so right. You definitely CAN change peoples’ opinion about you. But I think her asking him out played a big part :-)

  15. John the prawn says:

    Wow, got a little awkward around the Michael Cera part

  16. toonsmyth says:

    When I saw Anna in the Ben Folds video I thought, “Oooh! Wouldn’t it be great if SHE were a guest on the podcast? But, naaaah. She’s such a goddess, she probably doesn’t have time for such things.” And wouldn’tcha know it – There she is gracing us with her countenance the very next week. Ghod bless you, Chris Hardwick. I nominate you for king of the internet!

  17. Sam says:

    On the not liking someone when you first meet them note – when my boyfriend and I first met (months before we went on our first date), I was a little intoxicated and had had a really bad day. He thought I was a total bitch (for the record, I’m not and unfortunately suffer from bitchface). Months later I asked him out on a date and we’ve been together for three years. I think I changed his opinion. :)

  18. Marielle says:

    @ThatGuyRightHere I adore Muppet Family Christmas too- it’s my favorite Christmas movie, in fact, and a tradition to watch on Thanksgiving.

    I actually somehow found it on DVD a few years back, and my aunt still has it on VHS…but the DVDs are hella expensive on Amazon. They charge something like $80 bucks for them.

    I’ve looked around the internet for the movie but I haven’t really found it anywhere else.

  19. Dash S. says:

    Hardwick: “…I’ve never seen a Twilight movie.”

    Anna: “That’s okay, homie.”

    Man, between this podcast, and the two YouTube videos I’ve seen her in this week (“DO IT ANYWAY” and “STARSHIPS” by Mike Tompkins), Anna’s score on the awesome scale is becoming immeasurable.

  20. Leezer says:

    Willem Dafoe was nominated for two Oscars.

  21. Louie says:

    Here’s a clip of that aforementioned Conan appearence-

    And, anyone else she Ms. Kendrick in Rocket Science (2007)? I’ve loved her ever since, even though her character in that film is less than likeable, to say the least. Check it out if you are unfamiliar.

  22. scotty says:

    Watched Anna on Conan last night and the whole room of us fell in love. She is wicked awesome! Fantastic Firestarter reference…is it weird that while i visualized flashbacks of lil Drew B frying shit with her mind it had a Prodigy soundtrack? Nah. Didn’t think so.

  23. Derek Harju says:

    Anna Kendrick was an absolute surprise and a delight. Thank you for having her on and please invite her back to further discuss memories of video stores, Henson lore and local commercials from the 80’s.

  24. Matt Grandis says:

    Kyle: “You should try my library!”
    Anna: *crickets*
    Nerdist audience: “We accept him! We accept him! One of us! One of us! Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble!”

  25. Ryan says:

    What a great conversation. I have never seen any of Anna’s movies but I’ve added Up in the Air to my queue, because if she half as enjoyable as an actress as she was on this podcast, I’m sure I will love the movie.

    P.S. Fraggles Rock!

  26. Eric says:

    Michael Cera needs to be on the show so there can be a Marc Maron-esque reconciliation.

  27. Christine says:

    Thank you, Stephen! I was hoping someone would mention Camp!

  28. dance...dancetotheradio says:

    Fuhhck you guys.
    How could you start this podcast and not tell me?
    You’re at 259 and I’m only at 26.

    And how come some are missing?

  29. Stephen says:

    Loved her since Camp.

  30. Patty Marvel says:

    And for you younglings who’ve never seen this Sesame Street classic:

  31. Patty Marvel says:

    @Chris Hardwick – “A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter.”

    Holy shit, Batman! I just about squeed when I heard that! Hubby and I will *STILL* quote that to each other when we make grocery lists! Do you find yourself singing, “Noo nee noo nee noo” because of THIS guy?

    Just for that, I’m playing some “Yacht Rock” on my show this Saturday for ya! I’ll sandwich in between bands I’d normally play…how about a line up featuring something by The Dead Kennedys (perhaps “Too Drunk to Fuck?”), followed by Steve Winwood’s “The Finer Things” and perhaps a selection from Coil’s “The Anal Staircase?” Yes, that would do nicely…

    Now back to the podcast…

    P.S. If anyone else has some song requests, I’m open to suggestions.

  32. anncoultersadamsapple says:

    This was almost like having a second Allison Scagliotti episode (which I still want).

    I love this woman.

  33. Wildride says:

    Chris, getting the shot you wanted with the Fraggles was your Wesley Crusher Pen Pals moment. Yeah, the other guy might be more experienced and thinks you don’t need it, but damnit you’re in charge and he has to do what you say.


  34. Doug B. says:

    It was going so well until the Gyllenhaal “joke” at the end. I guess Chris is the one shitting ice now…

  35. NeuroMan42 says:

    My favorite “hard-to-find-uncut” Muppet film is Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas. There is a TV version which is different from the released VHS version, and the DVD version is a horrible mish-mash of BOTH.

  36. amysrevenge says:

    Love the bindle bit from the nerdtern. Well played. :)

  37. Wow. Wicked smart and well spoken lady. And a really good actress. If she hadn’t kicked my puppy that one time I’d think she was pretty awesome.

  38. Michelle says:

    Kinda hoping she plays Wasp …

  39. @ICollectHobbies says:

    She’s beautiful, likeable, smart, AND FUNNY? What a bitch…

    JUST KIDDING! Awesome interview!

  40. R. E. Dynamite says:

    The Kabuki Sundance Cinema in San Francisco charges a little extra so you don’t have to sit through commercials. it’s and 21 and over and serves booze!

  41. JetpackBlues says:

    Above: Kendra = Anna Kendrick.

    Me = Dumbass.

  42. JetpackBlues says:

    Fun show! Like SlimCharles, I too crushed HARD on Kendra by the end of watching 50/50. Then seeing her pop up in the “Do It Anyway” vid reminded me of that and her role in “Scott Pilgrim.”

    Do all the ladies that end up on the podcast seem more hip than the guys? e.g. Kendra, Geri Ryan, Mary Lynn, Aisha, Carla Santa Maria, Danica McKellar, et aliae. Well, at least until someone goes too far with a bit….

    Will a Rob Corddry podcast round out the guests from the video this week?

    Chris, your class photo/avatar on Twitter reminds me of River Phoenix as Wolfgang Müller in “Explorers.”

    “Bloodshed is my life….”

  43. Eric Cousino says:

    I loved they way Anna used “Justice Porn” to describe a certain type of movie. She is very charming and articulate lady.

  44. Stile4aly says:

    Anna un-ironically brings up Diagon Alley, describes the Oscar experience as “shitting ice”, knows what Spacedicks is and why to fear it, and is a classic movie buff. What’s not to love?

    The other thing that struck me is how well spoken she is. Actors haven’t been considered the brightest bulbs of late, but she seems to be part of this new generation that are capable of stringing a sentence together and having real thoughts about actual subjects.

    She was a real pleasure to listen to.

  45. SlimCharles says:

    Ha, just watched 50/50 last night. Fantastic movie, and Anna’s performance was great [as well as other actors].
    I already developed a crush on her before listening to this episode, now I’m sure she’s one of the coolest persons in Hollywood! Great episode, really enjoyed it.

  46. Jesse says:

    My heart! It hurts!

  47. ThisGuyRightHere says:

    I LOVE The Muppet Family Christmas! My mom had it taped on VHS. They did release a VHS version, but it’s got songs removed from it. However, it may be on a tube of sorts, not my tube though… 😉

  48. Curtis says:

    Okay so let’s go through this –
    Loves Martin McDonagh ✓
    Is a redditor ✓
    Loves movies ✓
    Super humble ✓
    All around adorableness ✓

    Great episode, Anna sounds like she’s an absolute delight to be around. I loved her in Up in the Air as well as Scott Pilgrim and every time I see her on screen I just want to give her a hug (consensual, of course) because she’s so tiny and adorable.