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Episode 209: Nerdist Podcast
Ana Gasteyer
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast: Ana Gasteyer

The hilarious Ana Gasteyer sits down to talk about her start with Groundlings, the comedic differences between stand up and improv and being on the show Suburgatory!

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  • What a great episode! Ana Gasteyer is a delight! I bet she’d be so funny on a live ep! The funky spelling California name thing was funny. I have a cousin named, ‘Three”. And that’s the shortest great story I have. I have a cousin named “Three”. No need for a setup, or takedown. It’s all right there.

    Btw, I’ve never actually met Three in person, so you know, uh, Three, if you’re a fan of nerdist, um, hi there! Yes, it’s probably you, I mean, how many “Three’s” can there be… True, I guess you would know better than me… Anyway, point is, hi there! Nice to finally meet you!

    Sorry guys, man, is this awkward or what?

  • Glad to hear the story about how some people just don’t get jokes and take things too seriously- happens to me ALL the time and it’s often frustrating and embarrassing! Happy I’m not alone in that! <3

  • Comedians retweet other comedians? If that means comedians just retweet PF Tompkins (and his freakishly long pinky fingers) then you’re correct.

  • I’m loving these interviews as of late, but I really do miss Matt and Jonah joining in! I’m sure that they couldn’t make it on these, but perhaps you could try to have them on the interview eps more frequently?

  • So I’m going to float a theory here. Tell me if you think I’m full of crap.

    I noticed that public attention on the way women in comedy look came up in both Ana Gasteyer’s episode and Tina Fey’s, and in both episodes they seemed flustered and embarrassed by it, like they didn’t really know what to do with that kind of attention. My theory is that, while both Ana and Tina are very good looking women, that’s not whey they’re getting attention for it.

    A great deal of American entertainment seems to revolve around the way people look and I’m not sure if that’s the cause of America’s appetite for mindless good looking entertainers or an effect of it. Perhaps it’s simply a mutually reinforced cycle that has become so socially ingrained that many of us now automatically equate the feeling of attraction with visual stimulation. In other words, Americans pay so much attention to entertainers based solely on attractive physical characteristics that the entertainment industry now thinks that if Americans are attracted to an entertainer that it MUST be solely based on physical attraction, QED.

    I think, however, that in order to be a successful comedienne it takes certain other attributes that a certain type of person is very attracted to. Intelligence, courage, determination, sensitivity, charm and charisma are among them. Not only are these women physically attractive, but because of their personalities they come across as attractive people, and I think that’s a point that the articles mentioned in the podcast seem to miss entirely.

  • I don’t think you’re full of crap at all, @Doc! I think you’re right on — personality and good looks certainly do enhance each other! Of course, I’m not a lady at all. I do have little sisters, though. And a wife. And daughters. They’re all gorgeous. Especially my daughters. I haven’t read the articles close enough, but I think the point I took from both conversations is that these successful, beautiful women have two jobs — their actual jobs, and the additional job of maintaining their good looks. They don’t necessarily feel attractive, but they each were maybe given opportunities partially because of their attractiveness. So they naturally feel that they are judged on both, which is not true for male performers. Like I said my daughters are gorgeous. And they’re smart as whips, and clever as anything, with these awesome little pistol personalities. I hope they can grow up with both — pride in the content of their characters, and the knowledge that they are beautiful, strong, healthy women. But it makes me sad to know that society will be crueler than that — and that if they grow up without scars, they will have had the uncommon experience, and not the common one.

  • This was definitely one of my favorite episodes. Ana seems like such a good chat. It didn’t feel long at all because you two had such a great rapport.