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Episode 97: Nerdist Podcast
Zooey Deschanel
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #97: ZOOEY DESCHANEL

Zooey D TURN-ONs:  yacht rock, Pandora and puns. Zooey D TURN-OFFS: improper microphone compression and gluten. Also, she is immensely cool. HOW DO WE KEEP GETTING SO LUCKY WITH THE COOL PEOPLE ON THIS FLY-BY-NIGHT OPERATION??? I don’t now but I’m all fer it! (as opposed to agin it)

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What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s?

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  1. Ricardo says:

    I’ve been a long time listener, but never felt the need to comment. But with Zooey Deschanel being the guest, I felt the need because she’s so fantastically awesome. I love She & Him, and the “I’m alone on a bicycle for two” line in “Black Hole” has always been my favorite. All the women that have been on the show lately have been really great episodes and always make my day!

  2. Jim Simonetti says:

    Hey great job again Big C! Awesome episode!

  3. Eric says:

    Is Zooey’s comedy website that she mentioned up yet? Does anyone know what it’s called?

  4. Manuel says:

    This was such an amazing podcast! Thank you,guys!
    How Zooey talks about her music … *sigh* She’s soooo awesome. 🙂
    Can’t wait to watch her SitCom.

  5. victor says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised if youre server crashed today hahaha, good job with the cool guests!! although this its a different format i think you have better, more interesting guest them any of the late night shows! thanks!! always makes my work outs fly by when im listening to the nerdist (sometimes i stay alil later just to finish the podcast)

  6. Jet says:

    Maybe after this I’ll stop confusing her with Lizzy Caplan. Something about them having bangs and playing the “girlfriend” on Weeds and True Blood forever confused them in my brain.

  7. Carol says:

    Chris, thank you SO MUCH for giving a little airtime to gluten intolerance and speaking about it in such a thoughtful, honest way. I’m a food writer and I have celiac disease (was diagnosed 3 years ago) and it’s so refreshing to have people talk about it the way you and Zooey did. For so many of us it’s *not* a choice or a fad we think we need to follow — it’s a necessity.

    The first thing I thought when I was diagnosed was, “oh shit, I’m gonna be one of *those* people now. Fuck.” You know, the ones who are all, [use earnest, over-enunciated Portlandia voice here] “Oh, I can’t eat gluten, sorry.” But, more and more, I’m meeting people who are normal and cool and awesome and real who are no-bullshit about it. It’s great. So, thanks again for talking openly about it, and something-cooler-than-a-high-five to Janet and Zooey for dealing with life without gluten and not being douchey about it. We need more people like you on our team, girls.

  8. Leighsure says:

    Hell, I’m 62 and I’ve got a crush on Zooey. This goes back to “Mumford” — she plays way too straight in “Elf”.
    This is my first time at Nerdist and I LOVE it. This actually lets people be the people they are. Of course, maybe Zooey particularly adapts well to this format.

  9. foritsu says:

    She says ‘like’ an awful lot.

  10. JL says:

    holy crap hearing Zooey talk about her music making beginnings made me reach a new level of love for her. and did she really question her nerdiness/what constitutes as nerdy when she starts off the podcast talking about vocal compression? 😀

  11. Bryan says:

    But, that means he waited for this episode to come out AND let’s not forget that this isn’t as popular as a Youtube clip or even a review for the podcast on iTunes. He went out of his way to be a dick. That’s just kinda…sad. Love the (free) show though!

  12. Sarah says:

    Love Zooey. Love you guys.

  13. Glorilis says:

    I miss Matt :'(

    Good episode though 🙂

  14. TinyNinjas says:

    I’m really over the hipster bashing when it comes to Zooey, it seems so unnecessary. I’m only halfway through the podcast but I just wanted to say how refreshing it is to hear her say that just because she cut something out of her diet for health reasons doesn’t mean she encourages everyone else to do it. I get really tired of hearing celebrities bash various things in their diets because they personally choose to not eat it (carbs, dairy, etc).

    I would not be opposed to having Janet be an occasional cohost 🙂

  15. CXRengel says:

    I still stand by that Chase Masterson from “Deep Space Nine” would be a great guest on your podcast. She’d be that funny, charming, sexy guest like Julie Benz, Jeri Ryan and Zooey.

  16. Bocephus says:

    oh and @slimcharles no way is it pathetic dude. Crushes are what keep the heart goin and youthful. once you stop crushin you’re on your way out mate

  17. Bocephus says:

    I can’t wait to listen to this. Please tell me you got her to sing something to you. Anything…song, phone book, receipts… her voice is just ungodly. had the major thing for her since Elf 😀

  18. Brad says:

    I rather enjoyed that extended Anamanaguchi opener, including the abrupt ending.

  19. JE Smith says:

    Suddenly all the podcasts are with hot babes. Not that I’m complaining…

  20. James is Awesome says:

    @Chris Hardwick

    and I am pretty sure that you are one of the biggest anti-hipsters of ALL TIME!

    Also, Zooey is beautiful and awesome!

  21. Sean says:

    Looking forward to listen to this! Zooey is one of the most talented and beautiful women on Earth. Definitely on my Top 5.

  22. Tom says:

    Can we get Emily on next? or Even Caleb.

  23. Kate Chicago says:

    Great get with Zooey! Maybe she could hook you up with her sister and you really can talk about cadavers for 40 minutes. How nerdy/awesome would that be?!

  24. Three Toes of Fury says:


    The interview dynamic on Nerdist is somehow, indescribably, different than elsewhere. And thats a great thing. Ive done alot of digging around other podcasts and they just dont “have it” like you guys. There’s a real genuine energy that comes thru in your show…its completely aparent in the recent Jeri Ryan and this show. I love the stream-o-consciousness flow and surprise where i come in expecting huge discussions about what it was like to work with Star Trek or Hitchhikers Guide and end up hearing about the love of food/cooking and old school mix tapes!

    Keep on Rockin .n. Rollin Yon Nerdists!

  25. Tuomas says:

    As in relation to Gluten,

    if going into the discussion of why and what it pays to differentiate wheat allergy and Coeliac disease. People having them need to avoid gluten but for different reasons and the symptoms are partially different too. With coeliac disease the gluten essentially damages the villi lining in the small intestine and that’s bad because it is what absords nutrients.

    The better understanding of Coeliac disease has led to more diagnosing of it and, thus, to the rise of gluten-free products. For example in Finland it is estimated that around 2% of the population has the disease but only 1/3 of those are aware of it. I would also assume that due to the relatively high number and the hightened knowledge, Finland is one of the few countries where you have the chance to get diagnosed due to doctors actually knowing about it. And most likely us having genetic predisposition for it.

    So, you can’t draw accurate conclusions of the rise of gluten-free food on what’s causing it, you have to solve it the other way around.
    I am in no means an expert in this, just unfortunately there’s coeliac disease in my maternal family.

  26. Vincent S. says:


    It stops at 51:51 on my comp. 🙁 Is anybody else having this problem?

  27. izzy says:

    I know what I am doing at work this morning. 🙂 Zooey might be the cutest person EVER!

  28. MauroG says:

    Black Hole is my favorite She & Him song too! The “ooh-la-las” are so beautiful.
    And I’m so glad to hear Zooey talk about Matt’s personal guitar technique, I didn’t know he was left handed. You can hear it in the albums, but I saw them live in Madrid and he’s AMAZING.

  29. Vincent S says:

    Woot! Another lady podcast! They reeeaallly break-up the mostly male guest/hostful line-up in your podcast pool. I’ll listen to this soon.

    Just because it’s appropriate, thank you Nerdist.

  30. Me says:

    Hell Yes! I have such a crush on Zooey!

    and @DaveyJones hmm yes I definitely sense your superior bohemian enlightened sensibilities permeating from the highly cultivated criticism you gave. You definitely nail on the head with this one. After thinking about what you said I believe I’ll go kill myself, or maybe I’ll skip off to an MGMT concert with my hipster friends whilst talking about cadavers and then kill myself. Or maybe! I’ll just tell you to get bent and take that sorry ass pessimistic, brain shit you just vomited in the form of a worthless comment with you. In the words of the great George Takei, you are a douche bag!

  31. Ryan says:

    One word, Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. YES!!!!

  32. Wesley Marshall says:

    So happy you are a Death Cab fan Chris, Matt, and Jonah. I literally just saw them at the El Rey. Enjoyed Zooey and her silliness.

  33. Don’t feed the trolls Chris! Anyways another great podcast as always. Zooey seems like such a cool girl that pretty much everyone wants to hang out with/marry.

  34. Kevin says:

    Hey Big C,

    First time commenter, I’ve been listening to show for a few weeks and I love it. I only listen to this podcast,WTF,and shows on the SMODcast network.You guy’s have really been on fire lately with these great women.

    Thank You!

    P.S. Sorry if this seems illegible.

  35. SlimCharles says:

    Is it pathetic to still have a crush on a celebrity when you’re 28? Zooey is so awesome, can’t wait to listen to this. Good job Big C!

  36. Chris Hardwick says:

    @Bryan: Yeah, I sense that DaveyJones just wanted to be a negative wiener to show us all how “clever” and above it all he is. I’m not sure what’s more hipster than that! 🙂

  37. Sergio Lopez says:

    haha, oh man, the “box of nerdy” line was super fucking clever… good one Jonah

  38. Bryan says:

    @Davey Jones
    Really? Please tell me that was a joke…or maybe I just haven’t heard this ep. yet. Because if you’re really complaining, that’s just fucked up.

  39. Lee Benningfield says:

    Zooey is the best. I’ve been a fan of her since I saw Elf, and the Hitchhiker’s movie made me a superfan. I hadn’t heard much about her new show, but I just watched the promo and it looks awesome.

  40. Kaitlin says:

    Loved this one. She is everything I strive to be – classy, funny, and humble. Thanks for having such amazing people on your podcast!

  41. Nick F says:

    The turtle thing was LOGO. 😀

  42. Lukas says:

    Fantastic birthday present. Zooey is awesome. My ears will surely enjoy.

  43. Tyson says:

    Love, love, love Zooey. Bout to listen to this now


  44. Wendy says:

    Oh My GOd! Sooo excited for Zooey Deschanel!
    I loved her since I saw her in All the Real Girls like 6,7 years ago. So cool.

  45. Matt says:

    For me the “save as” mp3 link from Nerdist has a 48mb file that cuts off at the 33 minute mark. Is it this way for everyone?

  46. davey jones locker says:

    wow another hipster guest for this hipster show…..sweet. hope they talk about cadavers for the first 40 minutes.

  47. Clueless Neophyte says:

    Looking forward to listenin’ to this one–the Jeri Ryan ep was a hoot. You fellers are on quite the run–here’s hoping your luck holds out! Who on earth could be NEXT…?

  48. L Sorenson says:

    OMG!!!! One of the hottest women on the Earth! So talented and beautiful, great “get” Chris. You are lucky beyond compare, thanks for sharing.

  49. itsamichael says:

    YESS Ive been waiting for this one!