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Episode 9: Nerdist Podcast
Mike Shinoda
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #9: Mike Shinoda

You may notice that the pic for this post does not have a Nerdist Podcast logo woven into it in any way. This is because it’s part of a contest whose details will be revealed in the episode…

Oooooooooooo! sNeAkY!!!  (click on the pic for higher res)

Send all entries to [email protected] with the subject “Go For It!”

Recently I became email pals with Mike Shinoda of the band Linkin Park and have found him to be two of my favorite things: super-smart and super-nice. This is a special “one-on-one” podcast, with just Mike and myself, as Jonah and Matt were both out of town doing out of town things. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure Matt was liking the Dave Matthews Band wherever he was.

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Final Images from Cassini Are Stunning

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What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s?

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  1. chris says:

    i’m very upset that you did not make mike shinoda publicly apologize for inflicting nu-metal upon the world.

  2. max tarkhov says:

    hey chris, how the things with contest going?

  3. luciano says:

    eyyyy mike how are you????…. is impresionant… i love linkin park…..

  4. Cornish says:

    Awesome podcast, thank you :)!

  5. Mike says:

    That was great! I loved listening to it. Just wondering though, is the contest over? I would like to give it a try if not..

  6. freakie says:

    love it!

  7. Jay says:

    Hi Chris,

    Great podcast. Your reference to ‘1000 true fans’ is based on a Kevin Kelly post here:

    Happy tweeting!

  8. Keith says:

    so chris, any updates as to how the posters are coming?

  9. Kevin says:

    come to Toledo!

  10. Luckaius says:

    Just discovered your podcast browsing ZUNE marketplace, and I love it! Makes my heart swell that you’re providing the interwebs with more of that good old fashioned, down home, free, quality entertainment. From a fellow victim of hick-country: keep up the good “work”.

  11. zahra says:

    !lol dude its sooo long ! hey about the new linkin park album i dont want to hear the same sound!!! i’m happy its gonna be different!i feel like u think we’re just crazy about lp (and we are but…its not like that) we love u guys 4 the different music ,i never get board of hearing u guys every day!its more than inspirational! btw if i find 10′000 ppl that live in iran that want to see u guys live!(and make a revaluation soo they change the rules so u guys can come) !!will u come?!?!i’m gonna go for it but first i need a approval!

    i posted this on mikes site soo….ya

  12. Justin says:

    I was out running this morning listening to Nerdist #9 and when the show ended I was treated to “Go for it.” Not only did my heart rate increase and I started to run just a little faster, I ripped the heart out of the air. It was awesome. Then I listened to the song again. Thanks for making my day.

  13. JJ007 says:

    Mike’s dad seems like a cool guy!

  14. Anonimous User says:

    Fuck Twitter…. Your on that? man wake up…

  15. Jeff says:

    I really enjoyed your interview with Mike. It was good to hear from someone who is successful in music and still gives some focus to their design background. The contest was a great way to engage fans, I’d like to know a deadline for submissions though.

    I saw a couple of angry posts – I have never considered myself to be a Linkin Park fan but in the words of Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir “Just because you don’t like it, that doesn’t mean it’s no good.” And I plan on checking out their next album.

  16. SK says:

    Wow, Second commenter dude, I did not get that at all. I mean, yes, it is a business – but it’s also about being able to just get your art out to your fans, and to reach new people and connect with them. I don’t know why any artist wouldn’t want to be as involved in that process as possible.

    I like Mike Shinoda, I think he’s smart and super-talented. I grew up on Linkin Park, am still a big fan of Fort Minor, so it was kinda awesome to find that my new favorite podcast just had him on.

    It was smart, funny, and endlessly fascinating as usual. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of all the comedy-talk, but it was really cool hearing a bit about the music industry as well.

    Cheers. This is seriously great stuff. I will be listening to this podcast until you stop making them, which I hope is never!

  17. clydo says:

    I’m confused..I was under the impression this podcast was about interviewing funny, gifted talents. lp/whoever this guy is are neither funny nor gifted. discuss.

  18. Matt says:

    Awesome stuff, and on a side note


    *pulls out guitar and shreds*

  19. Craigination says:

    I just started listening to these podcasts, and love them immensely, but this episode was kind of a snoozer. Then again, I have absolutely zero interest in Linkin Park, and I’m just coming off of listening to the Jim Gaffigan episode (which was awesome), the Andy Richter episode (another good one), and the Joel McHale episode (great as well). So I suppose it’s hard to expect a one-on-one interview with some dude I don’t care about to really thrill me. I’ll still listen though – Nerdist rocks!

  20. Alex LP says:

    Vengan a Peru!!!!!!!!!!!!!… y todo latinoamerica

  21. Dan says:

    @Bri… your a moron 😀
    The only bitchass here is you. While your “bitching” Mike is bathing in a ocean of money.. TATA

  22. Whitney says:

    Wow, e-mail pals with M.Shinoda, you lucky dog. Some good discussion in your podcast; thanks for sharing with us Casual Listeners 🙂

  23. Jeff ...just Jeff says:

    I concur! I WANT MORE SNIPER/SNYPER! Unable to determine spelling via podcast aural content.

    Great podcast though. I will Hungry Hungry Hippo the crap out of future episodes.

  24. SeleneUsagi says:

    awesome podcast guys! it was really cool to hear from mike shinoda. keep bringing us free entertainment! ^_^

  25. Matt says:

    I love your podcast chris. Fourthing the request for a GO FOR IT mp3, I would totally wake up to that on my alarm clock every morning as a cheeseball inspirational track.

    Have you guys considered a sequel to it? GO FOR IT, AGAIN!

  26. JesS says:

    Wow! That’s cool
    P.S: i love you SO MUCH Mike :-{o} {•

  27. Oy says:

    I love this podcast. The opening 8-bit song is frickin great! I do have to say that this latest installment was by far my least favorite. I love the free content, and many thanks for making The Nerdist. I guess it’s mostly due to the fact that I detest Linkin Park. I could really care less what this corporate lemming of an artist has to say about anything, much less a straight hour of him plugging his shitty band.

    Okay, I feel better now. Again, thanks for the free show. I suppose that listening to twaddle from a fast food musician is better than listening to nothing at all.

    Ahhhh, I was joking. Please take a week off before bringing that pompous twat on again.

  28. mRuss says:

    I thought for a second that his name was “Shinola” My eyes are going funny.

  29. Nico says:

    Echoing the requests asking for a way to have my ears rocked out by “Go For It!” again.

    This was the first episode I’ve listened to, but it was enough for me to want to subscribe, so I look forward to more Nerdist podcasts.

  30. Rant Casey says:

    “Go For It!” was awesome and normally I don’t like music-comedy, so maybe thats saying something.

    Please make it available via download.

    PS This Ep was way too productive for my taste.

  31. ha great interview 🙂
    honestly I never knew about you before this podcast Chris, but now i’m your fan ! 😀 (i know you should thank shinoda) 🙂

    i’m also a blogger, feels great to read and know about another crazy nerd 😀
    Aditya from India, LPU

  32. Dave says:

    Yay Timmy Ferriss

  33. Bri says:


    I hated this episode.

    If you insist on having bitch asses on, can they at least make good music?

    This podcast sucked balls. Every other podcast rocked my socks, but this way facacta.


    Ps. I actually like the echo sound of the podcast. It’s very different and pleasant.

  34. Jacquelynn says:

    I had to pause it so many times because I kept getting distracted from my homework.–very interesting stuff.
    If I wasn’t such a Linkin Park lover I don’t think I would have ever heard of this website (despite my once giant femiboner over Chris Hardwick from his MTV days), but I am going to bookmark it. If your other shows are even half as great as this one, I think I will come up with TONS of ideas for my dissertation.
    LOVE IT. HIGH5 because of the girl scout cookies.

  35. tori tuvilla says:

    mike is really cool, hes smart and hes funny, nice interview, very informative and entertainng as well,

  36. cris says:

    You guys made my day. The interview with Mike was really insightful and I was really into it since i’m a big LP fan. I gotta admit it though, the song “go for it” was by far the most epic mingling of music and comedy I have ever heard. You need to make the mp3 available, I would even pay for the song! It was that GOOD.

  37. Jim-k says:

    yo Chris, I sent ya my poster submission via Twitter, if ya missed it look for the tweet from @jimkirchoff earlier today.

    great podcast btw! keep up the awesomeness!

  38. Todraw says:

    Hey man it’s acool interview and u got some other cool stuff up her, btw u didn’t say how many entries we’re allowed to make i hope u don’t mind that i sent u so many…….

  39. I like this episode, but it was a little depressing. If you wanted any further proof that art was been completely overtaken and commoditized by the cold, consumerist, and materialistic culture; look no further than the way Mike talked about his music. All the talk of reaching consumers, casual consumers and cross-marketing through Pandora seems so far from what art should be. Think about the groundbreaking albums of the last 40 years. Do you think the Beatles were thinking about this marketing of their art when they made Sgt Peppers? There are plenty of other bands that seemed more concerned with making artistic statements, and much less about how those would be received or consumed. Think of albums like Pet Sounds, Black Sabbath, Dark Side of the Moon, Anarchy in the U.K, Joshua Tree, Nevermind and how they did not fit into what was being marketed at the time. Even current bands like Tool seem much more concerned with making art than marketing that art.

    In fairness, I am not naïve and I know it is a business. Mike seemed like a nice guy and in his defense, I guess it is probably better that the band give input into marketing rather than turning it over to some 50 year old record exec. However, in some ways I think the truly great art is created without those things in mind, even if that is not realistic in this day and age.

  40. SammDogg says:

    Dude. MP3 for “Go For It”. I need it. Nao.

  41. linkingabo says:

    ..I have just listened to it…..I love it! ..looking forward to your upcoming interviews! ;))

  42. Floormatt says:

    Put Sniper on Itunes!!! Id buy it!

  43. a girl says:

    i know nerds sometimes have trouble talking to girls, but, will there ever be a female guest on the podcast?

  44. Kcimpal says:

    hope you like the poster! when are you planning on deciding the winner?