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Episode 9: Nerdist Podcast
Mike Shinoda
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #9: Mike Shinoda

You may notice that the pic for this post does not have a Nerdist Podcast logo woven into it in any way. This is because it’s part of a contest whose details will be revealed in the episode…

Oooooooooooo! sNeAkY!!!  (click on the pic for higher res)

Send all entries to [email protected] with the subject “Go For It!”

Recently I became email pals with Mike Shinoda of the band Linkin Park and have found him to be two of my favorite things: super-smart and super-nice. This is a special “one-on-one” podcast, with just Mike and myself, as Jonah and Matt were both out of town doing out of town things. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure Matt was liking the Dave Matthews Band wherever he was.

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  1. NoFace says:

    I love the “Go For It” song! Do you have any other plans to put out more Sniper songs? For a fake band, I thought the production value was insanely high.

  2. Alfred K says:

    Mike Shinoda. Thin Mints. Nerdist. Win.

  3. Doug B says:

    Another excellent episode – can’t wait for the live show to be posted too.

    That “Go for it” song was too funny – I flashed back to all those 80’s B movies like “Over the Top” and “Perfect” where they spent more time on the music than having an actual plot and good story. No one goes to see the movie but the soundtrack hits number one on “Solid Gold”….

  4. Nick says:

    Motivational poster. ” You can fly to the moon if you want, just like birds do… birds.”

  5. Escher says:

    When I look at that picture I can only think “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

    I would also like to buy music from Sniper but can’t find and info. When I Google “band Sniper ‘Go for it’ ” I get a lot of pages about snipers, and when I tried “band sniper music” … well let me quote the text beneath the first link:

    “3) Sniper from Finland is a white power rock band formed in 1997. They have been hailed as “the new kings of the Scandinavian NS skinhead music scene.” …”

  6. Dan Artz says:

    You guys are fucking stupid for continuing to tell Mike to look, act and do music like he did in Hybrid Theory and Meteora days. Get the fuck over it, if he wants to change his style of music then he has the right. If he wants to change his hair then he has the right. He is the one who sold 50 million records not you, so shut the fuck up and go back to your dead end life making minimum wage and stop complaining.

  7. aditya says:

    hey, mike i m from india and likes ur voice very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!! can we be friends??????????????? this is my first time i m scrapping u plz see to it||||||||||||

  8. Joel says:

    Mike should get a haircut and a shave…I mean the way he was in hybrid theory and meteora.

  9. Zane says:

    That Sniper song was wicked!

    Chris regarding evernote for food and whatnot my wife totaly loves an app called Yumnesia. She taken a picture of every dish we’ve eaten for a year. Helps to remember the bad ones as well.

  10. Danielle says:

    coolness… LP getting the recognition they so deserve!

  11. DarWiS says:

    y0 mike!:)..
    whatz up???
    can u c0me to Malaysia??
    im y0ur biggest faN!:)

  12. Dan says:

    How long do we have to submit the poster!?!? I need to know because I want to make it good.

  13. Dave Z, BS says:

    Go For It was amazing! I was listening to it whilst running and I got an extra mile out of that song! Is there anywhere I could download it, and maybe some more Sniper? I checked ITunes, but no dice. Love the podcast, keep it up!
    -DZ, BS

  14. Dan says:

    “STUCK in Boston?”
    Oh. Wait. You’re right.
    Never mind.

  15. NeuroMan42 says:

    Just found your podcast!!! WTF… I am slacking. Remember… keep your Power Gloves off her, pal!

  16. Jake says:

    I saw the comments on the audio. Hahah! People always find something to complain about with you, Chris. I usually listen to your podcast while I’m sleeping (I know that sounds weird but I can’t fall asleep without noise) so I usually wake up and think things happened in the podcast that didn’t. Like you going to Best Buy and interviewing somebody? So I’m changing my ways and listening to them while I’m awake! Woo! This one sounds promising already! 😀

  17. Tim says:

    Ah, Linkin Park. I figured once their original crop of fans got out of grammar school this band would dry up and blow away, but sadly this has yet to happen.

  18. sir jorge says:

    great podcast today, kind of hit me from left field, good one though

  19. David says:

    This was a very inspiring interview being a musician myself (& graphic designer). I’ve always admired how LP has navigated their career. They do most of the art/design/videos themselves… I got to check out Kickstarter too.

  20. Brad says:

    Awesome podcast, awesomer ending. When do we get to hear more Sniper?

  21. Ana A. says:

    I totally love this podcast, haha. Amazing stuff! Definitely thinking about entering this contest…ha.

  22. Kacy says:

    And when I say “concerning the podcast”, I meant “concerning the contest.”

  23. Kacy says:

    Awesome podcast! Just a few questions concerning the podcast:

    1) When is the deadline?
    2) Can we photoshop the picture as we please?

  24. Alphie says:

    I love this interview! 🙂 It’s very….. insightful but entertaining too.

  25. Chris Hardwick says:

    Yeah, I’ll say it again: Shinoda’s got the goods. And he’s an excellent human. He deserves all the success in the world!

  26. smallpkgtnt says:

    I love this interview! It is so informative and really shows a great point of view from Mike. I am a BIG Linkin Park fan and I appreciate that they are so great to their fans! Thanks for the great interview!!!!!

  27. You actually got to interview the man I admire the most, and you got to ask pointless questions …I am so so jealous!

  28. Great interview/discussion. Now I’ve got a good list of aspiring books to read. And I need all the motivation I could get 🙂

  29. What I like about this is that it gives me an opportunity to like someone (mike from LP) who I would otherwise just judge based off of little more than a high regard for my own smugness. It’s nice to be wrong about somebody else’s douche-factor.

  30. Crusty says:

    Nice conversation to study physics to. Awesome podcast. =D

  31. Matt says:

    Awesome podcast. You guys are both fantastic fun to listen to!

  32. chankey says:

    I love linkin park. I am a hardcore fan of LP.
    both Mike and Chester are awesome.
    waiting for their new album of 2010.
    You guys rock. love ya! (:

  33. Jurga says:

    ;D Mike you ROCK!!!! ;D

  34. Geoffrey says:

    Another great podcast – I’m definitely addicted now … but where are the interviews with nerd chicks?

  35. Mary says:

    Dear Chris,
    I will be working on the poster today. Will be missing out on 80 degree weather because of you. Thank you for having Mike. He’s my favorite.


  36. Rose says:

    LOL Awesome !! this is great 🙂 I love how Mike interviews and how funny chris is *squee* Luv u guys

  37. Julia says:

    08:41 – Did you guys kiss? lol

  38. Will Webber says:

    Found my new at work desktop photo. Great Podcast! Big Shinoda fan.


  39. Migle says:

    i LOVE mike shinoda!!!

  40. Andy Hunt says:

    Nevermind, I’m reading impaired.

  41. Secretly I have been in love with Linkin Park and I have been unable to admit that to my friends. They are all elitist pricks at times and I feel as though I can’t tell them how much I really love Warrants Cherry Pie album, but man, it’s a fucking good time. I feel the same way about Linkin Park and I am glad you are “email” friends with this guy, he seems super cool.

    Rock on.


  42. Andy Hunt says:

    Would you like us to post them here, or email them to you?

  43. Chris Hardwick says:

    Hi-res indeed! I’ve added a higher res pic so click on the one at the top of this post to get to it!

  44. CassiCost says:

    In Re grassroots tour planning…
    The brilliant Simon Joyner is doing a tour right now where if you could confirm 30 people or $300 you could have him come by your house or other small space. They spaced the shows regionally close and he’s just hitting them all within a month and with a small set up. SO SMART.
    Here’s the info, if anyone’s interested in seeing more:

  45. Danielle H says:

    That was awesome!! Thin mints rock! He Rocks! You rock!

    I want my alarm clock to play that Go For It song for me every morning. I require serious pumping up that only 80’s movie montage style songs can deliver.