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Episode 85: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #85: DAMON LINDELOF

Damon Lindelof joins the Nerdists to discuss executive producing “Lost”, writing “Star Trek”, and cracking The Rudy Huxtable Conspiracy.

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What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s?

What If THOR: RAGNAROK Were Actually Made in the 1980s?

The First TOMB RAIDER Movie Poster and Teaser Trailer Are Here

The First TOMB RAIDER Movie Poster and Teaser Trailer Are Here

IT Deleted Flashback Scene Featured a Pre-Clown Pennywise, Could Wind Up in the Sequel

IT Deleted Flashback Scene Featured a Pre-Clown Pennywise, Could Wind Up in the Sequel



  1. Grover says:

    I’m not sure if you guys are getting a different interface than me, but I love the way Netflix organizes series now. It’s one page for the show, but each episode is organized in a tab on the left. See:

    It also remembers which season you’re on from session to session (and marks episodes you’ve already watched), so if you come back in a couple days, it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

    This is much improved from the old way where you had to find each season individually in a search. Heck, sometimes a particular season wouldn’t even come up unless you actually typed “Dexter Season 3” the season number in a search box.

    PS Where the heck is the Quemments page? I looked all over the site for it, but couldn’t find anything. I have a deep and burning question for you guys.

  2. GustavoGmz says:

    Just listened to this one because i was away from itunes for a while and it completely changed my mood from shitty and sick to in a great mood and sick so thanks guys.

  3. Kevin says:

    I agree with how it suck that you have to pay for the xbox 360 unlike the PS3 but we also get what we pay for. As far as my knowledge the 360 software hasn’t been hacked or down for a substantial amount of time. LOVE the show guys i look forward to listening every week!

  4. SpecialD says:

    First off, love the podcast. I listen to several podcasts and there is one thing that I love about them above anything else, “freedom”. I love the fact that you don’t usually have to follow the traditional rules of broadcast T.V. or radio. That said I also understand the need of certain rules for sound and equipment. But as a fellow “table-fist-pounder” (insert joke) I can appreciate the emotion Mathew portrays with his fists, especially about Star Trek. I might be the only one, but I believe a little fist pound on the table adds to the realism and freedom of what a podcast stands for. Mathew don’t break anything but keep the emotion up. To me it adds to the excitement and passion we tend to feel as fans.

  5. Da King says:

    A ‘You know’ drinking game would kill, otherwise great show.

  6. Hoose says:

    y’know, I love listening to this podcast, but I agree. It was, y’know, really, y’know, hard to, y’know get through it with so many y’knows in there. It took me out of actually enjoying this episode.

  7. Al says:

    Is anyone else getting a file not found error when trying to listen to this podcast?

  8. Super Loser says:

    When you listen to this episode, please take a drink everytime you hear the words “YOU KNOW” 🙂

  9. Jizmak says:

    Get Bruce Campbell on the podcast! I can’t be the only person who thought that at the mention of his name.

  10. Will says:

    I love the man for 5 (ahem) of the greatest seasons of television I have ever seen, The Wire be damned. But y’know, it was, y’know, hard listening to, y’know this, y’know podcast.

    I KNOW.

  11. @Devin Smail: The Lloyd Braun to whom you’re referring was indeed named after the real-life network executive Lloyd Braun. Some of the other names on “Seinfeld” — like (crazy) Joe Davola — were also named after real behind-the-scenes people.

    @mario94606: “Carlton” is Damon’s “Lost” Co-Executive Producer Carlton Cuse. Damon wrote for “Nash Bridges,” which Cuse created/produced.

  12. TheLoverly says:

    By the way, you may THINK that you really want to see the tightrope walker fall, but as someone who has actually gone to the circus and witnessed just that, you really, really don’t.

  13. mario94606 says:

    who’s the carlton he keep mentioning ??

    fresh prince of bel air ???

    DAMON LINDELOF can still change the ending to LOST. for example william shatner published a novel after the STAR TREK: GENERATIONS film called Star Trek: The Return,

  14. mario94606 says:

    about the rebecca black video, its ok to me aware of somethings existence.

    if your watching the WIRE consider watching something from the same creators. the CORNER

  15. Eileen says:

    I freaking love this show. (And I wish I knew how to type out that THX sound.)

  16. Lamenstein says:

    “The Nerdist podcast with Chris Harwick did interview Star Trek XII co-writer Damon Lindelof and here are excerpts coutesy of ”

    Favorite nerd boys permeating the intraweb!

    CanNOT wait for Trek sequel! Great interview! Exclamation points!

  17. dangeraardvark says:

    I know you’re all white and you can’t say it, so I’ll do it for you. Fine, respect Tyler Perry as a businessman, but he churns out terrible shit at a frightening rate.

  18. Mediumer Man says:

    MORE PROMETHEUS NEWS!! Come on already!! Was a fantastic episode though, but please, more Prometheus news!

  19. Arya says:

    I have yet to read a book, watch a movie, or see a TV show with a better finale than LOST. Don’t listen to the naysayers, Damon!

  20. three toes of fury says:

    outstanding podcast. I found Damon to be one of the most genuinely humble/real guests you’ve had on the cast. Also im finding that its pretty difficult for y’all to cover as much territory as each and every fan would want during an hour. For example i would have dug hearing alot more about Trek 2 and Promethius but wouldnt want to sacrifice the awesome stuff you did talk about. Just always leaves us wanting more. Keep the good times a-comin.


  21. Silence will lol says:

    I wish the nerdist gang would talk about battlestar galatica more.
    This podcast was great. Lindelof comes across as just a really cool dude.

  22. Robert says:

    I gave up counting “you know” when my pen caught on fire.

  23. Charles says:

    Now I want to finish watching Lost. I am only half way through season 4 and got burned out last time since the episodes are 40 some minutes long. Also just starting series 2 of the new Dr. Who so who knows if that will ever happen.

  24. Rich says:

    When Treme is over, it will be just as good if not better than The Wire!

  25. Katie Walsh says:

    Nerdist Boys, I can’t believe you guys haven’t watched The Wire yet! GET ON THAT, STAT. There is no way you will come away from it not calling it “The Greatest Show Ever.”

  26. Patrick says:

    Someone count the number of “you know” Damon says in this episode! Holy shit.

  27. Urosh says:

    I both love and hate Damon Lindeloff. Love him for the simple fact that he was one of the people who created Lost. Hate him because Lost ended awfully. But, I forgive him, and everyone else. I realized it’s time to let go. Even though we have to go back, Kate [that was stupid, and made no sense, I know]
    Anyway, it’s awesome that he loves The Wire, and I enjoyed Lost podcast, he and Carlton Cole are really funny people, so I can’t wait to listen to this.

  28. Sheldon says:

    Nice interview, was hoping for some more tidbits about Prometheus. That movie seems like it will be awesome.

  29. Brett says:

    Also, @MAXimiliano one of the main reasons the Wire did not win any emmys was also what made it so spectacular: because it was so heavily serialized. Among other things, this really makes the show inaccessible to many people, as it requires a greater amount of attention being given to it than any other tv show I can remember, with insanely wide ranging storylines that were a creative strength but commercial weakness. The problem is, emmy voters are only given a couple of episodes of a television show to watch and judge its merits on, rather than an entire season. While thats great for shows like, say, Mad Men, (The Jon Hamm episode of this podcast is one of my favorites, by the way) there is simply no way to truly judge The Wire based on one or two episodes. It is the cumulative effect of the entire series that makes it so impactful, and, lets be honest, if you just watched one or two random episodes of season 4, you probably would not even come close to understanding the show’s quality, rather likely seeing it as a dry, morose, and needlessly complex series. So yeah, if emmy voters had to watch entire seasons of the shows they voted on (which really is unreasonable and will never happen) The Wire would likely have success closer to what it deserves.

  30. Brett says:

    Really great episode that was awesome throughout. However i’ll admit, as a guy who poured humiliating amounts of time into discussing and analyzing Lost back in the day, for a moment I was filled with jubilation when you guys discussed Mr. Eko having had a previously planned arc for the entire series, hoping Damon would finally detail what that original plan was, then I felt like i’d been punched in the stomach when you guys moved on from the topic with no further discussion, then I remembered it was a tv show and all was well again. Great podcast guys, keep doing what youre doing.

  31. Devin Smail says:

    Am I crazy or did Damon mention pitching an idea to Lloyd Braun?

    If you get that reference I will love you forever and + 10 hugz.

  32. Rob Ritchie says:

    great podcast

  33. Roger says:

    Nice work, guys…the THX audible logo at the end was inspired 🙂

  34. Susan says:

    will wait patiently for you to post the UCB Lost show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. tedder says:

    Hooray! The only podcast of the day that doesn’t feature Osama and/or Obama.

    USB Lost Event sounds cool, as does the 24-Hour Fitness review reading. Is that still going to happen at some point?

  36. Leakime says:

    I love LOST and STAR TREK. Can’t wait to give it a listen.

  37. Geoff says:

    Chris, I would really appreciate hearing the UCB Lost event

  38. MAXimiliano says:

    P.S. how did this show never win an Emmy & Omar Little is the greatest character ever.

  39. MAXimiliano says:

    I have to agree with Damon 100%. The Wire is the greatest show ever.
    My brother who started watching the show after the Sopranos ended told me that it was the greatest show ever. I took a big chance and bought the box set at Best Buy for 50% off on Christmas and nearly watched the entire series in about a month. I waited a few weeks to watch the last few episode because I didn’t want it to end. It’s the kind off show that at times you don’t want to watch cause it feels so real and scary cause it true.

  40. Ivan says:

    Thank you for the “Bad Robot” at the end, Chris! Made me cry of laughter! I say it after each episode I watch.

  41. Sawyer says:

    Not Penny’s Boat.

    *tears up all over again*

  42. Livius says:

    Looking forward to the listen. Could use a laugh after class today.