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Episode 77: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #77: BLACK DYNAMITE!

DYN-O-MITE! DYN-O-MITE! Our second live show at NerdMelt was epic explosion of all things awesome as we welcomed the director and cast of Black Dynamite to celebrate the release of the 1st issue of the BD comic, “Slave Island” (which you should SPRINT to buy immediately). Black Dynamite is one of our favorite comedies of all time, so this ruled a lot. On the panel: Scott Sanders (director), Brian Ash (writer of “Slave Island”), Byron Minns (Bullhorn), and Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White.

Thanks to the 150 people who came out! This was a Blacktastic night for all!

PS – This is a GREAT listen particularly if you’re an indie filmmaker/comedy writer because these guys did it RIGHT.

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  1. kd says:

    do you guys check out the comments on soundcloud?

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Black Dynamite, guys. One of the best movies I’ve seen in recent years.

    Have you seen Lost Skeleton of Cadavra? It’s another favorite of mine, and one I think Black Dynamite has more in common with than Naked Gun. Zucker movies have a lot more intentionally silly wordplay and background gags to provide humor. Black Dynamite and Lost Skeleton both try to recreate an old genre, then kick everything up to 200% to accentuate the oddities. For Black Dynamite that’s 70s blaxploitation; for Lost Skeleton it’s 50s science fiction.

  3. M@ says:

    Awesome job Chris! You guys did a great job adding to the lore of Black Dynamite.

  4. Veronika says:

    Check it out!

    Now the tween population will start their righteous journey into the world of Nerdist thanks to the Suite Life of Zack and Cody (i.e. Dylan and Cole Sprouse).

    Look! Chris’s arm!

  5. Soul Bro Ryu says:

    Great podcast! I love this movie to death!

    If the sequel for BD2 comes around, I pray everyone comes back. On top of that if there’s cameos from Ron Burgundy & Machete, it would unbelievable!

  6. Brent says:

    If they go to comic-con, the must go as Ferrante Jones, T. Pervis Washington and the coked up Jewish director

  7. Adam Beckman says:

    I had a conversation with a kid in the bar the other day. He was telling me about this great movies from the 80’s called Black Dynamite. I spent the next half hour, all while laughing my ass off explaining to him the things wrong with his statement. Too funny!

  8. Josh from Europe says:

    I loved that. Keep up the awesome work


  9. J'Mel says:

    Chris, I’m surprised that you didn’t know this because you’re a southern boy…

    When some cooking is so good, the idea is that there has to be some foul play involved- hence, ‘These greens are of th hook! She put her foot in them” or, Ankle deep. An alternative that my gramdma uses is “this cake is delicious! You didn’t wash your hands!”

    There you go. Peace, my babies…

  10. lordoft says:

    great podcast as usual. Saw the movie after that and I really enjoyed it. keep up the good work guys 😀

  11. Black Dynamite says:

    Thanks to the Nerdist guys, Meltdown Comics and all the fans who turned out.


    For the latest Black Dynamite updates, LIKE our facebook page here:

  12. Ben K says:

    We need a Black Dynamite clothing line!

    Also, this movie just went to the top of my blockbuster online queue.

  13. Pete says:

    I discovered Nerdist a few months ago and look forward to the new episodes every week. I hype this to anyone who will listen to me for 30 seconds. Because of Nerdist, I now am a Dr. Who addict and enjoy burritos.

    Based on your hype of this panel I watched Black Dynamite via Netflix stream (god bless iPhones ). I WAS NOT DISAPOINTED!! I only wished I could have been at the panel as it sounded like all kinds of awesome.

  14. Manuel says:

    I always enjoy your amazing podcast but this panel was extra super special awesome. You’re really good at that. Now I have to watch the movie ASAP!
    Can’t wait for the Doctor Who panel. :)

  15. Rojn8r says:

    Thank you Nerdist for introducing me to an amazing film. Great entertaining Pod too. This is now the third gift you’ve given me to make my life better. Four if you count your podcast. Actually five if you also count the inspiration to start my own podcast.
    Anyway, thanks.

  16. Nathaniel says:

    Helloooooo, Nerdist!

    I attended the Adam Warrock show last Monday at Meltdown and realized that I would like nothing more than to intern/work for Nerdist at Meltdown. Yours is the only podcast I follow though I’ve tried others. I met “Moe” (sp?) and dropped my card and am touching base here. Hit me back!

    Keep up the great work!

    (A club house in the back of a comic shop? WANT.)

  17. Anthony N. says:

    I can’t wait for the Black Dynamite animated series and possible sequel.
    Maybe Chris can score a cameo for hosting the event. 😉

  18. @sybarite_ says:

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for taking the time to celebrate the film, yes I said film, Black Dynamite.

  19. Paris says:

    Hey Guys. Thank You for posting the podcast. That event was well-organized, entertaining and had an awesome crowd. My friend filmed some our questions from the panel and we uploaded to YouTube for viewing pleasure. In the videos, you really get to hear the crowds roaring laughter. – Fight Smack in the Orphanage! – PUT YA ANKLES INIT!

    Thanks Again for an awesome evening! Hope to hear more from you. – Paris (Fight Smack in the Orphanages!)

  20. Ramon says:

    Hey chris,
    for those people who want to beat up mascots here is what happens when mascots fight back:

  21. John D. says:

    Great episode. Black Dynamite reminds me of Austin Powers (the first one). Didn’t make a box-office smash but got great word of mouth from the DVD generating buzz for the sequel. I hope Black Dynamite sequels are better though. Will pick up the comic.

  22. @seanmarkle says:

    How can White guys go as black dynamite for halloween without being racist?

  23. Mandy W. says:

    Next Black Dynamite t-shirt, What Would Black Dynamite do?

  24. JetpackBlues says:

    I now want to see Michael Jai White as Pimp Lando, and Chuy Bravo as Chewbacca, in The Empire Strikes Black. In every scene MJW has to restrain himself from drop-kicking Chuy/Chewie for no reason. Other than a latent hatred for people dressed up in mascot/sidekick costumes.

  25. Matt Carlson says:

    We the thronged masses have the ability to give our talents for free. Budgets be damnedd. As I said above I have re-rendered this episode through a compressor and limiter to even out the whole show. (Normalizing does not help in this case as it does not change the gaps in amplitude only brings the peaks to 0 db.) Just give me an address to send it to for your assessment and you can use it as you wish.

  26. Chris Hardwick says:

    Mike: we’ll look into it. The problem is that when everyone has a handheld mic, it’s difficult to control how loud they talk or where they hold their mic. We normalized the wav, but it crunched it down to where everything was hard to hear. We’re doing our best. We have no real budget. Sorry!

  27. Mike says:

    Love the podcasts, but lately the audio levels have been all over the place. I could barely hear the panel while Jonah was blowing my eardrums out. The James Gunn episode was the same. Hate to be negative, but I want to listen to them.

  28. Eugene says:

    I should probably clarify my previous post since there were multiple b*tch references in that scene. the guy from robocop was the first one to mention his b*tches: the freaks with two-tone afros. The second was, of course, gordon from sesame street.

  29. James Burrow says:

    I knew this episode was coming up so I finally watched BD this weekend on netflix and it was incredible! Loved hearing the panel talk about the process. On an unrelated note; any plans to snag some Torchwood peeps or has that ship sailed back to the UK?

  30. Eugene says:

    holy shit. the head of the willie dynamite pimp council is the old man from Rubicon! And one of the pimps ended up on Sanford and Son! And the one talking about his “b*tches”? That’s the head of the old detroit precinct in Robocop!

  31. Matt Carlson says:

    I love the fact that the Nerdist Podcast varies between the laid back hostful episodes, the more directed interview episodes, and the audience venue episodes. I think the different vibe of each type stems off what I call “podcast fatigue” since Chris, Jonah, and Matt are not confined to one format. I started listening to #77 and about ten minutes in I was confronted with the decision: wait… should I watch the movie first? Will I still enjoy the interview without seeing the movie? Unfortunately I will never know the answer. I stopped the podcast and watched the movie. Was the interview enjoyable to those who have not seen it?
    On a more mment thought for this quemment I did not start the podcast right after the movie. I did a little post production on it first (thank you limiter and compressor.) I now have a podcast #77 that never goes above -12db and for the most part all the voices are of equal volume (except when audience noise gets a little raucous.) I can offer it up if your are interested Chris.

  32. Zach Boblitt says:

    Black Dynamite doesn’t have fan fiction…he has fan fact!!! Great job as usual on the podcast guys!!!

  33. Daryl Sakimae says:

    OH MAN! the only way this episode could have been better was if it were longer. So great to hear all the little things within the movie. no doubt when i get home i’ll be watching it for the at least 10th time. Nerdist, great guests and interviewing.

  34. Wesley Marshall says:

    My guess is Chris won’t post the episode until the episode airs. Seeing as it would spoil the first two episodes. And I’m sure the BBC wouldn’t let him post it till after anyway. Great episode btw. I was there the night before for James Gunn and wish I could have gone to this one. Also congratz on the shows in Boston!!!

  35. my_leisure says:

    Black Dynamite was one of those movies that after watching I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not.

  36. Eric C. says:

    Willie Dynamite was Gordon? Mind blown. Thanks for posting the panel.

  37. Livius says:

    Dyno-Mite!! Dino-Mite!!
    Downloading now.
    Also new Mortal K0oombat Legacy is up featuring Michael Jai White!!

  38. Chris Hardwick says:

    Joshua: I shall add them back to the file names.

    Jay: I know! They only gave me 40 minutes for the panel because of that next screening. SO much fun though.

    Jarrett: I have a bunch of teefury stuff! Thanks for thinking of my nerdiness, though!!!

  39. This is real pickiness, but why no more numbers in the file names? Makes for easier sorting.

  40. Jay says:

    I was at the Doctor Who panel last night, it was pretty good but very very short because they accidentally gave out too many bracelets to people so they decided to do a second showing of the show. But it was still good. Sad part was that I was one of the next people to ask and I was going to give props Chris for doing the panel and podcast.

    Great job on that panel last night and as I am listening to Black Dynamite right now, I have say great job on this one as well.

  41. Jarrett says:

    Goddamn I still need to see Black Dynamite. I almost feel like I shouldn’t listen to this episode without seeing it first.

    Now on a completely unrelated note I found out about this website yesterday and it immediately made me think of Chris. It’s called and what they do is they make T-shirts that are submitted by anyone for one day. Good thing about it is that they put out some really cool shirts, the crappy thing about it is since they’re only on sale for that day if you see a shirt from the archives you want, you can’t have it, ever. They don’t reprint them. (Which means I’ll never get my “Andy” shirt

    I in no way work for this company, I don’t even own any of their shirts seeing how I learned about them yesterday but it just seemed like a product that Chris as well as the Nerdist audience would appreciate, now prove me wrong!

  42. Three Toes of Fury says:

    “this?…now this is some heavy [email protected]”.

    Nerdists: A week filled with two personal fav’s: Dr Who and Black Dynamtie?!? Its a christmas miracle! Tim Cratchett….take your penny farthing to the local Best Buyery and fetch us yon biggest screen view-box to rewatch Black Dynamtie and the entire last season of Dr Who post-haste! Good bless us all…every one of us!!

    “Fiendish Doctor Wu…you done [email protected] up now!”


  43. Jonathan says:

    Well, I was hoping for the Doctor Who panel from last night. But this should be a fantastic alternative. Can’t wait to give it a listen.