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Episode 75: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #75: JAMES GUNN

Our first live podcast from @NerdMelt! We had a tweet-up to see the film Super (which was violent, adorable and awesome) and then brought director James Gunn (who also did “Slither”, “Tromeo & Juliet” and wrote 2004’s “Dawn of the Dead”) back to our clubhouse, where a SPIRITED debate about zombies unfurled.

Super is currently playing in select cities and will be available On Demand April 13th. It is unrated and NOT for kiddies.


  • I was at the tweet up. My friend and I even walked Matthew Burnside to Nerdmelt and had a lovely conversation. My friend asked James Gunn a question and I softly whispered “it has been decided” (the zombie debate) and Jonah used his super hearing and yelled “IT’S NOT FUCKING OVER” and Chris got mad because he didn’t buy I doctor who t-shirt when he was at Gallifrey One. All and all one of the best nights I had all that week. Thanks Chris, Jonah, Matt, and the nice people who come to your shows. I love this community.

  • SUPER is superb. Great conversation, folks. The levels are terrible, however. James is way too quiet, so I have to turn it up when he’s speaking; then Jonah or Chris or Matt comes in yelling, and my ears bleed :(

  • The levels are probably my fault, as I forgot there was a thing called a microphone in front of me. Also, I kept my head (and facial features) in THE EXACT SAME POSITION as in the photo above throughout the entire podcast. It was a very interesting experiment for myself and those at the live show. Doesn’t work as well for those just listening to the podcast.

  • A great podcast, though I haven’t listened to it yet. Is my question included? We shall see! Also, Jarvis, I’m not surprised James is too quiet. He has poor mic technique and kept backing off of it.

  • None of you said enjoy your burrito. On a podcast that had an entire conversation about Rainn Wilson no less. If it isn’t already obvious, you are all dead to me. Good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

  • author

    The levels were our fault. This was our first podcast panel in this space, so there was a little bit of a learning curve. Still, this was an incredibly fun show, so I hope that outweighs the level situation for everyone!

    PS – EYB

  • What’s the spoiler level for Super in this episode? Because I definitely plan on seeing it when it finally comes to Atlanta in two weeks. (Aren’t we supposed to be a major market or something? Oh well.)

  • author

    There aren’t any major spoilers. We discuss a few scenes, but don’t give much away. Even if you do hear one or two things that you didn’t previously know, the movie will still be worth seeing.

  • Really liked Slither and getting excited for Super – hope to maybe catch it on CPH PIX (Copenhagen Film Festival) or later if it gets distribution in DK.

    Is there no soundtech in the nerdistcloud who could fix the levels a little at least?

    Looking forward to listening.

  • I always forget Gunn wrote the screenplay for the Dawn of the Dead reboot…easily one of my all-time favorite reboots. And Slither was equally delicious. Great podcast guys!!

    I’m still waitin’ for a Nerdist southern U.S. visit!!! Don’t make me beg, Hardwick!!!

  • My boyfriend just linked me to this because he knows I’m a huge zombie fan… this is amazing. Great conversation, guys… and for the record, 28 Days Later is NOT a zombie movie because the infected DO NOT EAT PEOPLE. They may bite them, but it’s because they’re so ragey that it’s just another means to rip someone to pieces. You may notice in the film that you never see them eating anyone… once they kill them, they move on. Therefore, not zombies. :D

  • I don’t use Twitter and already came up with the idea for “oral tweets” last summer (where you just say out loud what your tweet would be but use Twitter terminology). For example, “I’m listening to The Nerdist podcast featuring at James Gunn! Hashtag: I’m a nerd.” I can’t believe you actually hashtagged out loud in the intro!

  • AHHHHH!! SUPER hits OnDemand next weekend?!? Sweet tap dancing hezues! Im thinking Gunn movie marathon!

    “You can have my Gunn movies when you pry them from my cold, dead, dvd player” -Charlatan Heston

    PS: GABE: great f@$#ing Willy Wonka reference. That movie owns. Once asked what i want on my headstone, i replied “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

  • Amanda – If zombies are only zombie movies when they eat people, then White Zombie – usually considered the first ever zombie film – is not a zombie film (in fact, almost all of the pre-Romero zombie films aren’t about zombies eating people). That definition doesn’t work.