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Episode 75: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #75: JAMES GUNN

Our first live podcast from @NerdMelt! We had a tweet-up to see the film Super (which was violent, adorable and awesome) and then brought director James Gunn (who also did “Slither”, “Tromeo & Juliet” and wrote 2004’s “Dawn of the Dead”) back to our clubhouse, where a SPIRITED debate about zombies unfurled.

Super is currently playing in select cities and will be available On Demand April 13th. It is unrated and NOT for kiddies.

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A Guide to Stephen King's Lovecraftian Gods

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  1. Lara says:

    @Jonah – Today I subscribed to and had to come by and say THANK YOU for mentioning them on the podcast. I’ve been using it all week at work, on my iPhone and at home and it is AWESOME! Coincidentally, my Grooveshark subscription expired in March, and, though it has its good points, rdio just seems to work better for me. So again, thanks!

  2. Matt Mira says:

    Hey, I want my own comment thread color too!

  3. Taylor says:

    Jonah needs to get a comment thread color tint of his own

  4. Joel says:

    I would just like to thank Jonah on fighting the good fight on 28 days later. I have been saying its not a zombie movie for years, and no one seems to be as passionate on the counter point. So, when I do argue with someone about it’s like talking to a religious person about science. They hear your words, but they don’t listen to what you say. There is nothing more frustrating or unsatisfying than arguing with someone who doesn’t care. The debate Jonah and James had gave me such a sense of satisfaction it is hard to describe. Congratulations on Meltdown even after one show you guys are thriving there.
    Joel “Jonah is right” Teer

  5. Josh from Europe says:

    Awesome podcast.

    I can’t wait to see “SUPER”

  6. I like the Zombie conversation. I understand the Idea behind fast moving Zombies, but I am a strick Romaroian zombie theorist. But I hope for more Zobie talk on another pod (hostfuly?)

  7. TheLoverly says:

    The Crimson Cunt is the name of my Babes in Toyland cover band.

  8. Congrats on the first official show at Meltdown guys!
    This episode was great! I love James Gunn! so many exclamation points!!!
    I’m going to see Super Friday, then Hardwick at the Wilbur Saturday. It should be an amazingly phenomenal weekend.

  9. SlaveToTheGrinds says:

    Nthing the levels bitching. But what I could hear was wonderful. I wish that you guys wouldhave asked James about that godawful VH1 show. Would love to hear some behind the scenes on that one. I love the Hostfull eps guys. And MORE WILL WHEATON!!! Him and Chris had me laughing like a maniacal person causing customers at work to ask me if i’d finally lost my shit. P.S. Guys come to Detroit…hell we need you here. We do have a comic con called Fanfare in September….plleeasse come to us. I mean we will have Robocop..isn’t that enough?

  10. n18pr says:

    ok WTF?!?!?! Chris talks about saying C*nt, the panel riffs on it, chris talks about how C*nt sounds too German, AND YOU DON’T MAKE AN IMMANUEL KANT JOKE?!?!? WTF IS WRONG with you people?!?!?! Its like you don’t know your late modern philosophers. And I thought Chris was a philosophy major, pshaw!

    Other than that, great show….

  11. Emma B says:

    I was lucky enough to see Super at the Toronto International Film Fest this past fall and loved it (huge fan of Slither too)…so I was really looking forward to this edition of the podcast and it did not disappoint. The Great Nerdist Zombie Movie Debate (TM) was freakin’ hilarious to listen to…and I’m sure it was even more fun for lucky audience members to experience. And I adore that the discussion is still going on here.

    Great first @NerdMelt podcast too!

  12. Ivan says:

    Do you guys also plan on getting Steve Agee, and his bestest buddy Ellen Page, on the podcast?

  13. Charlie says:

    The podcast really earned its name this week.

  14. Joe B says:

    Great episode guys. I listen to this on my windows phone, so I don’t know if its different on iTunes, but a spoiler warning in the description would’ve been nice. I know they were vague, but knowing what kind of violence to look out for now in the movie makes me not want to see it so soon. I’m confident I’ll forget them down the road. Thank you for the entertainment. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  15. ♥ Bravo on another great Podcast guys. James Gunn is AWESOME, end of story! ♥

  16. Joe Bucco says:

    Loved the episode guys. Can’t wait to see SUPER. I heard about the podcast around the Stan Lee episode, and caught up to all the episodes a few weeks back. It’s like hanging out with a bunch of friends talking in your living room…except none of my friends are nerds, and they never get my references. keep serving up the tasty burritos!

  17. Amrehlu says:

    Jonah is the only person I’ve ever heard that is that serious about zombies AND shares the exact same opinion as me, it’s awesome! I can’t even begin to look back and count the number of times I’ve had to explain why 28 Days is NOT a goddamned zombie movie.

  18. Jarvis says:

    SUPER is worth every penny.. and more! (3x in the theater should hold me over until I can own it, right?) And this episode is fantastic.

    Apologies if I sounded unappreciative with the “levels” comment; the content most certainly does outweigh any technical flaws 😀 Listen, people!!

  19. Miguel Ortiz (The Aw3som3 One) says:


  20. Kristina says:

    Why does the podcast end so abruptly?

  21. Jamie says:

    ok, I know that I should know this…but how are you using “meta”? Meta as in it recognizes itself? Like a film about making a film? Just wanna be clear because I hear it often and I just pretend to know what it means so I don’t have to admit I’m not sure.

  22. Lamenstein says:

    Didnt mean to sound douchie with the “Wanted to see Super but wasn’t gonna go out of my way…now I will! ” Just meant I didnt know it was truly a great movie. That kinda sounds douchie too..ok im just gonna shut up now – this hole is swallowing me

  23. Lamenstein says:

    damn Gunn, you funny! Wanted to see Super but wasn’t gonna go out of my way…now I will!

    Also, just wanted to say, so glad you guys @nerdist are doing so well. I mean Hostfuls, NerdMelt, Web Soup, (connected but not connected)…thank you for bringing laughter to my life! There is so little of quality out there now a days, at least there is this haven I can retreat too when I need a little laughter. OK enough pussymush crap…PS See you at Hu Ke Lau 4/08 Chris!

  24. three toes of fury says:


    Spend a couple minutes youtubing the following…you wont regret it……

    – Final Banned University of Lincoln Advert
    – Dead Island Trailer
    – Dead Island Trailer in reverse.

    The Dead Island trailer is mindblowing awesomeness.

    peace .n. braiiiiinnnnsss.

  25. Artie says:

    According to a quick Facebook search, there are two Joel McCains in the United States and one in Canada. Maybe she knew one of them.

  26. Lokey says:

    @Jonah — Not all pre-Romero zombies are necessarily voodoo zombies. In one of my favorite zombie flicks, King of the Zombies, the zombie creator uses voodoo for the majority of his zombies, but later attempts to turn Mantan Mooreland into a zombie via hypnotism or power of suggestion. The hypnotism doesn’t take, but that scene suggests that the method was one used prior to the arrival of Mantan’s character.

    And then of course you have The King of Kings in which a Jewish carpenter is nailed to a cross, dies, and comes back to life three days later. No voodoo involved there either.

  27. Jonah Ray says:

    James, the pre-Romero zombies are essentially VOODOO Zombies taken from Haitian lore (although, multiple reports say there is a white powder that is still used to do such things).

    Like any genre there are different camps. Such as, I LOVE the Descendants but I can’t stand ALL.

    And it’s sentences such as those that alienate me from a majority of people.

  28. WarpNacelle says:

    Yes, I must also agree: Far too long Zombie discussion FTW! 🙂

  29. Melissa says:

    Hilarious. I have to see this movie, but I think New Orleans isn’t on the list, so I may just have to wait. So patiently shall I wait. Mr. Gunn, you are a deviant genius. Cheers!

  30. Reverend Puck says:

    Actually surprised Chris didn’t bring up “Transformers: The Movie” when talking about Scatman Crothers (Jazz).

  31. the_nether says:

    Chris said he had no tolerance for drunk people. This is simply untrue. He tolerated my drunk ass for upwards of 3 minutes after a show in Mpls. last year (great show as always). Not sure if he dropped a c-bomb when I walked away, but it would have been warranted. But, I’m a dude. And everybody knows we’re better drunks.

  32. Wade says:

    Sweet Zombie Jesus!

  33. James Gunn says:

    Amanda – If zombies are only zombie movies when they eat people, then White Zombie – usually considered the first ever zombie film – is not a zombie film (in fact, almost all of the pre-Romero zombie films aren’t about zombies eating people). That definition doesn’t work.

  34. Matt Storm says:

    Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to see the movie!

    P.S. 20 min. argument about Zombies = Nerd Boner

  35. Three Toes of Fury says:

    AHHHHH!! SUPER hits OnDemand next weekend?!? Sweet tap dancing hezues! Im thinking Gunn movie marathon!

    “You can have my Gunn movies when you pry them from my cold, dead, dvd player” -Charlatan Heston

    PS: GABE: great [email protected]$#ing Willy Wonka reference. That movie owns. Once asked what i want on my headstone, i replied “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

  36. cubicalgirl says:

    I don’t use Twitter and already came up with the idea for “oral tweets” last summer (where you just say out loud what your tweet would be but use Twitter terminology). For example, “I’m listening to The Nerdist podcast featuring at James Gunn! Hashtag: I’m a nerd.” I can’t believe you actually hashtagged out loud in the intro!

  37. Amanda says:

    My boyfriend just linked me to this because he knows I’m a huge zombie fan… this is amazing. Great conversation, guys… and for the record, 28 Days Later is NOT a zombie movie because the infected DO NOT EAT PEOPLE. They may bite them, but it’s because they’re so ragey that it’s just another means to rip someone to pieces. You may notice in the film that you never see them eating anyone… once they kill them, they move on. Therefore, not zombies. 😀

  38. Lokey says:

    I always forget Gunn wrote the screenplay for the Dawn of the Dead reboot…easily one of my all-time favorite reboots. And Slither was equally delicious. Great podcast guys!!

    I’m still waitin’ for a Nerdist southern U.S. visit!!! Don’t make me beg, Hardwick!!!

  39. Charles says:

    I just turned the volume up a bit and the sound was fine.

  40. Bo Dixen Pedersen says:

    Really liked Slither and getting excited for Super – hope to maybe catch it on CPH PIX (Copenhagen Film Festival) or later if it gets distribution in DK.

    Is there no soundtech in the nerdistcloud who could fix the levels a little at least?

    Looking forward to listening.

  41. Mandy W. says:

    Love the zombie talk. If Jonah wrote a zombie book I think I’d read it. Congrats on first live podcast from Meltdown!

  42. Chris Hardwick says:

    There aren’t any major spoilers. We discuss a few scenes, but don’t give much away. Even if you do hear one or two things that you didn’t previously know, the movie will still be worth seeing.

  43. Nathaniel H. says:

    What’s the spoiler level for Super in this episode? Because I definitely plan on seeing it when it finally comes to Atlanta in two weeks. (Aren’t we supposed to be a major market or something? Oh well.)

  44. Chris Hardwick says:

    The levels were our fault. This was our first podcast panel in this space, so there was a little bit of a learning curve. Still, this was an incredibly fun show, so I hope that outweighs the level situation for everyone!

    PS – EYB

  45. Gabe says:

    None of you said enjoy your burrito. On a podcast that had an entire conversation about Rainn Wilson no less. If it isn’t already obvious, you are all dead to me. Good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

  46. Phill says:

    A great podcast, though I haven’t listened to it yet. Is my question included? We shall see! Also, Jarvis, I’m not surprised James is too quiet. He has poor mic technique and kept backing off of it.

  47. James Gunn says:

    The levels are probably my fault, as I forgot there was a thing called a microphone in front of me. Also, I kept my head (and facial features) in THE EXACT SAME POSITION as in the photo above throughout the entire podcast. It was a very interesting experiment for myself and those at the live show. Doesn’t work as well for those just listening to the podcast.

  48. Jarvis says:

    SUPER is superb. Great conversation, folks. The levels are terrible, however. James is way too quiet, so I have to turn it up when he’s speaking; then Jonah or Chris or Matt comes in yelling, and my ears bleed 🙁

  49. Devo says:


  50. Wesley Marshall says:

    I was at the tweet up. My friend and I even walked Matthew Burnside to Nerdmelt and had a lovely conversation. My friend asked James Gunn a question and I softly whispered “it has been decided” (the zombie debate) and Jonah used his super hearing and yelled “IT’S NOT FUCKING OVER” and Chris got mad because he didn’t buy I doctor who t-shirt when he was at Gallifrey One. All and all one of the best nights I had all that week. Thanks Chris, Jonah, Matt, and the nice people who come to your shows. I love this community.