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Episode 73: Nerdist Podcast
Tim Ferriss
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #73: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss invited us into his home to talk about traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and his book, “The Four Hour Body”, which everyone on the show was implementing to varying degrees of commitment.

You can follow Tim on Twitter, visit his site or purchase Four Hour Body.


  • Got a bit excited thinking you’d misspelled Tim Farriss world renowned INXS guitarist. Will be listening to see if Tim Ferriss offers up some serious licks as well as trailer making advice etc and so on.

  • the 4 hour work week for sure changed my life and i’ve bought tim’s books for various friends. Was a very disappointed to see what amounted to the Four Hour Body as it basically send more overweight people on wild goose chances.

    But tim will always be the lifestyle design guru, and for that, I thank him. I hope your podcase went well.

  • Chris,

    Wanted to leave a general comment, but couldn’t find anywhere else on the site and I don’t tweet so this seemed as good a place as any to leave it. I wanted to say you should try getting the comics from Whose Line Is It Anyway? to your guest collection like you are doing with community. Ever since the beginning with episode 2 and Drew Carey, I’ve been listening. Greg Proops also killed it on the show, I think it would be awesome to get the rest of the Whose Line Cast. I’m also liking the hostful episodes where you respond to fan quemments.

  • Dude, really? Him?

    Just hearing his name makes my skin crawl. He’s the 21st century equivalent of a Snake Oil salesman. His douche-o-meter reading is off the charts.

  • author

    TJ- uh, Tim is my friend and a really terrific dude. And Matt Mira has lost 40 lbs using his book. He’s the smallest he can remember being in since childhood. Where’s the snake oil in that? “Snake Oil” means “doesn’t work because it’s fraudulent”. This is not the case here. You can’t argue with results, and I’m seeing them happen with my own peepers.

    You, of course, have read the books, right? That’s how you formed your opinion, right? You wouldn’t just be making a superficial judgment because this is the Internet, right? RIGHT???

    Everyone else, high fives to you!!!

  • My issue with it was that it didn’t fit in with what the Nerdist has stood for. I do get that you guys like the diet and wanted to talk to him, but for the first time the podcast had nothing to do with pop culture/nerdom. It just seemed like the whole podcast was an advertisement for his program.

  • TJ, chris is right. I’ve seen this diet work for two friends now.

    Zach, if WE are the Nerdist and WE wanted to talk to a guy that is influencing pop culture with his writing, doesn’t this fit in with what the NERDIST is all about? About doing your own thing on your own terms.

    And here’s the thing, I fucking hated that diet. Didn’t work for me, I was miserable. But it works for Matt, who has nerded out over this diet with amazing results.

    Fuck that diet, everyday is a cheat day for me. that’s why I’m gonna die at 32.

  • Jonah and Chris are right TJ. Also it’s there fucking podcast. We don’t dictate who they ask to be on. I enjoy every episode. And I got high by Chris and by extension everyone else. fived

  • Jonah and Chris are right TJ. Also it’s there fucking podcast. We don’t dictate who they ask to be on. I enjoy every episode. And I got high by Chris and by extension everyone else.

  • When the Nerdist talked to Mayhem Miller they didn’t focus on his fighting and how he trains. They focused on his tv show and up bringing. Or when they talked to Scott Sigler they spent time talking about his books, but not for nearly the whole episode. With Tim Ferriss they focused on the diet and how his program works, not the man behind it. It just seemed like a long infomercial.

    I personally didn’t like the episode. If I am the only one, so be it.

  • Went into this one hesitantly (as someone with a disgusting amount of food allergies, I might as well be hearing the Charlie Brown teacher voice when people talk about diets. I can rarely apply them to my life), but it was still enjoyable and interesting to listen to. It was great to hear about Tim’s method- just as its always great to hear about the methods and passion of every guest each week, no matter what the profession.

    Also great to find out the backstory to all the food and diet talk in the first Hostful (before it was called Hostful!) episode. Poor Jonah.

    Love the What About Bob quoting at the end. Thanks for another great episode to work to, boys. I just wish I wasn’t working at 1 AM.

  • How come some of the earlier episodes can’t be downloaded? I assume they aren’t premium episodes like maron does because the earliest episodes can be downloaded, then there’s a bunch that can’t. I just want to hear the Donald Glover episode which I skipped because I didn’t know who he was at the time (the time being the last couple of months, I only discovered this podcast after the av club article) but now that I’ve started watching community (yes i tend to get into things later than most) I would like to hear his episode. Btw I don’t have or want itunes, I don’t know if it can be downloaded from there.

  • Tim did a great interview on the Paleo Solution podcast by Robb Wolf and discussed his diet (which was largely paleo in nature). I’ve been doing Paleo for the past four months or so and stand by it. I’ve lost weight and feel terrific (and my cholesterol dropped 30 points). Can’t wait to listen to this Nerdist podcast!
    If you’re interested in the Paleo version:

  • Interesting episode! I was certainly fascinated by how Matt was losing so much weight, so I shall have to check out the diet. I liked that you changed up the guests! I’m in college so eating right is proving to be difficult but I will try. Thanks Nerdist!