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Episode 73: Nerdist Podcast
Tim Ferriss
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #73: Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss invited us into his home to talk about traveling, snooty college clubs, knives, and his book, “The Four Hour Body”, which everyone on the show was implementing to varying degrees of commitment.

You can follow Tim on Twitter, visit his site or purchase Four Hour Body.

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  1. Matthew Cole says:

    CHRIS! You should totally try to be vegetarian! I’ve been for two years four months and six days and I don’t regret going back. Besides it couldn’t hurt. c:

  2. biotsavart says:

    BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE. This isn’t pertinent to MY interests!

    Kidding, of course.

    Anyhow, I loved this episode. A podcast that constantly focused on one narrow subject would get old really fast. I probably wouldn’t have heard about any of this otherwise. Am I considering looking further in to it? Absolutely. Plus, he seemed like a pretty solid dude.

    Keep on truckin’ fellas. As strutting Darth Vader says, haters gonna hate.

  3. I cant believe no one noticed that Tim Ferriss’ name was spelled wrong. Right under the picture. C’mon guys

  4. Chuck says:

    Really like what these guys did with the 4 Hour Body:

    There’s so much silly crap in that book. Even if some of it is good advice, a TON of it is just wackadoo.

  5. Mark T. Manning says:

    I want to offer my most sincere and heartfelt thank you for this interview.

    I am in the middle of a life & body sea change, new way of thinking about food & eating, P9oX (day 48), etc. Looking to add tools to my toolbox. Tim’s story and philosophy is amazing, and has INSTANTLY helped to provide me with additional motivation.

    I ordered 4hr Body just now on Amazon, and am excited about incorporating some of the ideas & tactics therein with my plan and new lifestyle.

    After an ass-kicking workout, getting 100+ oz of water, eating right & making positive decisions all day, sitting down to play a few hours of Left 4 Dead 2 or StarCraft2 has never felt more rewarding or less guilt-free. LEVEL UP TO MAXIMUM AWESOMENESS FELLOW NERDS!

  6. smartbunny says:

    Lewis; he said Myoplex initially, with the preservatives and stuff. Then the one that “tastes like ass” is unflavored (Ned Flanders!) Whey Protein (I am pretty sure?)

    eh? maybe?

  7. Brian Saxon says:

    I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. I picked up the book a few weeks ago based on conversations Matt, Jonah & Chris had about the diet. I’ve read it, researched it and I’ve just begun the process. On a side note, it may seem fanboyish but the guys seem to have pretty good BS detectors and when I’ve taken their recommendations (loving the Tweaked earbuds) I’ve always been pleased. It was Chris’ article in Wired that got me reading David Allen and GTD has turned my life completely around. But hey, good debate is healthy. It shows we’re all smart enough to think for ourselves.

  8. James says:

    That episode rocked. Tim Ferris was a great guest and his stories were fascinating. I’m definitely getting his book. People on the internetz suck.

  9. Lewis Goodell says:

    What was the name of the energy drink he likes?

  10. Noah says:

    Fantastic guest this week. Tim was mostly spot on in his assessments. Sound like he is involved with or familiar with the scientific/ skeptical community and sharing the general idea of applying reason and critical thinking to everyday life. Especially, when speaking on finding more “valid” sources in their respected fields. I also use his philosophy of not attempting to apply reason or logic to a position or claim that did not utilize reason to find. Personally, I heard Astronomer, and fellow Nerdist podcast fan, Phil Plait say it best in the Las Vegas TAM 8 meeting last year when he posed the question, “How do you convince someone that they’re not thinking clearly, when they aren’t thinking clearly?” I also really loved the Will Wheton ep., just to throw that in under the same theme of nerd love here. I often think of one or the other now since they shamelessly plug each other work 🙂 Awesome shows Chris, and the content does not suffer during the guestfully packed episodes either. Oh and I’m for Noodle stories, just because of the fact that people actually seem to go out of their way to find this annoying. I’m enjoying this burrito.

  11. n18pr says:

    I just read through this entire thread, and HOLY SHIT the amount of arguing, trollin, and damage control is amazing. Never seen this before on a Nerdist thread. Does this mean the podcast is growing? or is weight loss oddly controversial? I have to admit something about Ferriss made me want to hate him, even though he seems like a nice enough guy.

    Thank goodness I have some nice French human sirloin to tide me over.

    O and keep up the great community management Chirs ^^

  12. Katie Walsh says:

    Great great podcast, one I actually want to listen to again, and I want to get the book too! I knew of Tim Ferriss, but hadn’t read anything of his, so it was great to get to know a little bit more about the man. I’ve found a lot of the Nerdist podcasts with guests I’m unfamiliar with to be some of my favorites as I discover new people (Felicia Day, Mayhem Miller). I think the thing about Tim is that he is doing diet and exercise the way a nerd would, which makes it all the more interesting.

    On a fitness tip, just wanted to let you guys know that your hostful podcasts have been getting me through the worst 15 minutes of my day: on the Stair Master Fat Burner Setting Level 9, which I swear was designed by the Marquis de Sade. Somehow your ramblings make the time go by. Just remember that the next time you are trying to fill up that last 10 minutes! And thank you!

  13. Daryn says:

    I have been a weekly listener to this podcast for over a year and have never missed an episode. This was the first one I had to turn off. I’m sorry but I couldn’t make it more than 30 minutes into the asshole licking of this douche bag… I realize this is free and I was able to choose not to listen… But count me among the disappointed & disillusioned, Chris.

  14. DotC says:

    In real life, I know it doesnt matter what I (or other hater posters) think but since its the internet, Im just gonna say this. I wasnt as annoyed with the Ivy League rich kid crap. I am a twin so I get the being born with less than full lung capacity and no stamina. I liked the first try new things chunk but I was disappointed in the diet aspect of the Tim Ferris show. First of all, there is nothing worse than a new convert of any lifestyle system. Oy! Second, I am not into chemical protein drinks and fake sweeteners. Splenda and sugar derivatives are laxatives. And third, it would be nice if a formerly dumpy middle aged woman could write a lifestyle book, not a young man. Men have more easily manipulated metabolisms than women, especially short, well endowed, Mediterranean women.
    also, “chicken vagina”. gold
    love you all, I mean it.
    PS, get Voltaire on the show, for the love of FSM

  15. smartbunny says:

    NO mention of how to acheive 15-MINUTE FEMALE ORGASM? This is important shit!

  16. Ben K says:

    First podcast I couldn’t finish, as I opted for Pandora after 30 minutes.

    Perhaps my expectations were off, but I was hoping for more comedy and less self-help advice. I’ve already lost 65lbs before (end of high school in prep for reinventing myself in college). Just eat less and exercise more. I made sure I had the proper vitamin/mineral intake and kept calories beow 1500/day and fat below 30g/day. It doesn’t require a book, a coach, or anything like that. Just some willpower and patience.

    I’ll keep listening, but this was the least favorite of the podcasts.

  17. Blair Slavin says:

    This was great.. I learned more about Tim as a person than even the Kevin Rose video blog he does with him. Of course now I like Tim even more, no, I hate him, No I love him, NO I HATE HIM, NO I REALLY LOVE HIM… well maybe I just had too much coffee. Thanks for putting this one out… along with your other postings.

  18. Jereme says:

    I took quite a lot away from this interview. I lost over 100 pounds utilizing the goal setting methods Tim describes. Lately I’ve gotten pretty soft and fallen off. This ep was a bit of a kick in the ass for me to get my shit together and set a goal of riding in a three day cycling event and train to take off that extra weight I’d accumulated. Thanks for the motivation gents.

  19. Germ says:

    Wow what a blowhard. He already seemed substance-free and then the lilt kicked into his voice as he was describing the Princeton eating clubs. I love Chris, Matt and Jonah so I’ll never stop listening to the show but three smart guys should be able to see through a con artist.

  20. Sarah Dawn says:

    Hello –

    Adore the podcast, always find the conversations interesting, even if i don’t always agree with them. I thought Ferriss had lots of interesting thing to say about motivation.

    My ONE thing would be the dismissal of vegetarianism when Chris said it was something he’s considered. There are LOTS of reasons besides weight loss to consider vegetarianism (although if done right it often does result in weight loss).

    As a vegetarian my suggestion is that, if you are interested, commit to a certain time span (mine was 6 months) then when that span of time is over reflect on how you feel about the experience to see if you want to continue.

    Do it the nerd way – research, analyze, reflect. Just like anything else.

    Keep up the awesomeness and thanks for providing an audible happy place!

  21. Charles says:

    Oh man! What a divisive guest!

    A few months ago my friend told me about the 4 Hour Work Week. He said it changed his life and that I should check it out too, so I did. I thought it was full of tons of boilerplate common sense advice (which you can find in just about every self-help book) that was spruced up with some shady and marginally unethical tips on how to take advantage of others and get rich quick. It was right up my friend’s alley. He’s obsessed with being rich. It’s his goal in life (which I personally find sad). He’s since started several websites selling all kinds of crap (per Tim’s advice). He’s asked me to join him in his endeavors, but I can’t do it. It feels hollow and disingenuous. I’ve since started avoiding this friend. All he ever talks about now are his websites, and the things he’s trying to sell and the “customers” he’s trying to dupe. I feel like the 4 Hour Work Week is everything that’s wrong with this country and Generation Y in general (which I’m a part of, also known as the entitled generation). I’m all for achieving your dreams, heck I’m chasing mine, but Tim’s way just feels…wrong.

    Of course it’s all subjective. Some people agree with Tim, and I’m sure there’s a small percentage out there that have followed his advice and are now part of the “New Rich” as he calls them (my friend is not one of these people).

    When I saw that he was on the Nerdist, one of my favorite podcasts, I was going to skip it. Then I thought I’d give him a fair shake, because I respect Chris’s opinions and I was secretly hopeful that the real Tim wouldn’t come off as snakey as the book Tim. This podcast didn’t change my mind. I’m happy that the weight loss stuff has helped Matt. I respect anyone that can follow a decent plan and see results. I read LL Cool J’s work out book cover to cover and lost 30 pounds. Was his way the right way? I don’t know, but it worked for me.

    Still, I can’t lie that this podcast didn’t sour me on the Nerdist a tiny (TINY!) bit. It’s like when you meet a real big jerk and you avoid him at all costs, and then you find out that the girl you’re dating is actually childhood friends with that jerk. You get kind of upset, and a little disappointed. But you get over it, because that girl lets you see her boobs.

  22. Ryan says:

    Hey guys, your podcast is beyond amazing, its life changing. I threw my back out a week ago and now have a bulging disk just like Matt, and my weight was part of the issue. I just bought 4 hour body and me and the wife are gonna give it a go.

    Dont let the trolls get you down, this is the best podcast on the interwebs.

  23. Duncan says:

    How can anyone get angry at FREE entertainment *sad face*. For some reason my iTunes won’t allow me to download it though, anyone else experiencing the same problem?

  24. Nick says:

    I think there should be more discussion on healthier ways to get drunk. A buddy of mine is really into weight lifting and whenever we go downtown he orders vodka waters(vodka & water PLUS a lime) which, surprising to me, taste just like limey water, by magic that horrible vodka taste is gone.

    Sorry Mr. Hardwick, I realize you may not be that interested in healthier ways to get drunk, but that drink that you guys talked about reminded me of this and I wondered if anyone else had others.

  25. Briznye says:

    i didn’t think I would, but I sprung for 4 Hour Body today (after finishing your podcast this morning).

    I don’t really have a foundation for why I used to think Tim Ferris was a prick, but I don’t think it anymore, thanks to this episode!

  26. Eric says:

    What’s with all the hate on this episode. Just because they didn’t interview and actor or comedian this week doesn’t mean someone won’t find it useful. I’m trying to lose weight and just ordered the book because all the good things Chris and Matt were giving it. Why is everyone ragging on Tim? I found him very charming. He’s obviously wrote something that’s helped lots of people. He’s just spreading the word and wants people to improve their wellness. I can not wait to get on the slow carb diet!

    Let’s Enjoy Your Burrito Bowls with no White Rice!!!

  27. Eric says:

    What’s with all the hate on this episode. Just because they didn’t interview and actor or comedian this week doesn’t mean someone won’t find it useful. I’m trying to lose weight and just ordered the book because all the good things Chris and Matt we’re giving it. Why is everyone ragging on Tim? I found him very charming. He’s obviously wrote something that’s helped lots of people. He’s just spreading the word and wants people to improve their wellness. I can not wait to get on the slow carb diet!

    Let’s Enjoy Your Burrito Bowls with no White Rice!!!

  28. So, I just listened to this episode and have to tell you that the part about internet haters? I needed that. Really! I’ve become so, ohhh I don’t know, insecure(?) about my “Book Nerdist” status. Books are often polarizing subjects and while I was prepared for that, I don’t think I truly grasped the levels of nerd rage that seemingly lovable nerds can generate. It’s a wondrous and frightening thing! To that end, I’ve recently found it MUCH easier to talk myself out of writing any sort of post because no criticism is better than negative — and unfortunately, despite the MOUNTAINS of awesome comments from amazing nerds, the negative stuff sticks.

    So! It’s sort of comforting to hear that people with a metric shit ton more success than me struggle with the haters(zzz) too? It helps!

    …and uh, I promise I’ll write a post soon. Ish.

  29. Bill Goldsmith says:

    Tim Ferriss really? This guy is a douchebag. Chris you had to of seen through him? Unbelievable. Chers to the genuine people the Nerdist typically (almost entirely) has on its podcast!

  30. Mark says:

    Great episode Chris (et al); I don’t listen to every podcast, just the ones with a guest I am really interested in. This one was great, Tim was really interesting and really fucking funny too.

    You know who else would be really fucking awesome; Malcolm Gladwell.

    Keep it up fellows!

  31. Kristen says:

    I’m loving all these tips. While listening I’ve already forwarded the website to several people.

    Definitely trying the Margarita and going to pick up the book soon.

    Love the cast and it’s an interesting change of guests.

    Thanks for introducing me to this new lifestyle.

    Loving the way he handles challenges.

  32. Jeff Patterson says:

    Just got tix for Huke Lau in Chicopee.
    Uninteresting fact: Huke Lau hosted Frank Gorshin on his last stand-up tour.

  33. ComicGuy says:

    I was sitting here enjoying the soothing tones of your various voices, and I finally realized what it is that bugs me about the Nerdist podcast: you people don’t bother to introduce yourselves at the start of each show.
    The great Stan Lee once said, “Every comic is someones first comic.”
    And, likewise, every podcast is someones first podcast.
    If you don’t introduce yourselves, new people (who, like me, may have been guided here by someone else) can feel just a bit lost at times.
    Hell, I’m not even sure how many of you there are most of the time. Do us newbies a solid and tell us who the hell you are, and do it each show, because (hopefully) there will always be a new newbie for each one.

    As for the podcast itself, I was more than pleased with this one. Your guest was engaging and interesting. I predict an overwhelming fascination with immersion swimming in my future.
    His insistence that carbs are where one gets ones energy is annoying, but I was with him on almost everything else he was talking about.
    Have a good week.

  34. Brandon says:

    This is why I love this podcast! Every once in a while I’ll look at the guest for the show and think who the hell is this person and why is he not Fecila Day (or something). EVERYTIME I think I won’t enjoy the podcast becuase Im unfamiliar with the guest, Im totally wrong. So many new things learned :O
    Great show!

  35. Mike p says:

    Good timing posting this show after Matt has had success with his weight.
    I agree with what you said in the podcast about self-help type stuff, if you find a small thing that helps then it was worth it. Maybe that is how the haters should view this episode.

    One teensy complaint- barely any knife talk. False advertising! 🙂
    What is Tim holding in the pic, some sort of Rat Cutlery deal?

  36. greg says:

    Meh. Very boring episode. This guy talks like he’s an expert and from what I’ve read he’s hit and miss. Too infomercial for me. What’s next? The sham-wow dude? No nerd-rage here, just disappointing that The Nerdist was batting a thousand and just struck out and lost some luster. Just because something helps you lose weight, doesn’t mean its healthy. Tapeworms and Meth will help you lose weight too, but not recommended.

  37. Sawyer says:

    This wasn’t nerdy? Seemed way nerdy to me, what with the quoting of statistics (stats renaissance!) and in-depth knowledge of things off the top of one’s head (hell, Ferriss clarified the benefits and drawback of Stevia in the time it took me to remember what Stevia was). Add me to the list of people who are going to give his diet a shot.
    And seriously, snake oil salesman? After hearing Matt Mira talk about the benefits of the diet on a weekly basis? I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

  38. Cisco says:

    A good listen and even if just one thing Tim talked about works then its beneficial. I like the fact that he talked about taking small steps to change and wasn’t a hard ass about it, just start somewhere. I am gonna check out the book, and thanks for the show.

  39. ThatInternetGuy says:

    I had a bad feeling about this once the second I downloaded it. The more the guy said the more my bullshit alarm sounded, and once he said “aspartame”, that was it. A rare miss in a series of hits.

  40. my-name-here says:

    Just ordered the book and some myoplex shakes to start me off. I’ll just do that and stay away from dairy as much as I can for the first month while I work out a plan for the next. I really like the idea of setting up small goals working up to a bigger one. I never thought to do anything that way before. I would just get real motivated, start right away, and when it didn’t seem to be going as planned I would get bummed out and go off track.

  41. Chris Hardwick says:

    Zach – unfortunately, it’s difficult to embed proper emotion in text. I’m not saying, “We’ll keep making shows no matter what” angrily. It was more shoulder-shruggy than anything else. I’m not bothered by this. I just know that if I keep defending it, the debate is going to continue so I just called “Whatever”. No worries a’tall!

    n18pr – what cut of meat are you referring to? The human chuck or the sirloin? And you don’t want domestic. American meat is stringy.

  42. n18pr says:

    Jonah, Chris, and Tim, I can tell you from extensive experience that human flesh is not in fact gamey. It is a bit stringy, but mostly sweet and a tad salty- depending on the way you cook and bleed the meat. I actually lost a ton of weight eating human flesh- no diet. nothing. I recommend young unaged meat, served best with fava beans and a nice chianti.

  43. Wesley Marshall says:

    Holy shit @Mike Jobe thank you, we don’t dictate who they have on the podcast. Man Chris will go on rant about this on the next hostful. But you’re right it’s pointless argument. Why comment something like that. Well life goes on. Love the podcast!

  44. Mike Jobe says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so angry, if you like it great, if you don’t… then go be mad some place else. It is kind of silly to argue about stuff if you have never even tried the method.

  45. Mr.NiceGaius says:

    Damn, hit submit before I could write just kidding at the end of that.

  46. Mr.NiceGaius says:

    Dudes… This episode fucking sucked. Who gives a fuck what some spoiled rich kid who’s parents bought his way into Princeton has to say about how you should acheive your goals. Not sure why you guys decided to suck on this guys cock for. I’ll check in next week and see if this little informerical cocksucking curiosity was just an awkward experimental phase or if you’re all full blown corporate cocksuckers now.

  47. Tera says:

    As someone else said, I just bought this book due to the podcast. I’ve recently lost some weight but hit the 10-12 week plateau that Ferriss discussed. Now, about those 15 minute female orgasms– haven’t read it yet but am tempted to call bullshit. Unless, of course, anyone wants needs to practice the technique, in which case, I’m game.

  48. Wesley Marshall says:

    Again it’s Chris, Jonah’s, and Matt’s show we don’t dictate whose on. They do. Like Chris said hate or love it. Love the show and I have not heard a bad episode yet Chris. See you on April 3rd for Tim Gun.

  49. Sean says:

    Hey guys love the show a whole lot. Wanna say that the Tim Ferriss show and Matt’s weight loss story really inspired me. For 14 years I was a competitive swimmer who swam at least three hours a day six days a week. Essentially this meant I could eat what ever the hell I wanted. However once I used my four years of NCAA eligibility swimming completely stopped. Over the past two years since then I continued to eat what ever the hell I wanted and have gained about 80-90 pounds since my most physically fit in the peak of swimming. On April 1st I will be starting a diet. This is the first time I’ve ever gone on one and have been fighting the idea for about six months now. I just wanted to let you guys know that your discussions have given me the incentive to give it a try (on top of the fact that I feel like shit 90% of the time). Next I need to hit the pool! Thank you guys and keep up the awesome work.
    Sean – PA