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Episode 59: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #59: ZACH GALIFIANAKIS

Zach Galifianakis joined us in front of hundreds of nerds at SF Sketchfest ’11! Zach admitted that he chews tobacco, Matt admitted that he wants a pet tapeworm, Jonah admitted the he once scammed a bartender in his darker days, and Chris (okay, me) admitted that he (I) still hasn’t (haven’t) seen “The Hangover”. I know! I know! I’ll get to it!!!!

Many thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Falcon Northwest Computer Systems!


  • I agree with Ben…I’m from Western Mass and have no accent…but still say wicked, mint, etc…

    Torn between hoping you cut out the wannabe comedienne who “asked a question about her racist friend” aka did a mediocre comedy bit with no discernible punchline. Booooo her…

    I had a great time. Loved it!

    P.S. – The Hangover was not funny. I chuckled maybe three times total. Shocker because I love all involved and thought the performances were fine…but the film was just not funny.

  • Matt needs to do stand-up. He’d be so good. Chris, when you do the Wil Wheaton at the smodcastle you should have Matt do stand-up for an audience who came to you see all. He’d kill. He was so funny in this episode and it the guestless one. #MattMiraNeedsToDoStandUp

  • Chris….That was an absolutely hilarious podcast. I laughed all the way through it. And, I may have chortled when you were talking about Bjork. May I respectfully suggest that you record a podcast closer to home? You said you were from Tennessee, right? Memphis Flying Saucer for a venue? (Beer & Nerdist; how can you go wrong?!) I’m from Little Rock, so anywhere remotely close to here would be kickass. Aaaaand, I would totally bring all my nerdy friends to come and support you! :D

    p.s. I’m stealing “Cockbjorking”. kthx ;)

  • I love that two of my favorite podcasts have guys that grew up in Mass. (the other is the Geekbox).

    I also loved Zach’s story about antagonizing the people at Tru Calling (fun fact: Eliza Dushku is also from Mass.)

  • 1.wrap/tie yarn beard around waist
    2.flop dick through mouth hole
    3.dickbeard high fives all around!

    The ladies will be all like “My my if that ain’t the manliest dick I ever did see!…Excuse me, sir, you are a go for insertion.” in southern drawl of course.

  • Good stuff, especially about not fitting on roller coaster rides. Never fear, they’ve added test seats to avoid this walk of shame, now you just have to attempt to cram yourself into the seat in front of a few onlookers.

  • It’s okay, Chris. I still haven’t seen it, either. What with there being 50 bazillion times more media product available, can you blame me? It’s on my Netflix and that should be good enough, dammit. Never mind that the last DVDs we had at our house were here for almost six months. Just get off my back, okay?

  • Chris, I LOVE when you inject yourself into interviews. It’s your flair. It’s not like you talk over your interview subjects. There’s a nice balance. Plus, you guys are hilarious and you can do what you want.

  • The way I see it is this isn’t a “Chris Hardwick interviews guest” type of show, and it was never promoted as that so I don’t expect that. I expect a casual (incredibly funny) conversation between Chris, Matt, Jonah, and usually a guest.

    So you inject yourself all you want Mr. Hardwick!

  • Matt should do stand up. Chris, you’re awesome and should stop worrying about those comments — you’re a great interviewer and a good listener too.
    The podcast was hilarious – but I felt like it was butchered at the end, at least in two spots. Also, on the guestless podcast (also awesome) you said something about Zach bringing some girl on stage, etc, and I guess you cut that out, right?

  • Awesome podcast.

    But is anyone else tiring of the Zack G. I-don’t-give-a-shit hipster attitude? I mean he’s hilarious, and I’m a fan, but he certainly seems to be working A LOT for someone who apparently doesn’t care.

  • author

    Sari: Yeah, I had to cut out all of the audience questions. Some people weren’t mic-ed very well and other stuff was just too visual so it didn’t translate. Additionally, a woman from the balcony kept shouting “Thailand” for some reason. The audio sort of picked it up, but it was just distracting in the headphones. I think the audience portion of the show was just one of those “Ya had ta be there” types of things.

  • Chris, keep it up. Listening to you guys riff gets me through my day. I’ve listened to the comedians you should know cast more times than I have fingers and I excitedly await each new post with the glee of a 6 year old who wants pokemon gold for Christmas, then gets it.

  • Another great laugh! Mr. Hardwick, you should watch Mr. Galifianakis’ (Gala-fine-ass-kiss) movie “The Hangover”, it is pure vader pussy.

    ps.. love the guestless shows, keep up the funny muffins!

  • Chris: thank you so much for replying.

    FYI: I am your #1 Iraqi fan — I was born and raised in Baghdad until I was 21 and transferred to Georgetown in 2007. The Nerdist podcast episode #1 was the first podcast I ever downloaded on my iPod touch. You guys are awesome.

  • Hey Chris, I was in the back right under the lady yelling Thailand from the balcony. Apparently She thought Zach was giving the “politically correct” answers about Thailand for some reason and that he couldn’t really talk about what was going on there b/c he apparently had a gag order which was handed down to him from the movie studio with regards to the politics of the region. Needless to say she was watching an entirely different show in her head but that is what I gleamed from her going crazy about Thailand. Then people started getting fed up and started telling her to be quite.

    Other than that, it was a great show and just a great time. Ohhh and great job handling the guy who asked the question about starting a podcast considering he was going to only do it based solely off of your suggestion. Telling him to do it on tape worms would have been on awesome but you were great about just telling him to go out and do it.

  • RIGHT ON, ZACH! I have also been expressing (and reaching far less people) that making fun of mentally challenged people is cruel and hurtful to a very sensitive population that isn’t in on the joke and often require other fellow humans to fight for them. I understand that the word ‘retarded’ has entered pop-culture linguistics in a big way, and even that the word itself is not directly referring to “retarded people”, but as soon as I hear any comedian refer to a person as “a retard” or blantently make fun of someone who has no control over how their development malfunctioned in utero, I am not willing to support them or hear their comedy anymore.
    Also, props to Kyle Kinane for his reference to mentally challeged people on his CD ‘Death of the Party’ as “beauty and love in the world” while still giggling at their innocence like one would with children.

  • I really loved this show and would just like to add my vote for (a) continued host-full podcasts, because Nerdist twice a week = yay! and (b) stand-up comedy jokes from Mr. Mira in the new future. Matt, after listening tonight, I sketched up a new friend for you. I hope you have fun times together! (Please excuse the quality, I’m on Vicodin right now. Also, I suck at drawing.)

  • Wow, That is phenomenal, Paul. I want to be its friend, and talk about how it (the tapeworm of course) kind of sums up my life. I just “Fix” then i want to ride on a roller coaster.

  • That was awesome. I loved it. There were a couple of times I thought you guys were going to screw it up by letting the guest talk alot. Thankfully when he did talk , you guys were smart enough to cut him off and turn it around to be about you guys again.

  • Aww, thanks, guys! I’m so glad you liked him! Chris, when I read your comment I heard “phenomenal” in my head just the way you say it on the podcast. I’m really looking forward to the @wilw podcast and more stories about imaginary parasitic friends.

  • You three were on fire on this ‘cast, even before Zach came out! If you three are worried about the guest-less podcasts, fear not! The banter is thick and fluid, like your moms.