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Episode 52: Nerdist Podcast
Marc Maron
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #52: MARC MARON

Podcast worlds collide like tectonic plates in a fiery cataclysm as the boys of Nerdist join forces the boy of WTF! It’s the bad-assiest way to kick of Tweleven.


  • Was waiting for this one to go up. I’m a huge fan of both you guys and it was only a matter of time for the awesomeness of you two to finally collide. Did not disappoint!

  • How is he not the most famous person ever by now? There are so many pop culture personalities that he’s way cooler than. Just give him a talk show and let him yell at celbrities he resents.

  • Another quality episode Chris. I’ve become a fan of Marc Maron more recently through his podcast. And both of you guys always just have conversations you make comedy jokes too but you just talk as well, and it always makes me think. Great way to start off the new year. Can’t wait for the Kevin Smith episode, that shall be epic!

  • I was waiting on this one since he mentioned it in one of shows last week!!! Perfect!!! Nerdist+Carolla+WTF is all you’d need for greatness!! No need for Pardo if he’s never gonna get on board.

  • I kind of don’t like this guy.

    He gives me the feel that he thinks he has a psychological superiority to others. No matter how much he puts himself down it’s a thin mask to cover his vanity.

    Although there was a good bit of funny in there, and he is good at what he does.. I get a bad vibe from just listening to him talk.

    Almost ruined it for me but worth the listen, as always. Thanks asshole.

  • Excellent, very enjoyable listening!!

    JD you must not listen to Marc’s podcast because if you did you’d understand what makes the guy tick.

    I really enjoyed hearing how Marc impacted Chris’s quest for sobriety.

    I hope that Marc will return the favor and have Chris on WTF very soon!!

  • One of your best shows, Mr. Hardwick. I’m a huge WTF and Marc Maron fan and I’m so glad you finally invaded the Cat Ranch. And I really wanna hear Jonah’s coked-up hooker story. Please.

  • author

    Red: I did the same show with Jimmy Carr at Just For Laughs Toronto last year and he was TERRIFIC. I already knew he was a brilliant comic, but he was also a super-nice guy. I will try to make this happen someday.

  • This was a great one. I love how you can interview people who I think are so different from you, but you always find so much common ground. Your interviews are smart and interesting, and so much better than anything I hear on terrestrial talk radio anymore. Besides NPR. Hey! You should interview Terry Gross! How awesome would that be.

    I second the Kids in the Hall request. I vote for Scott Thompson!

    And how about Bonnie Hunt?

    OK I’ll stop now.

  • haven’t listened yet but i like marc i think he’s pretty funny comedian although i did have to stop listening to his podcast because he became a little depressing at a brief point. nonetheless i will definitely listen to this as soon as i can.
    thanks for all the hours of entertainment chris!

  • Chris –

    Maron mentioned that you took a different path to sobriety than AA. I’ve tried AA and it didn’t work for me – I’m more or less where you were around 8 or 10 years ago. Can you tell me what the alternative you found was that worked? Was it a program of some kind?

  • Great guest choice. Marc is very interesting, and he “keeps it real” lol

    Almost posted about the Chicago dates, since I couldn’t find you in Feb. Thanks for the update on the following podcast! Hopefully will see you in Chicago!

  • You mentioned the rain and how rain and LA don’t belong together.

    An excellent book on rain + LA is John McPhee’s “The control of Nature” which looks at three big efforts by man to control nature.

    One of them is LA + rain. (add a few wild fires, mudslides, control basins, Houses with doors on both ends of the garage to let the mudslide flow on through, boulders the size of school buses clunking around like billiard balls, and you got a major, big time, red-lined fuckup of a place.

    Highly recommended.

  • Marc’s WTF is my anchor when it comes to podcasts. I recently devoured Benson’s ~two years of shows in a few weeks. Thank the non-existing man in the sky that there’s another great podcast to move onto. This was such a great ep–I’ve listened to a few others which were great as well–and I’m so happy that there’s a ton more content here to enjoy. Kudos Chris, thanks for the putting out such a great podcast, keep up the stellar work!