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Episode 32: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #32: FELICIA DAY

Felicia Day! How could the Nerdist Podcast series ever be complete without her? Well, it can’t! But now that’s no longer a concern because here she is. Sure “Buffy” and “Dr. Horrible” made her a Nerd pin-up queen, but the massive following of her work on the “The Guild” proved her talents as a smart writer and a savvy producer. She is a well-rounded lady.

This was a ridiculously fun episode despite Jonah’s showing up THIRTY MINUTES LATE. Yeah, Jonah, you just got called out…IN TEXT FORM.


  1. Jo says:

    Late to the party, but loved this podcast! I hope that Felicia is getting some awesome free dresses by now!

  2. Megan O'Shea says:

    so good! Felicia is adorable!

  3. priscilla says:

    I don’t mean to sound like a creep, but FD and I have plenty in common. AWKWARD.

  4. Rosie says:

    Gotta be honest guys, if you were to start charging for the podcast, I would FIND A WAY to pay to listen to it. Im a high school student with a part time job and the very first thing i would buy with my paycheck would be your guys’ voices in my headphones.

  5. KSJarvis says:

    Hmmm…Error: 500 Internal Server Error

    Doh! I wanted to hear this one

  6. jd braithwaite says:

    i heard cutting sugar out helps with panic attacks. did you cut out sugar?

  7. moulder5000 says:

    Felicia Day saying ‘butt pounding’ = hilarious

  8. Tristan Turner says:

    I love this episode! Its about time you got Felicia on the podcast. Keep up the awesome work, also this website is amazing! *nerdgasim*

  9. david galindo says:

    Did you check out the Solo Adventures in 3D yet? Pretty fu#*in tight Aye?

  10. I think this is my favorite Nerdist podcast! The dialogue is so pleasant and full of stream-of-consciousness goodness!