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Episode 137: Nerdist Podcast
Veronica Belmont
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #137: VERONICA BELMONT

Recorded live at the California Academy of Sciences for SF Sketchfest! This was done in the African Hall amidst a collection of animal exhibits, but we on the Nerdist podcast managed to capture the finest exhibit of all–the unruly and wild VERONICA BELMONT. See what I did there? I made it sound like she was one of the creatures. Truly, though, she rules a lot, as you will hear. Also, the audio is screwy. We only had access to docent head-mics and they don’t record well, but Veronica’s awesomeness will pierce through that to stab you in the heart with good times.

*photo credit: The Bui Brothers


  • Where were Matt and No-Nickname Jonah? Oh, and Chris you totally oversold the audio badness – it sounds fine. Not completely pristine, maybe, but not hard to listen to.

  • Ah, well half my question was answered at the very end. That’ll teach me to post before I’m done listening. Good podcast, Veronica is purty and hilarious.

  • Veronica was recently (2 weeks ago) on the Octoberkast #6 episode of the podcast, where Will Smith (no, not the actor), Gary Whitta, and Norman Chan podcasted for 24 straight hours live to raise money for Child’s Play. A charity that raises money to give sick children in the hospital new toys, video games, and other things to nerd out on and to help ease the pain of being in the hospital with some sort of serious illness. Anyway, they raised over $50,000 and I just wanted to give Veronica a shout out for helping them out with that!

  • Where can Android users download your podcast? You removed the direct download link (or it doesn’t work on the new site) and I don’t have itunes… super lame…

  • Listening to people talk about old-timey BBS shenanigans makes my heart smile.

    I remember a friend and I waited an hour and-a-half to download a JPEG of the cast of the American remake of RED DWARF so we could see what they looked like.

    Good times…

  • So… replicators and holodecks might not be that far off.

    “Replicators” already exist to a degree with 3D printing:

    Here is a complete ball bearing printed with a 3D printer 100% assembled and ready to go:

    This keynote by Scott Summit fully explains what 3D printing is and what it can do for the future. The prosthetic leg bit is mindblowingly cool:

    Plastic printers have existed for a few years now as “Rapid Prototype:” machines, but now we can print with metals and even Foods.

  • Chris: I’ve always wondered how and why people could ever leave you negative comments.
    I don’t know why I felt so hurt by your hating bullshit kids rant. Maybe because despite trying desperately to make my kid behave like a good small human, he can be a real asshole. I’ve tried everything. He’s not horrible and if I could beat him, I’m sure he would be an angel. But, we’re not allowed to do that anymore.
    I don’t know. I felt like that whole rant was a little shitty. People of all sizes have to travel. Some parents are total cunts, and do not respect other people don’t want to be invaded by their children. Other parents have tried everything.
    If there was a screen round their necks that played Doctor Who episodes, everyone would be fine. Thanks for letting me vent. I’ve never been offended by anything you said before, even though you have mentioned period blood numerous times. love you, Sarah

  • Another great episode for the podcast.
    So many different podcasts to choose from I feel overwhelmed.
    I remember listening to the same episodes over and over last year, now I hardly have time to listen to a single episode of each.
    I love you guys, Keep it up. :]

  • I listen to the podcasts in my car, and the sound quality for the Veronica Belmount podcast was fine. Sure, it didn’t sound “great”, but the audio wasn’t bad. Anyways, I’m glad you finally had Veronica Belmont on the podcast. She’s as cool, geeky, nerdy and brilliant as she appears to be.

    And many thanks for mentioning Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards! I’ve forgotten about those games. I loved those Sierra games – Hero’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, LLL, etc. I pretty much learned everything about sex, females, etc. via SkinnaMax and Leisure Suit Larry! HA HA!

    Keep up the great work Big C (and MiraBooey and Vajonah too!)

  • I was waiting for this to come out. It was weird hearing myself. I asked the internet shutdown question. Not how I meant it, but it turned out funny. Thank you for keeping my question in and immortalizing me in podcast form.

  • Oh fuck those lizards are alive!

    Thank god I was not drinking anything or I would have drowned while laughing my head off.

    Love you, Chris. Wish you all the best with the book.

  • The audio was fine. I thought it was going to be much worse than it was. Hearing Chris jump from the lizards was funny :)

    Also started reading The Nerdist Way, haven’t gotten that far, but I’m enjoying it so far. Should I worry that most of my stats are 2s?!? ;)

  • Gotta echo Sarah’s words, ya big “impatient prick”! Seriously, Big C, quit hatin’ on the kids. don’t you know “the children are our future?”

    Love ya lots. Enjoy your burrito, even when a kid is screaming in your listening hole. Ommm.

    oh, the audio was totally listenable. no worries.

    peace, love and Dr. Who

  • As a father I try to keep a good hold of my kids behavior and any un-solicited outside interference will meet with violent repercussions. That being said I will NEVER take my daughters on a flight while they are still toddlers to avoid the situations you and Veronica had to endure. While I will beat the shit out of anyone who even looks at my kids cross-eyed, I have not forgotten when I was a single man and having the same discourtesy done to me. Anyone who doesn’t make a concious effort to control their kids deserves whatever childhood-trauma-undoing costly therapy you can inflict on their lil brats.

  • Chris and Veronica,
    As has already been pointed out, sometimes kids cry, regardless of their parents’ best efforts to keep them quiet. Sometimes they are sick or tired or their ears are popping and they are freaked by it. Deal with it. Put on your headphones and stop being such self-centered assholes.