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Episode 133: Nerdist Podcast
Catholic Crusader
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #133: Catholic Crusader

Chris freaks out about his book being a real thing, Jonah is late, Nick pops on to say hi and Matt REALLY wants to appear in his hometown newsletter.


  • Great hostful guys, can’t wait for the next. I tried to type out a little observation of how usage of the label “nerd” has changed in the last 20 years from being applied by other as an insult to being self applied as an affirmation/cool cred, but it kept coming out bitter and self serious. So much more fun to just enjoy the nerdery…nerdishness? Nerdistry.

  • Whether late or on time, the Nerdcast has always been fun. So, the apology is appreciated but there’s no need for the fans to be furious unless you REALLY kicked a puppy. -_- I have to stop thanking you guys, make a shitty political podcast so I can stop being happy.

    Whenever there’s a Matt and Greta story, I always get worried. The two of them seem to have the least stable relationship between the three of you–unless Chris is forcing Janet into horror themed mazes that she doesn’t want to go into… or doing all of those dirty things Chris keeps talking about. All of these Mira-problems just adds to the less-weighing tapestry that is Matt Mira’s life.

  • Just wanted to thank Chris for mentioning the TV show “Misfits” a few episodes ago. I didn’t know what it was about, but checked it out on your advice. I was instantly hostile to it. I do not like super hero shows. But… I couldn’t really find fault with it so every now and then I’d watch another episode. They just got better and better and sucked me in. I’m totally hooked.

    This also applies to “The Guild” which I had never heard of before your podcast. I would have completely written off the idea of a web series about MMO players. It just sounded like an endless wave insider gaming references. I now consider it on par with the best comedy that television provides. I can’t wait for more.

    So keep getting that unsung weird stuff out there. Great writing is great to watch!

  • I listen to the podcast at work. I work in a cube and my cubemates gave me some interesting looks when I bust out laughing at the end of this podcast. I love Vajonah & Big C giving Mirabooey crap about being in the newsletter. HI-larious!!!

  • The book “Packing for Mars” talks about sex in space. IIRC, while you can have sex in space, getting pregnant would be terribly difficult (thinking generation ships here), and gestation would also be complicated.

  • Nick, comrade! I worked as a tobacconist in the ’80s at the last Tinder Box in Milwaukee(owned by a former educator who had spent his youth in the original shop). There was a a bit of an age gap between two of us in our 20s and the rest of the staff, so we tended to handle the task of trying to educate dumb kids about decent smokes(which doesn’t include clove bidis).

  • Chris,

    Does your publisher have review copies of your book available? I’ve emailed them twice and haven’t gotten a response. ( I am eligible to receive and do receive review copies through my job.)

  • I love hostful episodes, but where is the Hodgman episode at? Are you just gonna wait to release it around 11/1 to coincide with the release of his (and your) book?

  • Matt…
    If you want to be mentioned in the Crusader newsletter, you just have to write in and tell them something. That’s the way those high school and college paper/newsletters work. They do not have some intern scouring the web to find out about alumni life-landmark events like nursing degrees and children, and whatnot. People write in and say “Hey, I got an awesome job” or “I was on a tv show” or “My podcast is totally awesome and is ranked whatever on iTunes” or whatever exciting thing is going on. This dream of yours is very easy to achieve – just tell them whatever you want, and chances are that they will put it in the next issue.

    Regards! And great show, as always!

  • OMG, Virgin Galactica!! Make it so!!

    Oh, shoot. Mixing my sci-fi metaphors again…

    A podcast in space would be the best! Way better than an under-the-sea podcast, and far more temperate than an inside-a-volcano podcast!! If you guys ever get to do a space podcast, what are the chances of you having a contest (or something) to bring one lucky podcast listener with you? Because I would totally Ethan-Hawke-in-Gattaca myself for a chance to see your live podcast in zero gee. Just say the word, men of Nerdist!

    P.S. You guys rock! :)

  • Gak, should probably listen to the whole podcast before commenting again, but: Universal Halloween Horror Nights! We went a couple weeks back with the passes that allow one to bypass the lines. They were pricey but so worth it – we went through each of the mazes three to five times apiece plus the regular park rides. I’m a total geek about Halloween and horror genre stuff in general and so navigating the faux stalker-victim dyad (experimenting with body language and other subtle non-verbal cues to get the “monsters” to attack or chase me) is just the cat’s pajamas!

    We’re going again in a couple weeks, and I totally want to buy you guys (and significant others, of course) those special passes and show you how super awesome it can be!

    (Is that a weird offer? I’m rather simple-minded when it comes to social stuff – basically you guys always make me laugh and teach me about comedy so it feels proper to offer something nice in return. Sorry if it’s weird, though.)

  • Sadly big C, I doubt the Hulk is going to kill people and attempt to smash Freddie Prinze Jr in the Avengers movie like he did in the Ultimates comics.

    And Captain America is probably not going to drop a tank on him and kick him in the balls.

    Which is sad.

  • Eric C. mentioned Packing for Mars and it reminded me – I may have commented this before somewhere, but I think you guys should try to get Mary Roach on the show. She lives in Oakland, so you could use it as an excuse to visit the Bay area (like anyone needs an excuse). I bet she and Matt would have a ton to talk about re: NASA stuff, especially since she got such good behind-the-scenes access while writing her book. Plus, I think she would be able to roll just fine with the dick jokes.

    I don’t think she has anything very recent to promote, and I have no idea what she has in the works, but she seems like the type who would be willing to come on the show even without something to sell.

    She’s on the twitterwebs @mary_roach.

  • Matt’s talk about the Lowell Catholic bowling team and the way he kept emphasizing the word ‘Lowell’ caused my mind to invent ‘lolCatholics’. Unless that was Albert Brooks.

    I’m not sure what those are. They could be amusingly captioned images of the Pope and other Catholic individuals, or they could be Catholic-themed lolcats. Either way, I find it more amusing than I probably should, haha.

  • I would LOVE to have Nick on an actual episode as a guest, he seems like a really neat guy and devoting an entire episode to him seems fair, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this!

  • Am I the only one who thinks Jonah missed a great joke opportunity? He should have immediately replied with “Why would you do that?” When Matt told him he was on the podcast.

  • I hope Matt gets what he wants. And I really want him to know that Matt inspired me to wind up with a back injury about 2 months back, and then motivated me to exercise 1st day off vis a vis walking my hyperactive dog, who severely sprained my hand chasing a squirrel. so in summary, i had to start over on my diet and exercise plan

  • I lost it at “I don’t mean to shit on your dreams, but that’s a dumb aspiration.” Holy crap, that entire end part had me dying.

    Great hostful! Having Nick on is always interesting, dude knows a ton.