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Episode 120: Nerdist Podcast
Death Dedication
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #120: Death Dedication

Chris wishes he had had sex with Cloris Leachman in the 50s, our studio mate Nick grows a goatee, Jonah recounts his VMA experience, and Matt is dizzy because he doesn’t take care of himself.

David Bowie's BLACKSTAR LP Transforms When Exposed to the Sun

David Bowie's BLACKSTAR LP Transforms When Exposed to the Sun

Did GAME OF THRONES Just Confirm the Ultimate Fan Theory?

Did GAME OF THRONES Just Confirm the Ultimate Fan Theory?

Inked Wednesday #85 – Six Fandoms in One Tattoo

Inked Wednesday #85 – Six Fandoms in One Tattoo



  1. Julian says:

    I’ve looked for the John Wayne drunken rant on “the Google” but can’t seem to find it.



  2. Marteen says:

    Matt if you want to quit smoking cloves but want that sweet taste to your nicotine maybe you should try electronic cigarettes. I’ve been using the Inferno from Volcano e-cigs and it’s been pretty awesome. You still get the nicotine but you can also mix your own flavors, I know a lot of sites sell kits for making your own custom mixes so you can get the right flavor. I think that might be a good alternative to smoking clove cigarettes for you.

  3. Peter says:

    Lol, you gave away the secret guest on the pilot Big C!!!! Great episode though!!!!! Nick killed!!!

  4. @Hector138 says:

    Great episode as usual. After Jonah’s techamendation I subscribed to Rdio and added a bunch of Police albums to my collection. When you guys broke into So Lonely I got a good laugh. I also lived in Lomita and Torrance for a while and I’m a huge Minor Threat fan… I feel like you guys made this episode just for me.

  5. Dumblond says:

    Holy crap, I had tears, TEARS! Streaming down my face and stomach cramps from laughing so hard. Thank you Nick!!

  6. R. E. Dynamite says:

    Hell yeah, Cerebral Ballzy!!

  7. Rob O. says:

    I think you should have spliced some of Glass’ dog-barking bit into your intro, it would have been a good time.

    This was a good end to my day, so thanks!

  8. Gurn Blanston says:

    *Golf Clap* Well done Nick, well done. You absolutely nailed the Casey K. rant.

  9. Danny says:

    Great epp. Love the hostfuls. Nice to hear Jonah talk about Straight Edge. Im 28 and still living it. But Jonah for the record Ian never broke he just thinks the label is silly. And he is right. Stop smoking Matt!

  10. JE Smith says:

    This is my favorite Hostful podcast ever. Jam-packed. STOP SMOKING MATT!

  11. C Fowler says:

    Was hoping you would mention Larry King’s “Your boy is tired” freakout/rant. Was one of the first ‘you have to hear this’ internet finds from way back in the day. You know, back when people downloaded wav files off of newsgroups.