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Episode 116: Nerdist Podcast
Aisha Tyler
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #116: AISHA TYLER

Aisha Tyler joins the boys of Nerdist in a discussion that grazes the topics of mini-puking, Talk Soup, LAN gaming, the San Francisco comedy scene in the 90s, and her time as a website designer.

Check out Aisha’s new podcast “Girl on Guy


  1. Martin says:

    Best. Guest. Ever. So freaking funny!

  2. Josh says:

    It started with Dana Gould. And now here we are, Aisha Tyler. It’s dark. So dark. @Doc? @Matt? @Patty? @Di? Anyone? Hello? HELLLOOOO-OOOOO!!!! (echo: helloooo-oooo hellllooo-oooo helllooo-ooo) Wooooooow. It’s friggen crazy here guys. The last comment was, like, August of 2011. I can, why, I can barely see my hand in front of my face…

    bing! Next chapter, episode 71.

  3. bIFF LONGWOOD says:


  4. Jerssica says:

    Oh my god I am now in love with Aisha Tyler. Full on girl crush. What an absolutely delight. Can she be on all the time?