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Episode 108: Nerdist Podcast
Zachary Levi
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #108: Zachary Levi

Zac talks about bad fan questions, SDCC madness, awkward jokes, NBC’s Chuck and his new company Nerd Machine. It’s nerd-tastic!

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  1. Reid Nystrom says:

    ITS A “JIF”! How the times have changed…In the future G’s are pronounced as J’s

  2. Katie says:

    Thank GOD someone else is watching Misfits. It’s hilarious and I cannot recommend it enough. Now if only I can find someone I know that watches it so I can have conversations IRL …

  3. chris says:

    Hard and phirm should do a show at nerd HQ.

  4. Grover says:

    Okay, I’m utterly baffled that Tangled didn’t even come up. That movie was huge, and pretty damn great! Especially considering what huge Disney nerds you guys seem to be.

    I’m fairly certain that Chuck is held together almost entirely by the charm and talent of its cast. I got a little bored with the plots awhile back, but the characters are pretty outstanding all around.

  5. Megan P. says:

    Love the podcasts!!

  6. LC says:

    There were some pleasurable moments in this podcast and I like this guy Zac… I think Chris summed it up best at the end with his “let’s all fight the good fight” comment… but I just felt this guy (who I didn’t know who he was) was selling it way too hard. He was very funny and quick so I know 100% why he was on, and I appreciate his interests and that his accessibility to Hollywood could be good for nerds… After I got over the fact that his voice sound JUST LIKE JOEL MCHALE’S, I went to his website and there were un-ironic shirts that say “nerd”, and “future nerd” for kids. I have a 9-year kid, and he wouldn’t wear that. I’m sorry, but I’m a card carrying Nerd-ist, I’m not going to just wear a Nerd shirt in a million years. That said, I haven’t bought a Nerdist shirt.. But I’ve listened to every podcast and I can’t wait for “The Neridst Way” to come out! I fully accept the NerdMachine, but I LOVE the Nerdists. XO

  7. Vampixy says:

    Chris, I am so happy for all of the amazing things you are accomplishing! I have inadvertently followed your career since the KROQ days, and think its cool that you are living up to your awesome potential. Appreciate all of the guest that you bring on. You provide a wonderful format for them to be themselves, all of your guest are so nice. You, your friends/guest have helped me realize the amazing things I too can do. Thanks for all you do. ps…you made a super hawt 10

  8. Carl says:

    Oh.My.God. I remember suggesting to have Zachary Levi on During the genesis of the podcast (I probably commented on three podcasts haha) and I like to pretend like I had a hand in getting him on the show although in reality I just sat on my butt and thought about how cool it would’ve been.

    Anyways, I ‘m so happy you finally had him on. A million “I Love You” and “OMG my brain just exploded” to you
    Chris, Matt, and Jonah.
    Matt,Chris, and Jonah
    Jonah, Matt, and Chris

    Just wanted all of you to get a chance to have your names listed first in the credits. In the same way I hope you’d have Zachary Levi on, I hope you read this comment;I’m basically sitting on my butt and thinking about how cool it would’ve been for Chris,Matt, and Jonah’s (Okay not going to repeat the “first” thing. That would be ridiculous Bye!) eyes to look at these digital words I put in a certain order to make a coherent thought or sentence…Well, anyways, good job with the podcast and bye!

    …Was that lengthy?

  9. Aaron de Loach says:

    Thanks Jonah,

    The Moving company is probably better described as “Still Drunk Movers”. I also work as a Geologist for an Engineering company (Not Funny). Its starting to get to me, so I think I’m going to start sleeping with the secretaries, that ought to liven things up.
    Great PODCAST by the way, and I’m still very proud of you. Take care.

  10. Cameron Wood says:

    Dear Chris, Matt, and Jonah,

    What do you guys think of Daniel Tosh (plus his Comedy Central show, “Tosh.0″) and Gabriel Iglesias? They’re two of the most popular comedians at my school right now, but I don’t see why people like them so much! At least my classmates are finally over Dane Cook and Jeff Dunham, I guess.