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Episode 107: Nerdist Podcast
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #107: Mattstronaut!

Matt’s tale of the final shuttle launch at the NASA tweetup. The Summer of PosterSmash! Plus, Juan De Los Muertos! AND, Hogwarts flash porn! All for FREE! A bargain at twice the price.


  • I don’t think I realized just how much I look forward to the hostful podcasts until recently, finding myself sitting in this coffee shop with my laptop (cause I can’t afford internet in my apartment) waiting for the tweet that says YAY! I get to hear Big C, Mira , Booey, and Jonah talk a bunch of cool shit for an hour!!

  • Agreed about the hostful episodes. You guys always have great guests, but a lot of times Mira Booey and Jonah don’t get to interject much. Hostful is a great way to end the week.

    I’m really looking forward to this one as Matt’s coverage of the last launch was pretty awesome. It should be even better hearing him nerd out about it.

  • Hey Chris usually we’re asking you to get guests but I have a suggestion for you to guest on something. Yesterday Jessica Chobot was on The Game Show and everyone was mentioning Blobot (obviously nerdist listeners) so I thought you need to be on that show! Also one of the hosts Nikole tweeted a doodle sketch of you.

  • Awesome! I was alittle worried that we weren’t getting a Hostful this week and Kumail’s ” The Indoor Kids” (which was Great!) was taking it’s place. I have an addiction to this podcast… A Nerddiction? Ya I’m gonna go with that, a Nerddiction to the Nerdist Podcast.

  • Aww… I’m disappointed in Matt. Until you quit, I’ll always type mYra-Booey (jk/FA).

    Being a non-NASA/space junkie, I wasn’t as thrilled about the details of the shuttle launch. :/ it was somehow Matt’s “growth”. With the Day Off, his Slow-Carb adventures, part-timing at the Fruit Store, his on-going struggles with his sinister back, writing more (or more info about his usual writing, which highlights that he has been writing MORE now but it only means noone knew about his previous writing) and his sexual adventures :P, it just seems that Matt is just ascending and it’s kind of inspirational (too mushy?). That smoking return just kind of burst that balloon a little bit. But meh, you’re an adult, your life. Good Luck.

    PS: I know it’s not gonna happen but can Jonah be less Butt-hurt about the zombie thing (jk)? It’s not real… (jk again(:P on jk))