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Episode 106: Nerdist Podcast
Neil Gaiman
Nerdist PodcastNerdist Podcast

Nerdist Podcast #106: NEIL GAIMAN

Neil Gaiman chats with the nerds about American Gods, describes scenes that were cut from his Doctor Who ep (“The Doctor’s Wife”) and doles out PHENOMENAL advice for aspiring writers. Also, an intense spiritual discussion reveals that we are all Hodgman.

You can follow @neilhimself on Twitter and/or pick up the 10th anniversary edition of American Gods.

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  1. joshua says:

    I’ve been listening to Neil interviews a lot, and I just realized not only have I not heard him criticize another person, but he’s never said a sarcastic or snarky thing about anything

  2. amysrevenge says:

    Still listening to everything in reverse order. This is probably the best one so far. I could listen to Neil Gaiman talking all day (hint: he narrates the audiobook for Neverwhere himself).

  3. Patrick says:

    Wow, this episode was great! Neil had some great advice for writers. I even passed the podcast and the advice on to another writer/blog to give it a listen: writer i was

  4. Bertman says:

    FYI for Dave McKean fans, he is illustrating Richard Dawkin’s next book, The Magic of Reality. Unlike his other books, this one is targeted at a younger audience. Check it out later in the year when it is published.

  5. Tom Darling says:

    Gaiman mentioned a blog he read that made him interested in going on Ferguson’s show, but I can’t find the place in the podcast where he mentioned it. Does anyone know?

  6. Chris says:

    Loved this podcast although I have never seen the new versions of Doctor Who (sorry). I especially loved the end of it for all the aspiring writers like myself. My favorite quote was ‘ nobody has to read your first draft.’

    I have written a few short stories for fun. After meticulously editing them, giving the near final draft to friends ect. what do I do with it? Do I send it to some publisher, do I publish it myself (like one of the previous podcastees trhough podcasts or on Amazon), just let it sit and collect dust, or just burn it (like Kafka)? Interested in the Nerdist’s opinion.

  7. Jerrimiah says:

    Very good episode. I really like Neil Gaiman – his works are so varied and yet stylistically very Gaiman. He is great.

    Has anyone else noticed that Neil’s voice is very similar to Jonah’s? They have similar pitch and timbre and whenever Chris interrupts either of them they respond with the same off-handish ‘…yeah.’
    Neil kinda sounds like Jonah doing a very good British accent.
    …or maybe Jonah sounds like Neil doing a very bad American accent :)

  8. MikeC says:

    Neil Gaiman is the classiest person in media today. Period.

    I go to a lot of SF cons, and he was a guest at Balticon a few years back (you should look at Balticon, BTW: they’ve gotten very big into podcasting over the past few years). Appearing at the same convention was Peter Beagle, author of THE LAST UNICORN. When Neil was made aware of this, he sought out Mr. Beagle, told him that THE LAST UNICORN was his all time favorite fantasy book, and invited him to sit in on both of his hugely well attended autograph sessions. I worked crowd control for those sessions, and from what I saw Neil told everyone who came “Nice to meet you, and have you ever met Peter Beagle?” and introduced him to every single person.

    Classy doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  9. Skylar says:

    I would start with the Davies episodes as a jumping off point. It’s easier to go forward from there and then maybe jump back to the older stuff once you get acclimated.

    Also, best podcast I have heard from Nerdist. Neil is a fascinating guy

  10. Loved this interview. Been a Nerdist fan for a few months now and so many topics from Black Dynamite to Neil Gaiman has been great to listen to. I must admit, I’m still ignorant of Dr. Who. Can anyone help suggest where I should start?

    I don’t even know what the hell a Tartus is.

  11. Phoebe says:

    Blog that Neil mentioned that he liked was:

  12. Ryan says:

    Can someone post the name/link for the blog Gaiman recommended?

  13. jacob says:

    The Doctors Wife was such an amazing episode. another great show.

  14. Kev says:

    Wow, this was such a fantastic podcast. This conversation is the first one that felt so real since Billy West. I am now going to go get something he has written, really cool guy and great advice.

  15. Ceridwen says:

    What a great interview! Listening to Neil Gaiman is always fun!

  16. David Wright says:

    Thanks for the suggestion on the Tweaked Audio headphones. They’re total pieces of shit, busted after two weeks. Nice sponsor.

  17. gabrielle says:

    yea, love. total love. thanks!