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Nerdist Play: A Trip to PAX Prime 2014

It’s Tuesday morning and all I can smell is hand sanitizer. You know what that means, right? It means I just came from a video game convention, and given that thousands of people touch the controllers at each demo unit, it’s pretty much essential that you keep a bottle of such on hand if you plan on avoiding the ensuing convention plagues. Since I was lucky enough to get through this weekend uncontaminated, I figured, “Hey, why not shoot an episode of the show on location?”

On this week’s episode of Nerdist Play, we cap off the summer of conventions with a trip to the biggest community-oriented gaming show in the US, PAX Prime. I caught up with Nintendo to chat about Ganondorf in Hyrule Warriors, Ubisoft dished out some details on the naval combat in Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, and Bioware Austin was on hand to explain just how their 4v1 cooperative RPG, Shadow Realms, works.

No Twitter question on this week’s on the show, but I’ll be back next week with another one just in time for the launch of the first big title of the holiday season, Destiny. If you want to have your voice heard on the next episode of PLAY, be sure join the conversation with yours truly over on Twitter!


  1. Will says:

    Shadow Realms looks pretty interesting.

    BTW, my back features very prominently during the end of that video as I demo a game behind the man-o-war’s axe.

  2. What about Bloodborne tho?